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  • For most of us, the older we get, the more we slow down physically1. But for some, growing old also means slowing down socially — so much to the point that some home-bodied seniors go days with little to no human interaction. A new survey of British elders sheds light on this sad, but true effect of aging, noting that hundreds of thousands of people often go a week without speaking to a single person.


    According to the survey of 1,896 seniors over 65 in the United Kingdom, more than one in five (22%) will have a conversation with no more than just three people over the span of an entire week! That translates to nearly 2.6 million elderly folks who don’t enjoy regular human contact on a daily basis. Perhaps most alarming though is researchers say an alarming 225,000 individuals will go a week without talking to anyone face-to-face.


    “A friendly ‘hello’ or ‘how are you?’ is something most of us take for granted – it’s just part of every day life, but these latest figures show that hundreds of thousands of older people in the UK will spend today and the rest of this week alone, with no one to share even a few simple words with,” says Caroline Abrahams, charity director at Age UK, which partnered with Cadbury Dairy Milk to commission the research, in a statement.

    “友好的‘你好’或‘你好吗?’是我们大多数人都认为理所当然的事情——这只是日常生活的一部分,但这些最新数据显示,英国成千上万的老年人将在今天和本周剩下的时间里独自度过,没有人可以和他们分享哪怕是几个简单的词。”英国时代慈善总监卡罗琳?亚伯拉罕斯(Caroline Abrahams)在一份声明中表示。

    The survey also revealed that 38% of seniors admit to feeling lonely at times as they’ve aged, with 12%, or about one in eight, agreeing that loneliness has kept them from leaving their home.


    “Loneliness is a huge problem because retirement2, bereavement3 and ill health mean many older people find they are spending a lot less time enjoying the company of others than they’d like,” says Abrahams. “Loneliness can affect your health, your wellbeing and the way you see yourself – it can make you feel invisible and forgotten.”


    About 40% of seniors say they’d feel more confident to head out each day if they knew their neighbors. Just the thought of someone stopping to chat with them brightens their outlook: 54% of respondents agree that even a short conversation with a neighbor or acquaintance would greatly improve their day overall. And a quarter of older adults say it makes them feel good when someone smiles or acknowledges them while waiting in line at places like the bank or grocery store. One in five would be thrilled if someone stopped to ask them how their day had gone.


    Meanwhile, another survey of 2,000 people ages 16-45 in the UK shows that 55% of younger folks admit to worrying about being lonely in their elder years. With that in mind, two-thirds of this segment say they’re willing to do something to help boost the confidence of a lonely senior, but 37% worry that such a gesture wouldn’t be well-received. Another 30% feel too shy to spark up a conversation with seniors, 27% admit they aren’t sure how to help, and a quarter say they’re simply too busy themselves.


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    1 physically [ˈfɪzɪkli] iNix5   第8级
    • He was out of sorts physically, as well as disordered mentally. 他浑身不舒服,心绪也很乱。
    • Every time I think about it I feel physically sick. 一想起那件事我就感到极恶心。
    2 retirement [rɪˈtaɪəmənt] TWoxH   第7级
    • She wanted to enjoy her retirement without being beset by financial worries. 她想享受退休生活而不必为金钱担忧。
    • I have to put everything away for my retirement. 我必须把一切都积蓄起来以便退休后用。
    3 bereavement [bɪ'ri:vmənt] BQSyE   第11级
    • the pain of an emotional crisis such as divorce or bereavement 诸如离婚或痛失亲人等情感危机的痛苦
    • I sympathize with you in your bereavement. 我对你痛失亲人表示同情。 来自《简明英汉词典》

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