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  • Everyone who eat instant noodles before knows how it looks like. It is very easy to cook it instantly1 by putting the noodles into the boiling water and add in those MSG packets, together with your other ingredients2 like eggs or vegetables. However, have you ever wonder whether is this the correct way of cooking it? When you first took out the noodles from the packaging, you will notice that the noodles are joined together nicely as a piece. Do you know that in order to make the noodles joined together nicely side by side needs some form of wax3 coating in order to achieve a presentable instant noodles in front of us. Many people who enjoy eating instant noodles frequently did not really bother too much of it as it seems very normal to everyone to have it nicely displayed in front of us. However, research have shown that the layer of wax coating on the noodles is quite harmful to our body and we should not consume4 it too frequently. It is advisable5 to have a break of 2-3 days before we start to eat another packet of instant noodles as our body need about 3 days to clear that layer of wax coating away from our body system. Do you know the danger of having too much wax coating stored in our stomach? It will lead to CANCER if it is stored in our body system for a long period of time。


    Keys Points to Take Note While Preparing Instant Noodles


    1) Wash the instant noodles with warm water first, stir6 it and pour away the water containing the wax coating。


    2) Repeat Step 1 and try to stir the noodles again to wash away the wax coating on the noodles before cooking it in a new pot of water。


    If you have eaten other type of noodles, you will notice that the store vendor7 will normally8 wash the noodles in warm water first to prevent the noodles from sticking together and for the case of instant noodles, the wax coating in the noodles itself is preventing the noodles from sticking together. It is very important to wash away the wax coating while preparing a meal as we do not want our body to be in danger as it will directly impact on us。


    Importance of not eating too much instant noodles.It is very important that we should follow the key points while having our meal of instant noodles. It is very easy to cook instant noodle but we must take note of the harm it may cause to our body if we consume too much of it. Imagine having too much of that wax coating in your stomach... omg I Don't Want To Take Too Much Of That.. as it may cause cancer if it stuck in our stomach for a long period. Hope this article will let more people have self-awareness of the hidden danger of instant noodles and thus eat safely and stay healthy.


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    1 instantly [ˈɪnstəntli] S6CxP   第5级
    • She was used to having her orders instantly obeyed. 她习惯了让人即刻服从她的命令。
    • Though he slept soundly, he awoke instantly. 他虽然睡得很香,但是马上就醒了。
    2 ingredients [ɪŋ'ri:dɪənts] e049012c69900e3d32ddc2847d6088b0   第5级
    n.(混合物的)组成部分( ingredient的名词复数 );(烹调的)原料;(构成)要素;因素
    • All ingredients are readily available from your local store. 所有的原料都可以方便地从你当地的商店买到。
    • We never use second quality ingredients to build building. 我们决不使用次等材料用于建筑。 来自《简明英汉词典》
    3 wax [wæks] YM5zi   第5级
    • I wax my boots chiefly to waterproof them. 我给靴子打蜡主要是为了防水。
    • I wax the floor once a month. 我每月给地板打一次蜡。
    4 consume [kənˈsju:m] 4Ztyp   第5级
    • They generally consume more power and take up more space, too. 它们通常消耗更多的能量,并且占用更多的空间。
    • The British consume a vast amount of tea each year. 英国人每年消费大量的茶叶。
    5 advisable [ədˈvaɪzəbl] MKdyl   第5级
    • It was advisable for you not to mention that. 你不提及那件事是明智的。
    • I do not think it advisable to park our car here. 我认为将我们的小汽车停放在此处是不妥当的。
    6 stir [stɜ:(r)] OuSwQ   第5级
    • Give the soup a stir. 把汤搅拌一下。
    • Don't stir up trouble between them. 不要在他们之间惹麻烦。
    7 vendor [ˈvendə(r)] 3izwB   第7级
    • She looked at the vendor who cheated her the other day with distaste. 她厌恶地望着那个前几天曾经欺骗过她的小贩。
    • He must inform the vendor immediately. 他必须立即通知卖方。
    8 normally [ˈnɔ:məli] ln8zVb   第5级
    • I normally do all my shopping on Saturdays. 我通常在星期六买东西。
    • My pulse beats normally. 我脉搏正常。

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