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  • The Disaster Artist 《灾难艺术家》

    主演: 詹姆斯•弗兰科、戴夫•弗兰科、塞斯•罗根、乔什•哈切森、扎克•埃夫隆

    “Haha, what a great story!” This line from Tommy Wiseau’s all-American hero Johnny in The Room, beloved by many as possibly the worst film ever made, also applies to James Franco’s captivating new film about the making of this cinematic disaster. Franco directs and stars as Wiseau, an immigrant to the US of mysterious origins who possesses a one-of-a-kind accent, long black locks that make him look like Gene Simmons crossed with Stephen Baldwin, and a talent that can be charitably described as unique. In 2003 Wiseau, rebuffed by many a casting director and talent agent decided1 to make his own ‘Hollywood’ movie. In possession of apparently2 limitless financial resources, Wiseau’s cinematic brainchild was The Room, a chamber3 drama of betrayal that’s become a hit as a midnight movie because it is so laughably terrible. Franco captures Wiseau’s tics to perfection and ends up recreating about a quarter of The Room in this adaptation of actor Greg Sestero’s book The Disaster Artist, about the making of the movie. Unlike The Room itself, this is a movie you can laugh with, rather than at. Released December 1 in the US, UK and Ireland, December 6 in the Philippines and December 21 in Argentina and the Netherlands. (Credit: A24)

    “哈哈,这真是个好故事!” 托米•韦素在电影《房间》中扮演的全美英雄强尼说过这么一句话。虽然受到很多人的喜爱,但该片可能是有史以来最烂的电影之一。强尼这句话也适用于詹姆斯•弗兰科拍摄的讲述这部烂片拍摄过程的新电影,该片相当引人入胜。弗兰科自导自演,在片中他饰演的韦素是一个拥有多种神秘血统和独特口音的美国移民,他长而黑的卷发让他看起来像基恩•西蒙和史提芬•宝云的混合体,他的才华说好听点是别具一格。2003年,遭到诸多选角导演和星探回绝的韦素决定制作自己的“好莱坞”电影。在大量的财务支持下,韦素创作出了电影作品《房间》,这部在室内发生的讲述背叛的午夜电影因为烂到可笑而轰动一时。弗兰科完美把握住了韦素的固有特征,在这部根据演员格雷戈•赛斯特罗所著的《灾难艺术家》改编的电影中重现了《房间》剧情的四分之一以及该电影的制作过程。和《房间》不同,这是一部能把你逗笑的电影,而不是让你取笑的电影。该片于12月1日在美国、英国和爱尔兰上映,12月6日在菲律宾上映,12月21日在阿根廷和荷兰上映。(资料来源:A24制片公司)

    The Shape of Water 《水形物语》


    Guillermo del Toro continues to carve out one of the most visually distinctive4 oeuvres in Hollywood today with this slippery changeling of a movie that won the Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival: it’s part Lovecraftian beastie horror, part forbidden romance, part Cold War drama, with a few more genres5 thrown in for good measure. Sally Hawkins plays a mute maid at a US government research facility who falls in love with one of the test subjects, an amphibian6 creature found in the Amazon – another feat7 of physicality by Doug Jones, probably the best-known creature actor working today who isn’t Andy Serkis. She tries to help her beloved frog-man flee a one-dimensional baddie in government tough Michael Shannon. In his five-star review, BBC Culture film critic Nicholas Barber wrote that The Shape of Water is “an Oscar contender in pretty much every category” and declared “this is one of the most delightful8 films of the year.” Released December 8 in the US and Canada. (Credit: Fox Searchlight)


    All the Money in the World 《金钱世界》


    Ridley Scott is briefly9 leaving blockbusters behind for this docudrama based on John Pearson’s book Painfully Rich: The Outrageous10 Fortunes and Misfortunes of the Heirs of J Paul Getty. The oil tycoon11 was once the richest man in the US, but he was famed for his thriftiness12. When his grandson John Paul Getty III was kidnapped by mafiosi in the 1970s he refused to pay the ransom13 they wanted. His grandson was horribly abused as a result – his kidnappers14 even severed15 one of his ears. As dramatic a story as that is, though, All the Money in the World has had nearly as shocking a production. Kevin Spacey, in heavy old-age makeup16, was originally slated17 to play Getty, but after sexual assault allegations were made against him Ridley Scott decided to reshoot his role with Christopher Plummer instead – with only one month until the film’s premiere. Can the quick reshoot possibly result in a good movie? Simply as a feat of daring many critics and cinemagoers are eager to find out. Released December 21 in Greece and Israel, December 22 in Turkey and the US and December 27 in Belgium and France. (Credit: TriStar Pictures)


    Happy End 《快乐结局》


    Isabelle Huppert strikes again. After the one-two punch of Elle and Things to Come, featuring two of the most acclaimed18 performances of her career, the legendary19 French actress is back in another equally meaty role: as a stressed mother trying to keep her family, and her family business, together. It helps that Happy End is directed by Michael Haneke, master of the unsettling, who directed her in one of her greatest earlier films, The Piano Teacher. The response at the Cannes and Toronto film festivals to Happy End was mixed, with The Telegraph’s Tim Robey calling it “shockingly familiar.” BBC Culture’s Nicholas Barber gave Happy End five stars, however, saying “75-year-old Haneke proves that he can still generate tension more deftly20 than most horror directors half his age.” Released December 1 in the UK and Ireland, December 22 in the US and December 25 in Norway. (Credit: Sony Pictures Classics)


    Downsizing 《缩小人生》


    If you want a slightly warmer and fuzzier dissection21 of societal norms, fictions and hypocrisies22, there’s always the work of Alexander Payne. The Election director is back another social commentary, Downsizing, a science-fiction comedy about people who elect to have themselves reduced to five inches tall in an effort to minimise the impact of overpopulation and save money. One married couple, played by Matt Damon and Kristen Wiig, elect to have the procedure, but while Damon’s character goes through with it Wiig’s backs out at the last minute. That makes the marriage considerably23 more difficult. Released December 21 in Portugal, December 22 in Spain and the US and December 26 in Australia and New Zealand. (Credit: Paramount)


    Star Wars: The Last Jedi 《星球大战8:最后的绝地武士》


    So will Luke Skywalker accept the lightsaber Rey offered him at the end of 2015’s Star Wars: The Force Awakens24 or will he fling it into the sea and take up knitting? Nobody knows! The Last Jedi is somehow even more under wraps than the previous instalment, but the few trailers and clips that have been released suggest a darker, more twisted ride this time. Could Luke, one-time sandy haired farmboy turned scruffy25 hermit26, actually be a villain27 now? Could Rey end up joining forces with the murderous Kylo Ren? The Force will reveal all… in time. The studios behind the saga28, Disney and Lucasfilm, must be thrilled with The Last Jedi, though, because they’ve already signed its director, Rian Johnson, the mastermind behind Brick, Looper and some of the best episodes of Breaking Bad, to make a new trilogy of Star Wars films about all new characters and situations. The Last Jedi, though, will mark the last time Carrie Fisher, who died last December, will appear in the saga as General Leia Organa, so as exciting as the film will be expect to shed a few tears too. Released December 13 in China's Taiwan and Colombia, December 14 in Russia, the UK and Singapore and December 15 in the US, Pakistan and Vietnam. (Credit: Lucasfilm)


    Ferdinand 《公牛历险记》

    Munro Leaf’s 1936 children’s book The Story of Ferdinand, the tale of a bull who would prefer to smell flowers than charge at a matador29, is so simple in its execution, with beautiful illustrations by Robert Lawson, but deeply profound in its implications. By contrast, the new animated30 film based on it appears to be a riot of bright colours and zany antics. Wrestler31 turned actor John Cena plays the pacifist bull – a stroke of casting that could actually be brilliant, as Cena, like Ferdinand, has had to play down his fierce exterior32 to reveal who he is inside. Kate McKinnon, Bobby Cannavale, and David Tennant round out the voice cast. Released December 14 in Australia and Malaysia, December 15 in the US and December 16 in the UK. (Credit: B-Plan)


    The Man Who Invented Christmas 《圣诞发明家》


    Charles Dickens' 1843 novella A Christmas Carol is arguably the most beloved Yuletide story ever told – at least since the Nativity itself. It’s certainly one of the most adapted stories of all time, with an almost countless33 number of film, TV, and animated incarnations. But how did the story itself come about? Bharat Nalluri, the director of the unsung but delightful Miss Pettigrew Lives For a Day, adapts Les Standiford’s novel of the same name, which argues that Dickens, played here by Dan Stevens, based Scrooge on his own father (Jonathan Pryce). Christopher Plummer assays34 miserly moneylender Ebenezer himself, which, remarkably35, he has never done before. Released December 1 in the UK, December 14 in Portugal and December 21 in Italy (Credit: Bleecker Street Media)


     11级    美剧 


    1 decided [dɪˈsaɪdɪd] lvqzZd   第7级
    • This gave them a decided advantage over their opponents. 这使他们比对手具有明显的优势。
    • There is a decided difference between British and Chinese way of greeting. 英国人和中国人打招呼的方式有很明显的区别。
    2 apparently [əˈpærəntli] tMmyQ   第7级
    • An apparently blind alley leads suddenly into an open space. 山穷水尽,豁然开朗。
    • He was apparently much surprised at the news. 他对那个消息显然感到十分惊异。
    3 chamber [ˈtʃeɪmbə(r)] wnky9   第7级
    • For many, the dentist's surgery remains a torture chamber. 对许多人来说,牙医的治疗室一直是间受刑室。
    • The chamber was ablaze with light. 会议厅里灯火辉煌。
    4 distinctive [dɪˈstɪŋktɪv] Es5xr   第8级
    • She has a very distinctive way of walking. 她走路的样子与别人很不相同。
    • This bird has several distinctive features. 这个鸟具有几种突出的特征。
    5 genres ['ʒɑ:nrəz] f90f211700b6afeaafe2f8016ddfad3d   第9级
    (文学、艺术等的)类型,体裁,风格( genre的名词复数 )
    • Novel and short story are different genres. 长篇小说和短篇小说是不同的类别。
    • But confusions over the two genres have a long history. 但是类型的混淆,古已有之。 来自汉英文学 - 散文英译
    6 amphibian [æmˈfɪbiən] mwHzx   第9级
    • The frog is an amphibian, which means it can live on land and in water. 青蛙属于两栖动物,也就是说它既能生活在陆地上也能生活在水里。
    • Amphibian is an important specie in ecosystem and has profound meaning in the ecotoxicology evaluation. 两栖类是生态系统中的重要物种,并且对环境毒理评价有着深远意义。
    7 feat [fi:t] 5kzxp   第7级
    • Man's first landing on the moon was a feat of great daring. 人类首次登月是一个勇敢的壮举。
    • He received a medal for his heroic feat. 他因其英雄业绩而获得一枚勋章。
    8 delightful [dɪˈlaɪtfl] 6xzxT   第8级
    • We had a delightful time by the seashore last Sunday. 上星期天我们在海滨玩得真痛快。
    • Peter played a delightful melody on his flute. 彼得用笛子吹奏了一支欢快的曲子。
    9 briefly [ˈbri:fli] 9Styo   第8级
    • I want to touch briefly on another aspect of the problem. 我想简单地谈一下这个问题的另一方面。
    • He was kidnapped and briefly detained by a terrorist group. 他被一个恐怖组织绑架并短暂拘禁。
    10 outrageous [aʊtˈreɪdʒəs] MvFyH   第8级
    • Her outrageous behaviour at the party offended everyone. 她在聚会上的无礼行为触怒了每一个人。
    • Charges for local telephone calls are particularly outrageous. 本地电话资费贵得出奇。
    11 tycoon [taɪˈku:n] EKkze   第10级
    • The tycoon is on the verge of bankruptcy. 那名大亨濒临破产的边缘。
    • The tycoon has many servants to minister to his needs. 那位大亨有很多人服侍他。
    12 thriftiness [θrɪftɪnɪs] e20ce682d842e92825d592d10c7ddee0   第9级
    • Taoism has always advocated thriftiness and plain life. 道教历来倡导节俭、朴素的生活。
    • That's a positive feeling. Now I added only to my thriftiness but also independence and endurance. 通过这事,我不仅长了点经济头脑,也变得更加独立,更具忍耐力了。
    13 ransom [ˈrænsəm] tTYx9   第9级
    • We'd better arrange the ransom right away. 我们最好马上把索取赎金的事安排好。
    • The kidnappers exacted a ransom of 10000 from the family. 绑架者向这家人家勒索10000英镑的赎金。
    14 kidnappers [] cce17449190af84dbf37efcfeaf5f600   第8级
    n.拐子,绑匪( kidnapper的名词复数 )
    • They were freed yesterday by their kidnappers unharmed. 他们昨天被绑架者释放了,没有受到伤害。 来自《简明英汉词典》
    • The kidnappers had threatened to behead all four unless their jailed comrades were released. 帮匪们曾经威胁说如果印度方面不释放他们的同伙,他们就要将这四名人质全部斩首。 来自《简明英汉词典》
    15 severed [se'vəd] 832a75b146a8d9eacac9030fd16c0222   第9级
    v.切断,断绝( sever的过去式和过去分词 );断,裂
    • The doctor said I'd severed a vessel in my leg. 医生说我割断了腿上的一根血管。 来自《简明英汉词典》
    • We have severed diplomatic relations with that country. 我们与那个国家断绝了外交关系。 来自《简明英汉词典》
    16 makeup ['meɪkʌp] 4AXxO   第7级
    • Those who failed the exam take a makeup exam. 这次考试不及格的人必须参加补考。
    • Eyeliner: Makeup used to outline the eyes. 眼线笔:用来加强眼的轮廓的化妆品。
    17 slated [ˈsleɪtɪd] 87d23790934cf766dc7204830faf2859   第9级
    用石板瓦盖( slate的过去式和过去分词 )
    • Yuki is working up an in-home phonics program slated for Thursdays, and I'm drilling her on English conversation at dinnertime. Yuki每周四还有一次家庭语音课。我在晚餐时训练她的英语口语。
    • Bromfield was slated to become U.S. Secretary of Agriculture. 布罗姆菲尔德被提名为美国农业部长。
    18 acclaimed [ə'kleimd] 90ebf966469bbbcc8cacff5bee4678fe   第7级
    • They acclaimed him as the best writer of the year. 他们称赞他为当年的最佳作者。
    • Confuscius is acclaimed as a great thinker. 孔子被赞誉为伟大的思想家。
    19 legendary [ˈledʒəndri] u1Vxg   第8级
    • Legendary stories are passed down from parents to children. 传奇故事是由父母传给孩子们的。
    • Odysseus was a legendary Greek hero. 奥狄修斯是传说中的希腊英雄。
    20 deftly [deftlɪ] deftly   第8级
    • He deftly folded the typed sheets and replaced them in the envelope. 他灵巧地将打有字的纸折好重新放回信封。 来自《简明英汉词典》
    • At last he had a clew to her interest, and followed it deftly. 这一下终于让他发现了她的兴趣所在,于是他熟练地继续谈这个话题。 来自英汉文学 - 嘉莉妹妹
    21 dissection [daɪ'sekʃn] XtTxQ   第12级
    • A dissection of your argument shows several inconsistencies. 对你论点作仔细分析后发现一些前后矛盾之处。
    • Researchers need a growing supply of corpses for dissection. 研究人员需要更多的供解剖用的尸体。
    22 hypocrisies [hiˈpɔkrəsiz] 3b18b8e95a06b5fb1794de1cb3cdc4c8   第7级
    n.伪善,虚伪( hypocrisy的名词复数 )
    23 considerably [kənˈsɪdərəbli] 0YWyQ   第9级
    • The economic situation has changed considerably. 经济形势已发生了相当大的变化。
    • The gap has narrowed considerably. 分歧大大缩小了。
    24 awakens [əˈweɪkənz] 8f28b6f7db9761a7b3cb138b2d5a123c   第8级
    v.(使)醒( awaken的第三人称单数 );(使)觉醒;弄醒;(使)意识到
    • The scene awakens reminiscences of my youth. 这景象唤起我年轻时的往事。 来自《现代英汉综合大词典》
    • The child awakens early in the morning. 这个小孩早晨醒得早。 来自辞典例句
    25 scruffy [ˈskrʌfi] YsWyG   第12级
    • Despite her scruffy clothes, there was an air of sophistication about her. 尽管她衣衫褴褛,但神态老练世故。
    • His scruffy appearance does not reflect his character. 他邋遢的外表并不反映他的性格。
    26 hermit [ˈhɜ:mɪt] g58y3   第9级
    • He became a hermit after he was dismissed from office. 他被解职后成了隐士。
    • Chinese ancient landscape poetry was in natural connections with hermit culture. 中国古代山水诗与隐士文化有着天然联系。
    27 villain [ˈvɪlən] ZL1zA   第9级
    • He was cast as the villain in the play. 他在戏里扮演反面角色。
    • The man who played the villain acted very well. 扮演恶棍的那个男演员演得很好。
    28 saga [ˈsɑ:gə] aCez4   第9级
    • The saga of Flight 19 is probably the most repeated story about the Bermuda Triangle. 飞行19中队的传说或许是有关百慕大三角最重复的故事。
    • The novel depicts the saga of a family. 小说描绘了一个家族的传奇故事。
    29 matador [ˈmætədɔ:(r)] BBRxD   第11级
    • The matador and bull performed wonderfully in the ring. 斗牛士和公牛在斗牛场中进行着精彩的表演。
    • The matador had a narrow escape. 这个斗牛士真是死里逃生。
    30 animated [ˈænɪmeɪtɪd] Cz7zMa   第11级
    • His observations gave rise to an animated and lively discussion. 他的言论引起了一场气氛热烈而活跃的讨论。
    • We had an animated discussion over current events last evening. 昨天晚上我们热烈地讨论时事。
    31 wrestler [ˈreslə(r)] cfpwE   第7级
    • The wrestler tripped up his opponent.那个摔跤运动员把对手绊倒在地。
    • The stronger wrestler won the first throw.较壮的那个摔跤手第一跤就赢了。
    32 exterior [ɪkˈstɪəriə(r)] LlYyr   第7级
    • The seed has a hard exterior covering. 这种子外壳很硬。
    • We are painting the exterior wall of the house. 我们正在给房子的外墙涂漆。
    33 countless [ˈkaʊntləs] 7vqz9L   第7级
    • In the war countless innocent people lost their lives. 在这场战争中无数无辜的人丧失了性命。
    • I've told you countless times. 我已经告诉你无数遍了。
    34 assays [ˈæsˌeɪz] 6209b4c0ed77a9f367c2079571988d1f   第11级
    n.化验( assay的名词复数 );试验;尝试;试金
    • The ore assays high in gold. 这矿石经分析证明含金量很高。 来自《现代英汉综合大词典》
    • The ore assays high in silver. 这种矿石验明含银量很高。 来自辞典例句
    35 remarkably [ri'mɑ:kəbli] EkPzTW   第7级
    • I thought she was remarkably restrained in the circumstances. 我认为她在那种情况下非常克制。
    • He made a remarkably swift recovery. 他康复得相当快。

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