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  • Are You Ignoring That Little Thought


    What happened to that brilliant idea that you once had? Did you ignore it because you thought that it was just a little thought ?

    你曾经想到过的那个非凡的主意后来怎样了? 你是否因为觉得那只是个小小的念头而将其忽略了呢?

    Have you ever considered what that little thought would have become if you had acted on your instincts or if you had paid more attention to it ?

    你是否考虑过, 如果你依照直觉行事,或是多用点心,当初那个小小的念头将会变成怎样?

    Imagine a scenario1 ,where you are sitting at home watching television or reading a book , suddenly a light buld is turned on in the dark tunnel of your mind as a thought or an idea crosses your mind . The thought catches your attention but seems so meaningless and you are tempted2 to discard it , but wait a minute !

    想像这样一个场景:你正坐在家里看电视或看书,一个想法或念头闪过脑际,令你眼前一亮, 豁然开朗。这个想法虽然令你心中为之一动,但却似乎毫无意义,于是你打算放弃它。但是请等一下!

    That thought could be the potential beginning of the success you have so mush yearned3 for . As the thought crosses your mind . your senses become alert and you suddenly see a possibility , a realization4 , a solution , a conclusion , or find the answer to a problem whose solution has long eluded5 you .

    那个想法可能就是你渴望已久的潜在的成功起点 。当它在你头脑中闪过时,你的思维变得敏锐起来,你突然看到了一种可能性、一种想法的实现、一个解决方案、一个结论,或是找到让你困惑已久的问题的答案。

    It is almost as if a divine being has whispered the perfect solution into your ear or awakened6 your sences to a reality thereby7 bringing illumination to your life . It is like finding the last piece of jigsaw8 puzzle.

    这就像是一位圣人在你耳边低语,告诉你最佳的解决方案, 或者将你的思维唤回到现实,从而给你的人生带来光明。这就像是找到智力拼图的最后一块一样。

    This becomes an AHA moment and everything freezes around you as you excitedly try to grasp the practicality of that little but powerful thought .

    这将成为一个令人惊喜的时刻。当你满心激动,努力领会那个不起眼但非常有用的想法的实用性时, 周围的一切都好像静止了。

    Your self-confidence and enthusiasm increase as you become conscious of the great possibilties that can arise if that little thought is acted upon . This becomes the moment to build upon that thought and to write down any ideas that are streaming from that little thought for later review .


    Seemingly meaningless little thought or ideas when acted upon have a potential to explode into great projects .


    Many successful projects have been born from the little positive thoughts that were carefully nurtured9 and recognized as tickets to great things .


    You may have heard people say many times that it just came to me in a flash moment , a small idea or seemingly meaningless thought may cross your mind about something you have been planning to accomplish .


    Don't waste an opportunity to act on a potenntially brilliant idea . You don't have to wait for a major peers in order for a major idea , a master stratety , or approval from your peers in order for you to act on that little thought .


    That little thought or idea is the beginning of great things if you decide to follow it thought .


     10级    美文 


    1 scenario [səˈnɑ:riəʊ] lZoxm   第7级
    • But the birth scenario is not completely accurate. 然而分娩脚本并非完全准确的。
    • This is a totally different scenario. 这是完全不同的剧本。
    2 tempted ['temptid] b0182e969d369add1b9ce2353d3c6ad6   第7级
    • I was sorely tempted to complain, but I didn't. 我极想发牢骚,但还是没开口。
    • I was tempted by the dessert menu. 甜食菜单馋得我垂涎欲滴。
    3 yearned [jə:nd] df1a28ecd1f3c590db24d0d80c264305   第9级
    渴望,切盼,向往( yearn的过去式和过去分词 )
    • The people yearned for peace. 人民渴望和平。
    • She yearned to go back to the south. 她渴望回到南方去。
    4 realization [ˌri:əlaɪˈzeɪʃn] nTwxS   第7级
    • We shall gladly lend every effort in our power toward its realization. 我们将乐意为它的实现而竭尽全力。
    • He came to the realization that he would never make a good teacher. 他逐渐认识到自己永远不会成为好老师。
    5 eluded [ɪˈlu:did] 8afea5b7a29fab905a2d34ae6f94a05f   第10级
    v.(尤指机敏地)避开( elude的过去式和过去分词 );逃避;躲避;使达不到
    • The sly fox nimbly eluded the dogs. 那只狡猾的狐狸灵活地躲避开那群狗。 来自《现代汉英综合大词典》
    • The criminal eluded the police. 那个罪犯甩掉了警察的追捕。 来自《现代英汉综合大词典》
    6 awakened [əˈweɪkənd] de71059d0b3cd8a1de21151c9166f9f0   第8级
    v.(使)醒( awaken的过去式和过去分词 );(使)觉醒;弄醒;(使)意识到
    • She awakened to the sound of birds singing. 她醒来听到鸟的叫声。
    • The public has been awakened to the full horror of the situation. 公众完全意识到了这一状况的可怕程度。 来自《简明英汉词典》
    7 thereby [ˌðeəˈbaɪ] Sokwv   第8级
    • I have never been to that city, thereby I don't know much about it. 我从未去过那座城市,因此对它不怎么熟悉。
    • He became a British citizen, thereby gaining the right to vote. 他成了英国公民,因而得到了投票权。
    8 jigsaw [ˈdʒɪgsɔ:] q3Gxa   第10级
    • A jigsaw puzzle can keep me absorbed for hours. 一副拼图就能让我沉醉几个小时。
    • Tom likes to work on jigsaw puzzles,too. 汤姆也喜欢玩拼图游戏。
    9 nurtured [ˈnə:tʃəd] 2f8e1ba68cd5024daf2db19178217055   第7级
    养育( nurture的过去式和过去分词 ); 培育; 滋长; 助长
    • She is looking fondly at the plants he had nurtured. 她深情地看着他培育的植物。
    • Any latter-day Einstein would still be spotted and nurtured. 任何一个未来的爱因斯坦都会被发现并受到培养。

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