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  • China’s banking1 regulator has softened2 rules requiring lenders to set aside provisions against losses on bad loans, to encourage banks to provide more trustworthy assessments3 of their health.


    The move suggests that even as regulators pursue a “regulatory windstorm” to curb4 excess in the banking system, they are calibrating5 their efforts to ensure lenders are providing enough credit to keep the economy humming.


    For years investors6 have viewed Chinese banks’ official non-performing loan (NPL) ratios with scepticism, amid suspicion that lenders use loan rollovers or off-balance-sheet accounting7 to disguise the extent of credit losses.


    At the same time, the China Banking Regulatory Commission (CBRC) has enforced among the highest requirements for loan-loss provisions of any large economy. The rules required commercial lenders to set aside provisions equal to 150 per cent of NPLs and 2.5 per cent of loans.


    Under new rules sent to banks last month, the CBRC will allow province-level bank regulators to ease the ratios to as low as 120 per cent and 1.5 per cent, according to local media including Economic Information Daily, a unit of the official Xinhua news agency. The lower requirement will free up money that can be booked as profit or used for lending.

    据官方的新华社旗下的《经济参考报》(Economic Information Daily)报道,根据上月向银行下发的新规则,银监会将允许省级银行监管机构将这两个比率分别降低至120%和1.5%。较低的要求将释放可被记为利润或用于放贷的资金。

    The new rules bring China closer to international standards. Most countries force banks to set aside provisions equal to between 50 per cent and 100 per cent of NPLs, according to research by Dong Ximiao, senior analyst8 at the Chongyang Institute for Financial Studies.

    新规则使中国更接近国际标准。根据重阳金融研究院(Chongyang Institute for Financial Studies)高级研究员董希淼的研究,多数国家要求银行达到50%至100%的拨备覆盖率。

    “Lowering these ratios will help banks to strike a balance between controlling risks and earning profits, while strengthening their willingness and ability to create credit and support the real economy,” said Mr Dong.


    China’s system-wide provisions equalled 181 per cent of NPLs and 3.2 per cent of total loans — well above the regulatory minimums. But some individual lenders have struggled to comply.


    Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, the world’s largest lender by assets, has repeatedly breached9 the 150 per cent threshold in recent years, while it and other large lenders have privately10 lobbied for the standard to be lowered.


    An index of mainland-listed blue-chip banks was up 1.4 per cent in Shanghai at midday yesterday, while the broader blue-chip CSI 300 index was flat. Large banks, which have access to the highest quality borrowers, are expected to benefit most from the relaxation11. China bank shares have surged this year amid a strong economy.

    截至昨日上海午盘,在内地上市的蓝筹银行股指数上涨1.4%,而追踪所有板块蓝筹股的沪深300指数(CSI 300)持平。能够接触最优质借款人的大银行预计将是此次规则放松的最大受益者。在经济强劲的背景下,中国银行股今年大涨。

    “Of course, the most direct impact is to reduce the provisioning pressure on banks, which is good for profits. I expect profit growth at listed banks to be notably12 better in this year than last,” said Mr Dong.


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    1 banking [ˈbæŋkɪŋ] aySz20   第8级
    • John is launching his son on a career in banking. 约翰打算让儿子在银行界谋一个新职位。
    • He possesses an extensive knowledge of banking. 他具有广博的银行业务知识。
    2 softened ['sɒfənd] 19151c4e3297eb1618bed6a05d92b4fe   第7级
    (使)变软( soften的过去式和过去分词 ); 缓解打击; 缓和; 安慰
    • His smile softened slightly. 他的微笑稍柔和了些。
    • The ice cream softened and began to melt. 冰淇淋开始变软并开始融化。
    3 assessments [əˈsesmənts] 7d0657785d6e5832f8576c61c78262ef   第7级
    n.评估( assessment的名词复数 );评价;(应偿付金额的)估定;(为征税对财产所作的)估价
    • He was shrewd in his personal assessments. 他总能对人作出精明的评价。 来自《简明英汉词典》
    • Surveys show about two-thirds use such assessments, while half employ personality tests. 调查表明,约有三分之二的公司采用了这种测评;而一半的公司则采用工作人员个人品质测试。 来自百科语句
    4 curb [kɜ:b] LmRyy   第7级
    • I could not curb my anger. 我按捺不住我的愤怒。
    • You must curb your daughter when you are in church. 你在教堂时必须管住你的女儿。
    5 calibrating [ˈkæləˌbreɪtɪŋ] d6e305f27560127320d39d1b9d809678   第10级
    v.校准( calibrate的现在分词 );使标准化;使合标准;测量(枪的)口径
    • The value of the threshold strain is determined by calibrating the coating. 阈值应变的数值是靠对涂层进行标定测出来的。 来自辞典例句
    • Dewpoint hygrometers provide an absolute measurement of humidity and therefore are essentially self-calibrating. 露点湿度计可提供湿度的绝对量测值,因此它基本上是自动标定的。 来自辞典例句
    6 investors [ɪn'vestəz] dffc64354445b947454450e472276b99   第8级
    n.投资者,出资者( investor的名词复数 )
    • a con man who bilked investors out of millions of dollars 诈取投资者几百万元的骗子
    • a cash bonanza for investors 投资者的赚钱机会
    7 accounting [əˈkaʊntɪŋ] nzSzsY   第8级
    • A job fell vacant in the accounting department. 财会部出现了一个空缺。
    • There's an accounting error in this entry. 这笔账目里有差错。
    8 analyst [ˈænəlɪst] gw7zn   第9级
    • What can you contribute to the position of a market analyst? 你有什么技能可有助于市场分析员的职务?
    • The analyst is required to interpolate values between standards. 分析人员需要在这些标准中插入一些值。
    9 breached [bri:tʃt] e3498bf16767cf8f9f8dc58f7275a5a5   第7级
    攻破( breach的现在分词 ); 破坏,违反
    • These commitments have already been breached. 这些承诺已遭背弃。
    • Our tanks have breached the enemy defences. 我方坦克车突破了敌人的防线。
    10 privately ['praɪvətlɪ] IkpzwT   第8级
    • Some ministers admit privately that unemployment could continue to rise. 一些部长私下承认失业率可能继续升高。
    • The man privately admits that his motive is profits. 那人私下承认他的动机是为了牟利。
    11 relaxation [ˌri:lækˈseɪʃn] MVmxj   第7级
    • The minister has consistently opposed any relaxation in the law. 部长一向反对法律上的任何放宽。
    • She listens to classical music for relaxation. 她听古典音乐放松。
    12 notably [ˈnəʊtəbli] 1HEx9   第8级
    • Many students were absent, notably the monitor. 许多学生缺席,特别是连班长也没来。
    • A notably short, silver-haired man, he plays basketball with his staff several times a week. 他个子明显较为矮小,一头银发,每周都会和他的员工一起打几次篮球。

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