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The Choice of Companion 论择友
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  • The Choice of Companion

    A good companion is better than a fortune, for a fortune cannot purchase those elements of character which make companionship a blessing1. The best companion is one who is wiser and better than ourselves, for we are inspired by his wisdom and virtue2 to nobler deeds. Greater wisdom and goodness than we possess lifts us higher mentally and morally.

    “A man is known by the companion he keeps.” It is always true. Companionship of a high order is powerful to develop character. Character makes character in the associations of life faster than anything else. Purity begets3 purity, like begets like; and this fact makes the choice of companion in early life more important even than that of teachers and guardians4

    It is true that we cannot always choose all of our companions, some are thrust upon us by business or the social relations of life, we do not choose them, we do not enjoy them; and yet, we have to associate with them more or less. The experience is not altogether without compensation, if there be principle enough in us to bear the strain. Still, in the main, choice of companions can be made, and must be made. It is not best or necessary for a young person to associate with “Tom, Dick, and Harry5” without forethought or purpose. Some fixed6 rules about the company he or she keeps must be observed. The subject should be uttermost in the thoughts, and canvassed7 often

    Companionship is education, good or not; it develops manhood or womanhood, high or low; it lifts soul upward or drags it downward; it minister to virtue or vice8. There is no half way work about its influence. If it ennobles, it does grandly, if it demoralizes, it doest it devilishly. It saves or destroys lustily. Nothing in the world is surer than this. Sow virtue, and the harvest will be virtue, Sow vice, and the harvest will be vice. Good companionships help us to sow virtue; evil companionships help us to sow vice.






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    1 blessing [ˈblesɪŋ] UxDztJ   第7级
    • The blessing was said in Hebrew. 祷告用了希伯来语。
    • A double blessing has descended upon the house. 双喜临门。
    2 virtue [ˈvɜ:tʃu:] BpqyH   第7级
    • He was considered to be a paragon of virtue. 他被认为是品德尽善尽美的典范。
    • You need to decorate your mind with virtue. 你应该用德行美化心灵。
    3 begets [bɪˈgets] 900bbe1fb1fde33a940fa4c636f3859f   第11级
    v.为…之生父( beget的第三人称单数 );产生,引起
    • It begets at least seven standard type offspring from such matings. 这类交配中生下至少七个标准型后代。 来自辞典例句
    • Violence begets violence until the innocent perish with the guilty. 暴力招致暴力直到这因罪行而无缘无故的毁灭。 来自电影对白
    4 guardians ['ɡɑ:dɪənz] 648b3519bd4469e1a48dff4dc4827315   第7级
    监护人( guardian的名词复数 ); 保护者,维护者
    • Farmers should be guardians of the countryside. 农民应是乡村的保卫者。
    • The police are guardians of law and order. 警察是法律和秩序的护卫者。
    5 harry [ˈhæri] heBxS   第8级
    • Today, people feel more hurried and harried. 今天,人们感到更加忙碌和苦恼。
    • Obama harried business by Healthcare Reform plan. 奥巴马用医改掠夺了商界。
    6 fixed [fɪkst] JsKzzj   第8级
    • Have you two fixed on a date for the wedding yet? 你们俩选定婚期了吗?
    • Once the aim is fixed, we should not change it arbitrarily. 目标一旦确定,我们就不应该随意改变。
    7 canvassed [ˈkænvəst] 7b5359a87abbafb792cee12a01df4640   第10级
    v.(在政治方面)游说( canvass的过去式和过去分词 );调查(如选举前选民的)意见;为讨论而提出(意见等);详细检查
    • He canvassed the papers, hunting for notices of jobs. 他仔细查阅报纸,寻找招工广告。 来自《现代英汉综合大词典》
    • The stirring event was well canvassed. 那桩惊人的事情已经是满城风雨。 来自英汉文学 - 汤姆历险
    8 vice [vaɪs] NU0zQ   第7级
    • He guarded himself against vice. 他避免染上坏习惯。
    • They are sunk in the depth of vice. 他们堕入了罪恶的深渊。

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