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2018维密大秀:fantasy bra的佩戴者竟然是她?
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  • Victoria's Secret has announced that Angel Elsa Hosk will have the incredibly glamorous1 honor of wearing the million dollar Fantasy Bra this year.

    维秘宣布天使Elsa Hosk获得今年佩戴价值百万美元Fantasy Bra的殊荣。

    The 29-year-old has been working with Victoria's Secret since 2011, and this year the blonde Angel will join the ranks of the select few supermodels who've worn the very-special bejeweled bra before her.


    In newly-released images, the Swedish beauty is seen modeling the pricey lingerie, looking stunning2 in the glittering — and very revealing — piece.


    This year's Atelier Swarovski-designed Dream Angels Fantasy Bra is worth $1 million and includes a matching body chain.

    今年的梦幻天使Fantasy Bra是由Atelier Swarovski设计,价值1百万美元,包括配套连体的带子。

    It's made with over 2,100 Swarovski lab-created synthetic3 diamonds, as well as 'responsibly sourced' topaz and sterling4 silver. There are more than 71 carats, including a particularly large gem5 at the center. All in all, it took over 930 hours to make.


    Elsa told People it was 'beyond exciting' to try on the bra for the first time, saying: 'It was just a sensation that I've never felt before.


    'My body was violently shaking. And it wasn't because I was nervous, I was just excited. It was a cool feeling that I've never felt before. And it was definitely a moment that I'll never forget."


    'It's definitely the most beautiful Fantasy Bra I ever saw, and when I saw it I was like, "You guys have got to be kidding me,"' she said.

    “这是我迄今为止见过的最漂亮的Fantasy Bra,我一见就心生欢喜,你们一定是在和我开玩笑。”她说。

    What's more, this year the brand is doing something extra special: While the million-dollar bra is a one-off, shoppers who want the same glitzy look for themselves can buy a $250 Swarovski crystal version at select stores and online on November 29.


    While Elsa is still gearing up for the show, which will air on December 2, she reflected on the magic Fantasy Bras past.

    Elsa 还在为12月2日上演的维秘秀做准备,她回顾了往年的充满魔力的Fantasy Bras,

    She said the one that Lais Ribeiro wore last year — which was worth $2 million — was one of her favorites ever.

    她说去年Lais Ribeiro穿的那件价值2百万美元,是她最喜欢的一件之一。

    'I thought that was so beautiful, the way it fit on her body and the colors on her skin and just the way she owned it,' she said. I've always loved Candice Swanepoel's walk when she walked in the royal fantasy bra. That was just such a good walk. I watched that video and I'm like, "Damn, I don't know if I'll be able to ever beat that."'

    “我觉得那件胸衣很美,与她的身体契合,颜色也衬她肤色,她穿着就像是她自己的一样。我喜欢Candice Swanepoel在穿着皇室内衣时的表现。她走的很好,我看视频的时候就很喜欢,真不知道我能不能够打败她。”

    She added that she's happy the show is back in New York this year, after traveling around the world to London, Paris, and Shanghai for the past few years.


    She also spilled on her pre-show diet and fitness regimen, admitting that she changes it up from year to year.


    Right now, she's running and doing 'a lot of fun dance cardio' with Megan Roup.

    现在她一直在跑步,还和Megan Roup一起进行了“许多有趣的有氧舞蹈”。

    As for her eating habits, she sticks to a 'balanced' diet but will spend the weeks before the show avoiding carbs, loading up on vegetables, and skipping processed foods and soda.


    'I really think that reflects in the way your skin looks and the way you feel — you just feel stronger,' she said.


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    1 glamorous [ˈglæmərəs] ezZyZ   第9级
    • The south coast is less glamorous but full of clean and attractive hotels. 南海岸魅力稍逊,但却有很多干净漂亮的宾馆。
    • It is hard work and not a glamorous job as portrayed by the media. 这是份苦差,并非像媒体描绘的那般令人向往。
    2 stunning [ˈstʌnɪŋ] NhGzDh   第10级
    • His plays are distinguished only by their stunning mediocrity. 他的戏剧与众不同之处就是平凡得出奇。
    • The finished effect was absolutely stunning. 完工后的效果非常美。
    3 synthetic [sɪnˈθetɪk] zHtzY   第7级
    • We felt the salesman's synthetic friendliness. 我们感觉到那位销售员的虚情假意。
    • It's a synthetic diamond. 这是人造钻石。
    4 sterling [ˈstɜ:lɪŋ] yG8z6   第9级
    • Could you tell me the current rate for sterling, please? 能否请您告诉我现行英国货币的兑换率?
    • Sterling has recently been strong, which will help to abate inflationary pressures. 英国货币最近非常坚挺,这有助于减轻通胀压力。
    5 gem [dʒem] Ug8xy   第9级
    n.宝石,珠宝;受爱戴的人 [同]jewel
    • The gem is beyond my pocket. 这颗宝石我可买不起。
    • The little gem is worth two thousand dollars. 这块小宝石价值两千美元。

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