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你的恢复速率是多少?What is Your Recovery Rate?
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  • What is your recovery rate? How long does it take you to recover from actions and behaviors that upset you? Minutes? Hours? Days? Weeks? The longer it takes you to recover, the more influence that incident has on your actions, and the less able you are to perform to your personal best. In a nutshell, the longer it takes you to recover, the weaker you are and the poorer your performance. 你的恢复速率是多少?你需要多长时间才能从让你烦恼的行为中恢复?几分钟?几小时?几天?几星期?你需要的恢复时间越长,那个事件对你的影响越大,你也就越不能做到最好。简言之,你的恢复时间越长,你就越软弱,你的表现也就越差劲。 You are well aware that you need to exercise to keep the body fit and, no doubt, accept that a reasonable measure of health is the speed in which your heart and respiratory system recovers after exercise. Likewise the faster you let go of an issue that upsets you, the faster you return to an equilibrium1, the healthier you will be. The best example of this behavior is found with professional sportspeople. They know that the faster they can forget an incident or missd opportunity and get on with the game, the better their performance. In fact, most measure the time it takes them to overcome and forget an incident in a game and most reckon2 a recovery rate of 30 seconds is too long!

    你充分意识到,要保持身体健康你需要锻炼,并且你无疑会接受,你的心脏和呼吸系统在锻炼后的恢复速度是衡量健康的一个合理尺度。同样,你越快摆脱使你烦恼的问题,越快恢复平静,你就越健康。此类行为的最好典范是专业运动员。他们知道,越快忘记一件事或失去的机会而好好比赛,他们的发挥就越好。实际上,大多数运动员会佰自己克服并忘记比赛中一个事件所需的时间,而且大多数人都认为30秒的恢复时间太长了! Imagine yourself to be an actor in a play on the stage. Your aim is to play your part to the best of your ability. You have been given a script and at the end of each sentence is a ful stop. Each time you get to the end of the sentence you start a new one and although the next sentence is related to the last it is not affected3 by it. Your job is to deliver each sentence to the best of your ability. 想象自己是一位站在舞台上的戏剧赏。你的目标是尽全力扮演好你的角色。你已经拿到了剧本,而剧本中的每句话都以句号结尾。每次你念到一个句子的末尾,你就会开始一个新的句子。尽管下一句和上一句有关联,但并不受它的影响。你的工作是尽力说好每句台词。 Don’t live your life in the past! Learn to live in the present, to overcome the past. Stop the past from influencing your daily life. Don’t allow thoughts of the past to reduce your personal best. Stop the past from interfering4 with your life. Learn to recover quickly. 不要生活在过去!要学会生活在现在,学会克服过去;不要让过去影响你的日常生活;不要让过去的思想妨碍你做到最好;不要让过去干扰你的生活;学会快速恢复。 Remember: Rome wasn’t built in a day. Reflect on your recovery rate each day. Every day before you go to bed, look at your progress. Don’t lie in bed saying to you, “I did that wrong.” “I should have done better there.” No. look at your day and note when you made an effort to place a full stop after an incident. This is a success. You are taking control of your life. Remember this is a step by step process. This is not a make-over. You are undertaking5 real change here. Your aim: reduce the time spent in recovery.


    The way forward?


    Live in the present. Not in the precedent6.


     6级    双语 


    1 equilibrium [ˌi:kwɪˈlɪbriəm] jiazs   第8级
    • Change in the world around us disturbs our inner equilibrium. 我们周围世界的变化扰乱了我们内心的平静。
    • This is best expressed in the form of an equilibrium constant. 这最好用平衡常数的形式来表示。
    2 reckon [ˈrekən] VAwzK   第6级
    • Don't reckon upon your relatives to help you out of trouble. 不要指望你的亲戚会帮助你摆脱困境。
    • I reckon that he is rather too old to marry again. 我认为他的年龄太大,不太适于再婚。
    3 affected [əˈfektɪd] TzUzg0   第9级
    • She showed an affected interest in our subject. 她假装对我们的课题感到兴趣。
    • His manners are affected. 他的态度不自然。
    4 interfering [ˌɪntəˈfɪərɪŋ] interfering   第7级
    adj. 妨碍的 动词interfere的现在分词
    • He's an interfering old busybody! 他老爱管闲事!
    • I wish my mother would stop interfering and let me make my own decisions. 我希望我母亲不再干预,让我自己拿主意。
    5 undertaking [ˌʌndəˈteɪkɪŋ] Mfkz7S   第9级
    • He gave her an undertaking that he would pay the money back within a year. 他向她做了一年内还钱的保证。
    • He is too timid to venture upon an undertaking. 他太胆小,不敢从事任何事业。
    6 precedent [ˈpresɪdənt] sSlz6   第7级
    • Is there a precedent for what you want me to do? 你要我做的事有前例可援吗?
    • This is a wonderful achievement without precedent in Chinese history. 这是中国历史上亘古未有的奇绩。

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