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  • Some friends and I go to a bar to have a few beers before dinner. Beer is expensive in Japan and so we order a couple of pitchers1 to save a few precious yen2 as opposed to bottles or individual pints3.



    We finish the beers, ask for the check, get it and leave some money on the table. It came to 4990 yen. We leave a 5000 yen note, thank the waiter and leave.


    As we are an entire block away, we hear someone shouting behind us, and waving a piece of paper. We quickly realise it is the waiter from the bar.


    He doesn't speak English, we don't speak Japanese but he had chased us out of the bar for an entire block to give us the 10 yen in change. This is worth around 0.06 (10c USD).


    Tipping doesn't exist in Japan, or even simply leaving a tiny bit of change to save the waiter the hassle of getting you the change isn't a thing.


    From there on in, I never tipped and waited for my change everywhere I went.


    I was in Shenzhen, China, and a family stopped me and my wife and asked us (my friend interpreted) if they could have their children take a photo with us. They were visitors from the interior of the country, and had never seen an American before.


    A similar thing happened in Shanghai. This time I was alone walking across the Waibaidu Bridge, and a group of teenage girls asked me (using sign language this time) if I could pose with them for a photo. I was happy to oblige, and I recall them all giggling4 as the photo was taken. (I wish I had a copy.)


    Another surprise: I was in Pudong (the newly rebuilt area of Shanghai) and I couldn’t find the entrance to the subway (a two stop line between Pudong and the Bund). I approached a man who was walking near me, showed him the ticket I had for the ride, and he nodded vigorously. Then he indicated I should follow. We went about 4 blocks; he pointed5 to the entrance, smiled, turned and walked away. I had no time to offer him a tip, which (in retrospect) was a good thing because it might have been taken as an insult. I couldn’t believe that he had taken so much trouble for a stranger.


    Again, similar experiences repeated themselves across China. The friendliness6 of the people, their courtesy, and their eagerness to help was wonderful. I don’t know if that classifies as “cultural shock” but it made me think about the US, and how I rarely experience such courtesy in my own country.


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    1 pitchers ['pɪtʃəz] d4fd9938d0d20d5c03d355623c59c88d   第9级
    大水罐( pitcher的名词复数 )
    • Over the next five years, he became one of the greatest pitchers in baseball. 在接下来的5年时间里,他成为了最了不起的棒球投手之一。
    • Why he probably won't: Pitchers on also-rans can win the award. 为什麽不是他得奖:投手在失败的球队可以赢得赛扬奖。
    2 yen [jen] JfSwN   第11级
    n. 日元;热望
    • He wanted to convert his dollars into Japanese yen. 他想将美元换成日币。
    • He has a yen to be alone in a boat. 他渴望独自呆在一条船上。
    3 pints [paints] b9e5a292456657f1f11f1dc350ea8581   第7级
    n.品脱( pint的名词复数 );一品脱啤酒
    • I drew off three pints of beer from the barrel. 我从酒桶里抽出三品脱啤酒。 来自《简明英汉词典》
    • Two pints today, please. 今天请来两品脱。 来自《简明英汉词典》
    4 giggling [ˈɡiɡlɪŋ] 2712674ae81ec7e853724ef7e8c53df1   第7级
    v.咯咯地笑( giggle的现在分词 )
    • We just sat there giggling like naughty schoolchildren. 我们只是坐在那儿像调皮的小学生一样的咯咯地傻笑。 来自《简明英汉词典》
    • I can't stand her giggling, she's so silly. 她吃吃地笑,叫我真受不了,那样子傻透了。 来自《现代英汉综合大词典》
    5 pointed [ˈpɔɪntɪd] Il8zB4   第7级
    • He gave me a very sharp pointed pencil. 他给我一支削得非常尖的铅笔。
    • A safety pin has a metal covering over the pointed end. 安全别针在尖端有一个金属套。
    6 friendliness ['frendlɪnəs] nsHz8c   第7级
    • Behind the mask of friendliness, I know he really dislikes me. 在友善的面具后面,我知道他其实并不喜欢我。
    • His manner was a blend of friendliness and respect. 他的态度友善且毕恭毕敬。

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