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  • he annals of science brim with researchers who pushed the boundaries of sense and good taste in a quest for knowledge. With the unveiling of the 30th annual Ig Nobel awards, another case shall be added.


    To test the validity of a story in a work of ethnographic literature, Metin Eren, an anthropologist1 at Kent State University in Ohio, made a knife from his frozen faeces.


    "It's an honour to be recognised," Eren said, before the ceremony in which he was honoured for his work on Thursday. "I've followed the Ig Nobels my entire life. It's a dream come true. Really."“被认可是一种荣誉,”获奖者埃伦在9月17日举行搞笑诺贝尔颁奖礼前表示,“我一生都在追求搞笑诺贝尔奖。梦想成真了。真的。”

    Not to be mistaken for the more prestigious2 – and lucrative3 – Nobel prizes, to be doled4 out in Scandinavia next month, the Ig Nobels celebrate research that "first makes people laugh, and then makes them think".


    In a ceremony held online, rather than at Harvard University as usual, 10 awards were handed out for notable achievements in physics, psychology5, economics, medicine and more. In lieu of a handsome windfall and medal, the winners received a paper cube and a ?10tn dollar bill from Zimbabwe.


    This year's awards included a physics prize for work that recorded the shapes earthworms adopt when vibrated at high frequency. The peace prize honoured the governments of India and Pakistan for having their diplomats6 ring each other's doorbells in the middle of the night and run away before anyone answered.


    Chris Watkins, a psychologist at the University of Abertay in UK, shared the economics prize. His research found that french kissing was more common between partners in areas of high income inequality.


    The psychology prize went to researchers who discovered a way to identify narcissists from their eyebrows7. "It's exciting, it's a fun award," said Miranda Giacomin, who worked on the study at MacEwan University in Alberta, Canada. Her work built on research that found people could sometimes spot narcissists from their facial features. The eyebrows, Giacomin suggests, are key.


    Richard Vetter, a retired8 researcher at the University of California, Riverside, claimed the entomology prize for gathering9 case studies on arachnophobia among insect experts. He concluded that fear of spiders from an early age was not overcome by a career handling insects.


    Yet another gong went to Dutch and Belgian researchers for laying out the diagnosis10 for misophonia – the distress11 experienced on hearing another person chew – and showing that talking therapy helps treat it.


    "It was a humorous rallying cry for evidence and fact checking," Eren said of the unfunded work. "It's a great story of human ingenuity12, but we need to question and get evidence for everything that supports stances we hold dear to our heart, especially in these dark days."在谈及没有钱的搞笑诺贝尔奖时,埃伦表示:“这是一个呼吁证据和核实的幽默集会。这是一个关于人类创造力的伟大故事,但我们需要提出问题并搜集到所有能支持我们坚守立场的证据,尤其在这样的黑暗时刻。”

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    1 anthropologist [ˌænθrəˈpɒlədʒɪst] YzgzPk   第9级
    • The lecturer is an anthropologist. 这位讲师是人类学家。
    • The anthropologist unearthed the skull of an ancient human at the site. 人类学家在这个遗址挖掘出那块古人类的颅骨。
    2 prestigious [preˈstɪdʒəs] nQ2xn   第7级
    • The young man graduated from a prestigious university. 这个年轻人毕业于一所名牌大学。
    • You may even join a prestigious magazine as a contributing editor. 你甚至可能会加入一个知名杂志做特约编辑。
    3 lucrative [ˈlu:krətɪv] dADxp   第7级
    • He decided to turn his hobby into a lucrative sideline. 他决定把自己的爱好变成赚钱的副业。
    • It was not a lucrative profession. 那是一个没有多少油水的职业。
    4 doled [dəuld] 86af1872f19d01499d5f6d6e6dbc2b3a   第8级
    救济物( dole的过去式和过去分词 ); 失业救济金
    • The food was doled out to the poor. 食品分发给了穷人。
    • Sisco briskly doled out the United States positions on the key issues. 西斯科轻快地把美国在重大问题上的立场放了出去。
    5 psychology [saɪˈkɒlədʒi] U0Wze   第7级
    • She has a background in child psychology. 她受过儿童心理学的教育。
    • He studied philosophy and psychology at Cambridge. 他在剑桥大学学习哲学和心理学。
    6 diplomats ['dɪpləmæts] ccde388e31f0f3bd6f4704d76a1c3319   第7级
    n.外交官( diplomat的名词复数 );有手腕的人,善于交际的人
    • These events led to the expulsion of senior diplomats from the country. 这些事件导致一些高级外交官被驱逐出境。
    • The court has no jurisdiction over foreign diplomats living in this country. 法院对驻本国的外交官无裁判权。 来自《简明英汉词典》
    7 eyebrows ['aɪbraʊz] a0e6fb1330e9cfecfd1c7a4d00030ed5   第7级
    眉毛( eyebrow的名词复数 )
    • Eyebrows stop sweat from coming down into the eyes. 眉毛挡住汗水使其不能流进眼睛。
    • His eyebrows project noticeably. 他的眉毛特别突出。
    8 retired [rɪˈtaɪəd] Njhzyv   第8级
    • The old man retired to the country for rest. 这位老人下乡休息去了。
    • Many retired people take up gardening as a hobby. 许多退休的人都以从事园艺为嗜好。
    9 gathering [ˈgæðərɪŋ] ChmxZ   第8级
    • He called on Mr. White to speak at the gathering. 他请怀特先生在集会上讲话。
    • He is on the wing gathering material for his novels. 他正忙于为他的小说收集资料。
    10 diagnosis [ˌdaɪəgˈnəʊsɪs] GvPxC   第8级
    • His symptoms gave no obvious pointer to a possible diagnosis. 他的症状无法作出明确的诊断。
    • The engineer made a complete diagnosis of the bridge's collapse. 工程师对桥的倒塌做一次彻底的调查分析。
    11 distress [dɪˈstres] 3llzX   第7级
    • Nothing could alleviate his distress. 什么都不能减轻他的痛苦。
    • Please don't distress yourself. 请你不要忧愁了。
    12 ingenuity [ˌɪndʒəˈnju:əti] 77TxM   第7级
    • The boy showed ingenuity in making toys. 那个小男孩做玩具很有创造力。
    • I admire your ingenuity and perseverance. 我钦佩你的别出心裁和毅力。

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