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哈克贝利•费恩历险记-5 使吉姆获得自由的计划
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  • 5 The plan to free Jim

    When I heard that,Inearly fell through the floor,but it wasa big piece of luck.It was easy for meto be Tom Sawyer because Tom was my best friend.Heand his brother Sid lived with their Aunt Polly up in St Petersburg, andI knew all about them.Now I learnt thatAunt Polly had a sister,who was MrsPhelps.She and her husband were Tom'sAunt Sally and Uncle Silas.And Tom wascoming down south by boat to stay with them for a bit.

    We all sat there talking and I could answer all theirquestions about the Sawyer family.I wasfeeling really happy about this when suddenly I heard a boat on the river.'Tomcould be on that boat,'I thought,'andhe's going to walk in here and call out my name before I can stop him.I'vegot to go and meet him.'

    So I told the Phelpses that I would go into town to get mybags, which were at the boat station.Ihurried up the road and before I was halfway1 to town,therewas Tom Sawyer coming along.

    When he saw me, hismouth fell open and he looked a bit white in the lace.'Aren'tyou dead?'he said.'Everybodysaid that you were murdered!'

    'I'm not dead yet,'Isaid,'but listen…'Itold him about my adventures,and Tomloved all that.Then I told him about thePhelpses and that they thought I was Tom Sawyer.'Whatshall we do?'I asked him.

    Tom thought for a bit,andthen he said,'I know.Youtake my bags and say they're yours. I'llcome to the house in about half an hour.'

    'All right,'I said,'butthere's another thing.You know old MissWatson's slave4 Jim, who ran away?Well,he's aprisoner here,and I'm going to help himescape.'

    'Jim?'Tom said.'Buthe's—'Then he stopped and thought.'Right.I'llhelp,too,I'llmake a really good plan.'He looked veryexcited.

    So I went back to the house with the bags,andTom came along half an hour later.Heknocked on the door and when his Aunt Sally opened it, hesaid he was Sid, Tom's brother.Hewanted his visit to be a surprise for his dear old Aunt Sally,hesaid.

    Well,Aunt Sally wasvery pleased to see Tom and Sid.Shethought it was wonderful.She and UncleSilas were really nice people.

    When we were alone later,Tomand I talked about Jim's escape.I said Ihad a plan,and Tom listened to it.

    'It's a good plan,'hesaid when I finished.'But it's too easy!It's got to be a real escape,likea real adventure3 in a sto-ry-book.So wewant something difficult and dangerous.

    Now,listen to this…'

    So he told me his plan.Iknew it would be a good one be-cause Tom's plans are always crazy and exciting.

    And we sure had a lot of fun with that plan!Weknew that Jim was locked up in a hut6 outside the house.Everynight we got out through our bedroom window and dug7 a hole right under thewall of the hut.It took us a week,andit was hard work.We talked to Jimsecretly and told him about the plan,andhe was really pleased.

    We also wrote secret letters to everybody.Tomsaid that people always do this in books.Wewrote that there was a gang8 of slave-thieves coming up from the south.Theywanted to steal Jim and get the three hundred dollars from his owner.Well,thePhelpses and their friends got very excited, andon the night of the escape5 I went into the sitting-room,andthere was a crowd of men in there—allwith guns!

    I ran and told Tom, andhe said that this was really good.'It'sa real adventure now, all right,'hesaid, very excited.'Perhapsthey'll come after us,and shoot,andwe'll all get killed!'

    Well,there wasn'ttime to think about it because it all happened so quickly.Wegot Jim out through the hole under the wall,andbegan to run down to the river.But themen heard us and came after us.Theybegan to shoot,and so we ran as fast aswe could to the canoe.We got in it andwent over to Spanish10 Island.My raft11 wasthere,and our plan was to escape on thatand go on down river.

    'Now,Jim,'Icried,'you're a free man!'Wewere all very happy,but Tom was thehappiest of all,because he had a bulletin12 his leg.

    When Jim and I heard that,weweren't so happy.Tom wanted theadventure to go on, but Jim and I saidthat a doctor must look at Tom's leg.Tomwas getting angry about this,but Jimsaid:

    'You listen to me,TomSawyer.You say I'm a free man now,andperhaps I am.But old Jim is not going torun away and leave one of his friends with a bullet13 in his leg! SoI'm staying right here until a doctor comes.'

    I knew Jim would say that. Hewas a good, true friend, andyou can't say that about many people.

    Well,that was the endof the adventure,really.Iwent and found a doctor in the town.Hewas a kind old man,and he said he wouldgo over to the island. But Tom's leg gotvery bad,and the next day the doctor andsome other men carried Tom home to the Phelpses' house.Theybrought Jim too, and they locked him upin the hut again.But the doctor said,'Bekind to him, because he didn't run awayand he stayed to help me with the boy.'

    They took Tom up to bed because his leg was really bad,andAunt Sally sat with him while he slept.Ididn't want to answer any questions so I kept out of everybody's way.

    When Tom woke up the next day,hefelt better.I was in the room and hesaid to me,'Jim's all right,isn'the?'

    I didn't know what to say because Aunt Sally was listening,and before I could stop him,Tomwent on:

    'We did it,Aunt Sally.Meand Tom here.We helped Jim escape.'Hetold her all about the digging14 and everything,andAunt Sally's mouth was opening15 and closing like a fish.Thenshe got really angry with Tom.

    'That slave is locked up again and he's going to stay there.Andif I catch you again—'

    Tom suddenly sat up in bed.'Youcan't do that!'he cried.'Jimwas old Miss Watson's slave, but shedied two months ago.Before she died,shewrote that she wanted Jim to be free,andnot a slave any more.Jim's a free man,nota slave!

    Well,that was asurprise to me and Aunt Sally!Shethought Tom was crazy.'But Sid,whydid you help him to escape,if he wasfree already?'she said.

    'I wanted the adventure,ofcourse!'said Tom.'Wemade a really exciting plan and… Oh my!…AUNTPOLLY!'

    We turned round,andthere was Tom's Aunt Polly in the doorway!Thatwas the second big surprise.Aunt Sallywas really pleased to see her sister,andjumped up to put her arms round her. Igot under the bed as fast as I could.Therewas trouble coming for me and Tom, thatwas for sure.

    Then Aunt Polly said to Tom,'Youalways were a terrible boy,Tom Sawyer,andI want to know—'

    'But Polly dear,'saidAunt Sally,'this isn't Tom.It'sSid.Tom was here a minute ago.Whereis he?'

    'Where's Huck Finn,youmean,' replied Aunt Polly.'Comeout from under that bed, Huck Finn.'

    So Tom and I had to explain everything.AuntPolly said that Aunt Sally wrote and told her that Tom and Sid were there.Sheknew that it wasn't true, so she decidedto come and find out what was happening.Butshe said that it was true about Miss Watson and that Jim was a free man now.

    We got Jim out of the hut and Aunt Sally and Uncle Silaswere really nice to him.Later,Tom,Jim and I had a long talk by ourselves.Tomtalked and talked,and then he said,'Let'sall three of us run away one night,andgo and have ad-ventures in the wild country down south.'

    It sounded like a good plan to me.'Theonly thing is,'I said,'Ihaven't got any money to buy the right clothes and things.Allmy money back in St Petersburg will be in Pop's pockets by now.'

    'No,'said Tom.'Yourmoney's all there.Your Pop never cameback.'

    'No,and he won't comeback,Huck,'Jimsaid.'You remember that dead man on theriver,when I said“Don'tlook at his face”?Well,thatwas your Pop.You can get your money whenyou want.'

    Tom's leg is almost better now, andI haven't got any more to write about.I'mreally pleased about that because it was very difficult to write a book and Iwon't do it again.But I think I'm goingto have to run away before the others,becauseAunt Sally wants me to live with her. I'llhave to sleep in a bed and wear clean clothes and learn to be good,andI can't do that again.I've done it oncealready.

    The End

    Yours Truly17

    Huck Finn

    5 使吉姆获得自由的计划












































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    1 halfway [ˌhɑ:fˈweɪ] Xrvzdq   第8级
    • We had got only halfway when it began to get dark. 走到半路,天就黑了。
    • In study the worst danger is give up halfway. 在学习上,最忌讳的是有始无终。
    2 lace [leɪs] 1xvyE   第6级
    • She let a piece of lace into her dress. 她在衣服上镶了一块花边。
    • The bride is wearing a wedding dress made of lace. 新娘穿一件蕾丝婚纱。
    3 adventure [ədˈventʃə(r)] hKdyn   第3级
    • I wish to hear the details of your adventure. 我希望听到你这次奇遇的详情。
    • He couldn't explain that he had passed through a great adventure. 他没法说明自己曾经历过一次伟大的冒险
    4 slave [sleɪv] vxpwa   第4级
    • Don't be a slave to custom. 不要做风俗习惯的奴隶。
    • Why should I slave away all my life! 我为什么要辛辛苦苦地干一辈子呀!
    5 escape [ɪˈskeɪp] Uijzi   第3级
    • We had to break the door out to escape from the fire. 我们不得不把门砸开以逃避火灾。
    • He didn't allow any word to escape his lips. 他守口如瓶。
    6 hut [hʌt] ablxt   第4级
    • The hut is in the midst of the forest. 小屋在森林深处。
    • The poor old man lived in a little wooden hut. 那个贫穷的老人住在一间小木屋内。
    7 dug [dʌɡ] qkXzC   第4级
    n.动物的乳房[乳头]v.挖,掘( dig的过去式和过去分词 );(如用铲、锨或推土机等)挖掘;挖得;寻找
    • He dug a deep hole in the garden. 他在花园里挖了个深坑。
    • We dug a deep pit in the yard. 我们在院子中挖了个深洞。
    8 gang [gæŋ] LhQxI   第5级
    • The gang live abroad, beyond reach of the British police. 这帮匪徒住在国外,英国警方鞭长莫及。
    • Some gang came in and shot the place up. 有股匪帮进来对这个地方开枪扫射。
    9 canoe [kəˈnu:] DsRzV   第5级
    • They slid the canoe down to the water. 他们使小舟滑到水中。
    • It is only the second time he has been in a canoe. 这仅是他第二次乘小游艇。
    10 Spanish [ˈspænɪʃ] zvGwz   第3级
    • She grew up in Spain, so her first language is Spanish. 她在西班牙长大,第一语言是西班牙语。
    • I can read Spanish but can't translate into it. 我能阅读西班牙语,但不能翻译成西班牙语。
    11 raft [rɑ:ft] 6ANzs   第4级
    • I lay on the raft in the Sun until I was dry. 我在阳光下躺在木排上,一直到全身都干了。
    • She spent seven days afloat on a raft. 她在一只木筏上漂泊了七天。
    12 bulletin [ˈbʊlətɪn] xSWyB   第6级
    • We read the declaration posted on the bulletin board. 我们读了贴在布告板上的声明。
    • The radio bulletin warned of the typhoon. 收音机新闻快报发布了台风警报。
    13 bullet [ˈbʊlɪt] GSUyA   第5级
    • The bullet wound in his shoulder was opened up for treatment. 切开他肩上的枪伤进行治疗。
    • The bullet missed me by a hair's s breadth. 那颗子弹差一点就打中了我。
    14 digging [dʌɡ] digging   第4级
    n.挖掘v.挖,掘( dig的现在分词 );(如用铲、锨或推土机等)挖掘;挖得;寻找
    • They were digging up worms to use for bait. 他们正在挖蚯蚓作鱼饵。 来自《简明英汉词典》
    • The best implement for digging a garden is a spade. 在花园里挖土的最好工具是铁锹。 来自《简明英汉词典》
    15 opening [ˈəʊpnɪŋ] Umwzkg   第3级
    • Instead of opening the gate, we climbed over it. 我们没有开门,而是从门顶上爬过去的。
    • There was an opening in the wall. 墙上有个洞。
    16 doorway [ˈdɔ:weɪ] 2s0xK   第7级
    • They huddled in the shop doorway to shelter from the rain. 他们挤在商店门口躲雨。
    • Mary suddenly appeared in the doorway. 玛丽突然出现在门口。
    17 truly [ˈtru:li] Cm1wI   第3级
    • You must speak truly. 你必须说实话。
    • He is a truly good man. 他是个真正的好人。

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