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  • Mother Nature is an exquisite1 and complex life-system. It's charm appears in the trees, stream, soil, insects, moss2 and fungus3, all the things on the earth in different shapes, which are interdependent. When you get close to nature, please remember, each tree, stone and species of animals here has lived harmoniously4 for hundreds, thousands or even millions of years. When we pass away, they will continue to live. They are the real masters, while we are just the passer-by. However, the conduct we unconsciously do, such as picking, lumbering5, tramping and abusing can probably destroy the balance of their life. Therefore, we must reduce our bad influence as much as possible. While you are enjoying the nature, do not forget please, the beauty of the lives also needs to be concerned with and to be protected.

    Each life on the earth has a long and touching6 evolutionary7 story. From the origin, the lives of the human being are equal to those of others; they both are the composing parts of Mother Nature. Nevertheless, for some inexplicable8 reasons, the human becomes the spirits of all creatures. Of course, it is the result of the evolution, but still we should be grateful to all our companions in nature for the opportunity they offer.

    In spite of this, humans cannot live without earth. They live on the earth, drink the sweet water, and enjoy the sunshine, the air, the sky, the fruit; the grains utilize10 the energy and so on. In a word, the human being cannot live without nature, and Mother Nature makes us grow stronger.

    I do not like the word "Pet", but preferring the word "Animal" instead. I have been loving animal since I was just a little boy. When thinking of the "Pet Fashion", I always feel much annoyed. For the animals will be given a shackle11 and lose their liberty if they become someone's pets. Their natural attribution can be deprived, too.

    Up to now, relying on their scientific power, the human have opened up too much and over developed nature, in order to fill up their growing appetites of wealth. They destroy the balance of nature, however, they don't realize, their own development and existence will be threatened. Therefore, our sights should be focused on nature and we should try to develop the concept of "keeping human and nature in unity9".

    We should lay emphasis on our education with consider cultural and natural emotion. To use the vivid example to wake up the conscience in people's hearts.

    To love nature is to love our mankind. As the new generation who enter the new century, we should make efforts to love and respect nature, to treat it well and protect it. At last, we have the night to enjoy it.

    My dear Teachers,fellow students and friends: Good afternoon.

    As we all know, the earth is a planet almost covered by water,and it is water made every thing on the earth lively.Water is also one of the important part of our environment.Though,is there really so much water for us to clean,to produce many things,to play with? how much water are there on the earth then?

    Most of the water is in the oceans or locked away as ice.The largest volumes of fresh water are stored underground as groundwater,imagine there is only one barrel of water in the world,then there is only a spoon of it on the land,and the water we can use is only a drop of it.Now I have to remind all of you here that the single drop of water is never as Clean as before,it has been polluted severely12 by our human beings.

    There is a very beautiful river in Paris.It is the Seine,it runs across the City,people drink coffee, chat on the bank in the day,at night,they enjoy the beautiful scenery in the boat,songs from the river fly into the Sky made the river more attractive, the Seine is a famous symbol of France;on the west coast of pacific ocean there lies the modern City Shanghai,another river which used to be a very important transportation route runs through the center of the city,people respected and regard it as"mother".It is the"suzhou river,but l believe that few of you would sit beside it,people will be scattered13 by the terrible smell of water when walk by.I have to say it is extremely dirty! And we all know that a lot of beautiful rivers in the world also are Sharing the same fate with suzhou river. Who is the devil? I can't help asking.

    Many human activities and their by-products have the potential to pollute water. Please have a look along the banks of the river, large and small industrial enterprises discharge dirty

    water, tons of garbage were thrown into the river, the water contained so much that it can't clean itself. Compared with the dramatic development in many sides of Shanghai, the suzhou river has become a black point of the appearance of city.

    Fortunately, the government has control the situation now, we are happy to see some parts of the river has become clean again, and we even can find fish sometime.

    The unique earth is the only planet full of lives, the water is just like the blood in the active body, protecting water is saving ourselves. Not to waste a single drop of water, otherwise, the only drop of water we could keep in the future would be our tear!

    My dear friends, mankind still faces a great difficulty in solving the problems of the environment and development, and there is a grand task to perform and along way to go. The middle school students in China will always cooperate with the young people of the world to protect the environment.

    The future is ours to build!

    Thanks for listening.

    Fudan Middle School Shanghai

     8级    英语演讲 


    1 exquisite [ɪkˈskwɪzɪt] zhez1   第7级
    • I was admiring the exquisite workmanship in the mosaic. 我当时正在欣赏镶嵌画的精致做工。
    • I still remember the exquisite pleasure I experienced in Bali. 我依然记得在巴厘岛所经历的那种剧烈的快感。
    2 moss [mɒs] X6QzA   第7级
    • Moss grows on a rock. 苔藓生在石头上。
    • He was found asleep on a pillow of leaves and moss. 有人看见他枕着树叶和苔藓睡着了。
    3 fungus [ˈfʌŋgəs] gzRyI   第10级
    • Mushrooms are a type of fungus. 蘑菇是一种真菌。
    • This fungus can just be detected by the unaided eye. 这种真菌只用肉眼就能检查出。
    4 harmoniously [hɑ:'məʊnɪəslɪ] 6d3506f359ad591f490ad1ca8a719241   第9级
    • The president and Stevenson had worked harmoniously over the last eighteen months. 在过去一年半里,总统和史蒂文森一起工作是融洽的。
    • China and India cannot really deal with each other harmoniously. 中国和印度这两只猛兽不可能真心实意地和谐相处。
    5 lumbering ['lʌmbəriŋ] FA7xm   第7级
    • Lumbering and, later, paper-making were carried out in smaller cities. 木材业和后来的造纸都由较小的城市经营。
    • Lumbering is very important in some underdeveloped countries. 在一些不发达的国家,伐木业十分重要。
    6 touching [ˈtʌtʃɪŋ] sg6zQ9   第7级
    • It was a touching sight. 这是一幅动人的景象。
    • His letter was touching. 他的信很感人。
    7 evolutionary [ˌi:vəˈlu:ʃənri] Ctqz7m   第9级
    • Life has its own evolutionary process. 生命有其自身的进化过程。
    • These are fascinating questions to be resolved by the evolutionary studies of plants. 这些十分吸引人的问题将在研究植物进化过程中得以解决。
    8 inexplicable [ˌɪnɪkˈsplɪkəbl] tbCzf   第10级
    • It is now inexplicable how that development was misinterpreted. 当时对这一事态发展的错误理解究竟是怎么产生的,现在已经无法说清楚了。
    • There are many things which are inexplicable by science. 有很多事科学还无法解释。
    9 unity [ˈju:nəti] 4kQwT   第7级
    • When we speak of unity, we do not mean unprincipled peace. 所谓团结,并非一团和气。
    • We must strengthen our unity in the face of powerful enemies. 大敌当前,我们必须加强团结。
    10 utilize [ˈju:təlaɪz] OiPwz   第8级
    • The cook will utilize the leftover ham bone to make soup. 厨师要用吃剩的猪腿骨做汤。
    • You must utilize all available resources. 你必须利用一切可以得到的资源。
    11 shackle [ˈʃækl] NEkzq   第9级
    • He's too young to shackle himself with the responsibilities of a family. 他还太年轻,不能用家庭责任来束缚自己。
    • This issue always is a shackle which confines the brand building of industry product. 这个问题一直是限制工业品品牌塑造的桎梏。
    12 severely [sə'vɪrlɪ] SiCzmk   第7级
    • He was severely criticized and removed from his post. 他受到了严厉的批评并且被撤了职。
    • He is severely put down for his careless work. 他因工作上的粗心大意而受到了严厉的批评。
    13 scattered ['skætəd] 7jgzKF   第7级
    • Gathering up his scattered papers,he pushed them into his case.他把散乱的文件收拾起来,塞进文件夹里。

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