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  • Whenever people are given too many choices, we get confused and do the wrong thing. We order the Sriracha burger at McDonald’s. We schedule a first date on a Monday.


    Friday night was never ideal. Friday’s fatal flaw is this: If you’re monopolizing1 someone’s Friday night, the pressure is on to make it a really, really good first date—you’re up against all the wonders that Friday night holds. You're also up against all the other people who are on dates on Friday night: Nothing says "romance" like a two-hour wait for space at the bar, where she'll end up perched on a tiny stool and you'll end up hovering2 nearby, jostled by people reaching through your conversation to order margaritas which will inevitably3 spill on your pants. Additionally, it stands to reason that you should plan dates on nights when you know you’re going to be your best self.


    If I learned anything from church growing up, it’s that Sunday is the best day to find love. Every Sunday, churchgoers throw on their most pastel pastels and hurry to the church to worship and flirt4. This is why all the pious5 people I know married each other within three months of meeting. Sunday is a very auspicious6 day for lovers.


    On Sundays you're not competing with a million Friday night revelers for bar stools, and you're not competing with all the cool Friday night parties your date could be at that night. Still, the best thing about Sunday is its distance from the horrors of the workweek. I enjoy my job, but I do not enjoy talking about it on dates. My ideal would be to make it to the altar without knowing what my chosen mate does for a living.


    On weekday dates, it’s impossible to avoid work-talk. You ask me “How was your day?” and I immediately launch into a tirade7 about my enemy. Then you launch into a tirade about your office enemy and then we’re stuck in a work-talk spiral till death do us part.


     10级    双语 
     单词标签: monopolizing  hovering  inevitably  flirt  pious  auspicious  tirade 


    1 monopolizing [məˈnɔpəˌlaɪzɪŋ] 374d6352588d46e649fc27b1cdaebb20   第10级
    v.垄断( monopolize的现在分词 );独占;专卖;专营
    • United States antitrust legislation prohibits corporations from dominating or monopolizing an industry. 美国反托拉斯法禁止公司控制或垄断一项工业。 来自辞典例句
    • Only nobody else must be kind to him: I'm jealous of monopolizing his affection. 可就是用不着别人对他慈爱:我一心要独占他的感情。 来自辞典例句
    2 hovering ['hɒvərɪŋ] 99fdb695db3c202536060470c79b067f   第7级
    鸟( hover的现在分词 ); 靠近(某事物); (人)徘徊; 犹豫
    • The helicopter was hovering about 100 metres above the pad. 直升机在离发射台一百米的上空盘旋。
    • I'm hovering between the concert and the play tonight. 我犹豫不决今晚是听音乐会还是看戏。
    3 inevitably [ɪnˈevɪtəbli] x7axc   第7级
    • In the way you go on, you are inevitably coming apart. 照你们这样下去,毫无疑问是会散伙的。
    • Technological changes will inevitably lead to unemployment. 技术变革必然会导致失业。
    4 flirt [flɜ:t] zgwzA   第7级
    • He used to flirt with every girl he met. 过去他总是看到一个姑娘便跟她调情。
    • He watched the stranger flirt with his girlfriend and got fighting mad. 看着那个陌生人和他女朋友调情,他都要抓狂了。
    5 pious [ˈpaɪəs] KSCzd   第9级
    • Alexander is a pious follower of the faith. 亚历山大是个虔诚的信徒。
    • Her mother was a pious Christian. 她母亲是一个虔诚的基督教徒。
    6 auspicious [ɔ:ˈspɪʃəs] vu8zs   第9级
    • The publication of my first book was an auspicious beginning of my career. 我的第一本书的出版是我事业吉祥的开始。
    • With favorable weather conditions it was an auspicious moment to set sail. 风和日丽,正是扬帆出海的黄道吉日。
    7 tirade [taɪˈreɪd] TJKzt   第10级
    • Her tirade provoked a counterblast from her husband. 她的长篇大论激起了她丈夫的强烈反对。
    • He delivered a long tirade against the government. 他发表了反政府的长篇演说。

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