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  • Forget all that happened in 2017, because, after a series of highs and lows over the past 365 days, some of our favorite women have been doing the most with themselves, vying1 for position in our annual Sexiest Women of the Year list.


    Gal2 Gadot


    As we mentioned earlier, 2017 seemed to be the year of Gal Gadot, who busted3 down the door in Hollywood with her role as Wonder Woman, then went out and saw it earn more than $820 million worldwide. That success landed her on Forbes magazine's top-grossing actors of 2017.


    The 100 sexiest women in the world have a lot in common — like beauty, brains and talent — but Gal Gadot reins4 supreme5 in 2017, as she has star power and success to boot! Oh, yeah, not to mention that smile of hers could make a man's heart melt!


    Emilia Clarke


    After finding herself No. 8 on last year's sexiest women list, actress Emilia Clarke rose all the way up to No. 2 in 2017. Why? Simple: Her role as Daenerys Targaryen on Game of Thrones remains6 one of the most beloved in TV history.

    演员艾米莉亚·克拉克去年排名榜单第八,今年荣升第二。原因很简单:艾米莉亚·克拉克在《权力的游戏》中饰演的丹妮莉丝·坦格利安(Daenerys Targaryen)是有史以来最受喜爱的人物之一。

    Alexis Ren


    To say that Alexis Ren had a big year in 2017 would be quite the understatement. We mean, sure, she surpassed over 11.5 million Instagram followers7 and continued to make men weak in the knees with her pics and videos, but she did so much more than just look good in a few pictures, guys.


    That's because, for the first time in her modeling career, the 21-year-old Alexis was selected to appear in the upcoming Sports Illustrated8 Swimsuit Issue, which is a huge accomplishment9 for anyone in her profession.

    这位21岁的模特已入选之后要进行的运动泳装秀(Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue),这场秀对所有模特来说都是人生大事。

    Margot Robbie


    With another big year in 2017 that saw her star in the movie Goodbye Christopher Robin10 and film the highly anticipated movie I, Tonya — which is set to release in 2018 — Margot Robbie continues to flex11 her muscle in Hollywood and on the red carpet.

    2017年对玛格特·罗比来说是重要的一年,参演了电影《再见,克里斯托弗·罗宾》(Goodbye Christopher Robin)和《我,花样女王》(I, Tonya),其中《我,花样女王》备受期待,将于2018年上映。玛格特·罗比要继续在好莱坞和红毯上大展身手了。

    Scarlett Johannson


    There aren't too many women in the world who can be labeled as the "total package" as much as actress Scarlett Johansson can. With her sultry voice and voluptuous12 figure, the 33-year-old Scarlett continues to dazzle — and make men drool.


    Lais Riberio


    Forget the fact that Lais Riberio is already a Victoria's Secret model, which is an accomplishment so many ladies would love on their resume, and let's acknowledge the fact that the Brazilian was handpicked by the iconic lingerie brand to don its $2 million fantasy bra at this year's Victoria's Secret Fashion Show — which is, arguably, the biggest honor at the annual event.


    Emily Ratajkowski


    Ah, yes, Emily Ratajkowski, everyone's guiltiest pleasure... not that that's a bad thing! After snagging the No. 3 spot in 2016s Sexiest Women list, the woman known as EmRata may not have placed as high in 2017, but she's still a bonafide stunner who knows how to grab attention.


    Megan Fox


    Ever since Megan Fox first burst onto the scene years ago, it seems that she's stolen the hearts of men all around the globe. And, in 2017, the 31-year-old brunette didn't take her foot off of the gas pedal.


    While Fox didn't star in any films in 2017, she's set to play Soledad Paladin in the 2018 comedy-drama, Zeroville, alongside actors like James Franco, Will Ferrell, Seth Rogan, and others.

    虽然2017年福克斯没有拍电影,但是将于2018年参演剧情喜剧《游坞惊梦》,饰演Soledad Paladin一角,参演人员包括腐兰兰(James Franco)、威尔·法瑞尔(Will Ferrell)、赛斯·罗根(Seth Rogan)等。



    Beyoncé. It's one name that everyone in the world knows and just brings with it a whole lot of talent, sex appeal and class. For that reason, the musician continues to maintain her spot in our top-10 of the sexiest women alive — and we've got a feeling she'll maintain such a position until further notice.


    Beyoncé just continues to do Beyoncé things, and it's why we adore her so much.


    Jennifer Lawrence


    2017 saw Jennifer star in the film Mother!, but 2018 is set to be another big year for Lawrence, with the highly anticipated release of both Red Sparrow and X-Men: Dark Phoenix13.

    2017年詹妮弗参演了电影《母亲!》(Mother!),但是2018对她来说才是重要的一年,电影《红雀》(Red Sparrow)和《X战警:黑凤凰》(X-Men: Dark Phoenix)都将上映,这两部电影的期待度都颇高。

    A regular in the annual list of Forbes magazine's highest-paid actresses each year, Jennifer Lawrence is always our constant crush.


     10级    英语新闻 


    1 vying [ˈvaɪɪŋ] MHZyS   第12级
    • California is vying with other states to capture a piece of the growing communications market. 为了在日渐扩大的通讯市场分得一杯羹,加利福尼亚正在和其他州展开竞争。
    • Four rescue plans are vying to save the zoo. 4个拯救动物园的方案正争得不可开交。
    2 gal [gæl] 56Zy9   第12级
    • We decided to go with the gal from Merrill. 我们决定和那个从梅里尔来的女孩合作。
    • What's the name of the gal? 这个妞叫什么?
    3 busted [ˈbʌstɪd] busted   第9级
    adj. 破产了的,失败了的,被降级的,被逮捕的,被抓到的 动词bust的过去式和过去分词
    • You are so busted! 你被当场逮住了!
    • It was money troubles that busted up their marriage. 是金钱纠纷使他们的婚姻破裂了。
    4 reins [reinz] 370afc7786679703b82ccfca58610c98   第7级
    感情,激情; 缰( rein的名词复数 ); 控制手段; 掌管; (成人带着幼儿走路以防其走失时用的)保护带
    • She pulled gently on the reins. 她轻轻地拉着缰绳。
    • The government has imposed strict reins on the import of luxury goods. 政府对奢侈品的进口有严格的控制手段。
    5 supreme [su:ˈpri:m] PHqzc   第7级
    • It was the supreme moment in his life. 那是他一生中最重要的时刻。
    • He handed up the indictment to the supreme court. 他把起诉书送交最高法院。
    6 remains [rɪˈmeɪnz] 1kMzTy   第7级
    • He ate the remains of food hungrily. 他狼吞虎咽地吃剩余的食物。
    • The remains of the meal were fed to the dog. 残羹剩饭喂狗了。
    7 followers ['fɔ:ləʊəz] 5c342ee9ce1bf07932a1f66af2be7652   第7级
    追随者( follower的名词复数 ); 用户; 契据的附面; 从动件
    • the followers of Mahatma Gandhi 圣雄甘地的拥护者
    • The reformer soon gathered a band of followers round him. 改革者很快就获得一群追随者支持他。
    8 illustrated ['ɪləstreɪtɪd] 2a891807ad5907f0499171bb879a36aa   第7级
    adj. 有插图的,列举的 动词illustrate的过去式和过去分词
    • His lecture was illustrated with slides taken during the expedition. 他在讲演中使用了探险时拍摄到的幻灯片。
    • The manufacturing Methods: Will be illustrated in the next chapter. 制作方法将在下一章说明。
    9 accomplishment [əˈkʌmplɪʃmənt] 2Jkyo   第8级
    • The series of paintings is quite an accomplishment. 这一系列的绘画真是了不起的成就。
    • Money will be crucial to the accomplishment of our objectives. 要实现我们的目标,钱是至关重要的。
    10 robin [ˈrɒbɪn] Oj7zme   第10级
    • The robin is the messenger of spring. 知更鸟是报春的使者。
    • We knew spring was coming as we had seen a robin. 我们看见了一只知更鸟,知道春天要到了。
    11 flex [fleks] Cjwxc   第10级
    • We wound off a couple of yards of wire for a new lamp flex. 我们解开几码电线作为新的电灯花线。
    • He gave his biceps a flex to impress the ladies. 他收缩他的肱二头肌以吸引那些女士们的目光。
    12 voluptuous [vəˈlʌptʃuəs] lLQzV   第11级
    • The nobility led voluptuous lives. 贵族阶层过着骄奢淫逸的生活。
    • The dancer's movements were slow and voluptuous. 舞女的动作缓慢而富挑逗性。
    13 phoenix [ˈfi:nɪks] 7Njxf   第10级
    • The airline rose like a phoenix from the ashes. 这家航空公司又起死回生了。
    • The phoenix worship of China is fetish worship not totem adoration. 中国凤崇拜是灵物崇拜而非图腾崇拜。

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