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    Last updated: May 28, 2018


    Who is going to win? That’s the question a reporter covering politics is bound to hear at dinner parties and gatherings1 of friends and family in an election year.


    That has certainly been the case this year in California, which — after years of being relegated2 to the sidelines during national campaigns — has found itself at the heart of the Democratic battle to take control of Congress. Then there’s the fight to replace Gov. Jerry Brown, who is retiring, and the challenge from the left to Senator Dianne Feinstein, who is not.

    今年,在加利福尼亚州肯定也是这样。长年在全国选举中沦为边缘后,加州发现自己处在民主党争夺国会控制权斗争的核心。然后是对即将退休的州长杰里·布朗(Jerry Brown)接替者的争夺,以及左翼对非左翼参议员黛安·范斯坦(Dianne Feinstein)发起的挑战。

    I have covered national politics for more years than I will admit to — let’s just say I have observed more than one “Jerry Brown for president” campaign — and as a rule, I avoid the who-is-going-to-win question. (Indeed, the one time I broke my no predictions rule was in the presidential election of 2016. Let’s just leave it at that.)


    Still, this period in California politics is as fraught4 and interesting as any since Arnold Schwarzenegger moved from Hollywood to Sacramento and became governor in a wild recall election. Interest is about as high as it ever gets in California for a nonpresidential election.

    尽管如此,在加州政坛,这个时期令人担忧和有趣的程度堪比阿诺德·施瓦辛格(Arnold Schwarzenegger)从好莱坞搬到萨克拉门托,并在一次疯狂的罢免选举中当选州长以来的任何一个时期。就非总统选举而言,加州人的兴趣几乎达到了有史以来的最高点。

    It’s a little confusing — eight congressional races and a few dozen candidates. And the day to go to the polls is closer than you might think: A nonpartisan, open primary on June 5 will determine the lineup for the November ballot5 — and we will know a lot that night about Democratic hopes for posting the big gains they need on the West Coast. (A big reason for that is the unusual system California has for choosing candidates. You can read about it here.)


    We are here to help. Below are state-of-play cards in races for Senate, governor and eight House seats, a handy glimpse at the candidates, districts and issues. We will be updating this throughout the week.


    [Read our related coverage6 including a midterm calendar, Senate previewand House preview.]


    Top Races to Watch




    Incumbent7: None. Jerry Brown, a Democrat3, is retiring.


    The contenders: The main Democrats8 are Gavin Newsom, the lieutenant9 governor and a former mayor of San Francisco; Antonio Villaraigosa, a former mayor of Los Angeles; John Chiang, the state treasurer10; and Delaine Eastin, the former superintendent11 of public education. The two main Republicans are John Cox, a business executive endorsed12 by President Trump13, and Travis Allen, a State Assembly member.

    竞争者:主要的民主党角逐者是曾任旧金山市市长的副州长加文·纽瑟姆(Gavin Newsom)、前洛杉矶市市长安东尼奥·维拉莱戈萨(Antonio Villaraigosa)、州财政负责人江俊辉(John Chiang)和前公共教育负责人德莱纳·伊斯汀(Delaine Eastin)。两名主要的共和党人选分别是得到特朗普总统支持的商界高管约翰·考克斯(John Cox)和州议员特拉维斯·艾伦(Travis Allen)。

    How tough a race? By most measures — think money and poll numbers — Mr. Newsom is a clear front-runner going into the June 5 vote. The big question is whether this turns into a two-person race with Mr. Villaraigosa, a well-known figure in Southern California who could draw significant financial support. Mr. Newsom is doing what he can to make sure that it does not, running ads intended to boost the prospects15 of Mr. Cox. (In promoting Mr. Cox, Mr. Newsom finds himself in an unusual alliance with Mr. Trump.)


    Big question: Will Mr. Cox make it to the November ballot against Mr. Newsom? If he does, the race pretty much ends when the votes are counted next Tuesday; California is overwhelmingly Democratic and Mr. Cox’s alliance with Mr. Trump — if valuable in a primary to win over Republican voters — won’t be particularly helpful in a general election. If Mr. Villaraigosa squeaks16 in to get a spot on the ballot, California is in for an interesting race.


    U.S. Senate


    Incumbent: Senator Dianne Feinstein


    Résumé: Seeking a sixth term, Ms. Feinstein, 84, is an institution in California politics. She is a former San Francisco mayor, a member of the Board of Supervisors18, and one of the most powerful Democrats in Washington.

    简历:正在谋求第六届任期的范斯坦现年84岁,在加州政坛大名鼎鼎。她曾担任旧金山市市长,是监督委员会(Board of Supervisors)的委员,也是华盛顿影响力最大的民主党人之一。

    Main opponents: Kevin de León, the former Democratic leader of the State Senate. Are there any Republicans? Yes. But it does not appear that any of them will make it through the June primary to win a spot on the November ballot. We will let you know over the next week if it looks like that might change. Watch this space.

    主要对手:曾担任州参议院民主党领袖的凯文·德·莱昂(Kevin de León)。有共和党的吗?有。但似乎他们之中没人能通过6月的初选,出现在11月的选票上。如果情况有变,我们会在下周让大家知道。敬请关注。

    How tough a race? Not particularly tough at all. Ms. Feinstein is far ahead of Mr. de León in most polls and in fund-raising.


    Big question: Mr. de León began his campaign on the hope that a wave of Democratic activism — and a sense that Ms. Feinstein is too moderate and has been around for too long — would translate into a surge of support for a newcomer. Might that happen in a two-person general election?


    [Dianne Feinstein is a California fixture19. Unseating her is an uphill challenge.]


    Congressional District 10: Central Valley


    Incumbent: Representative Jeff Denham

    现任:众议员杰夫·德纳姆(Jeff Denham)

    Résumé: Seeking a fourth term, Mr. Denham is a Republican former state senator and an Air Force veteran who served in Operation Desert Storm.

    简历:德纳姆在寻求第四个任期,他是共和党前州参议员,也是一名空军老兵,曾参与沙漠风暴行动(Operation Desert Storm)。

    Main opponents: Michael Eggman, a farmer making his third run against Mr. Denham; Josh Harder, a venture capitalist; and Virginia Madue?o, a public relations executive.

    竞争者:迈克尔·艾格曼(Michael Eggman),一名农民,他是第三次挑战德纳姆;乔希·哈德(Josh Harder),一位风险投资者;以及弗吉尼娅·马杜埃尼奥(Virginia Madue?o),一位公共关系主管。

    How tough a race? Mr. Denham defeated Mr. Eggman in 2016 with 51.7 percent of the vote.


    2016 results: Hillary Clinton won this district with 48 percent of the vote.


    Big question: Can Democrats drive up the Latino vote in this Central Valley district?


    Congressional District 21: Central Valley


    Incumbent: Representative David Valadao

    现任:众议员戴维·瓦拉达奥(David Valadao)

    Résumé: Mr. Valadao, a rancher and former assemblyman, was elected in 2012.


    Main opponent: T.J. Cox, a businessman.

    主要对手:商人T·J·考克斯(T.J. Cox)

    How tough a race? He won re-election with nearly 57 percent of the vote.


    2016 results: Mrs. Clinton thumped20 Mr. Trump with 55 percent of the vote.


    Big question: Is the Trump drag big enough to pull down a Republican who otherwise should not have a difficult race, particularly against an opponent who doesn’t live in the district?


    [Read more about this district and others in farming communities.]


    Congressional District 25: Los Angeles County


    Incumbent: Representative Steve Knight21

    现任:众议员史蒂夫·奈特(Steve Knight)

    Résumé: He was elected in 2014. Mr. Knight, a Republican, has served in the State Senate, the State Assembly and the Palmdale City Council.


    Main opponents: Bryan Caforio, a Los Angeles lawyer who challenged him in 2016; Katie Hill, the head of a nonprofit helping22 homeless people; and Jess Phoenix23, a volcanologist.

    主要对手:曾在2016年向他发起挑战的洛杉矶律师布莱恩·卡福里奥(Bryan Caforio)、一个帮助无家可归者的非营利组织负责人凯蒂·希尔( Katie Hill)和火山学专家杰斯·菲尼克斯(Jess Phoenix)。

    How tough a race? He beat Mr. Caforio with 53 percent of the vote in 2016.


    2016 results: Mrs. Clinton won this district with 50 percent of the vote.


    Big question: Will Democrats end up with the person whom party strategists consider their strongest prospect14 in the November campaign after the multicandidate June 5 contest? In the field, Mr. Caforio or Ms. Hill are the most likely to end up the Democratic challenger to Mr. Knight; Ms. Hill is viewed as the stronger candidate.


    Congressional District 39: Orange County


    Incumbent: Open. Representative Ed Royce, a Republican, is not seeking re-election

    现任:空缺。共和党众议员埃德·罗伊斯(Ed Royce)不谋求连任。

    Top candidates: An open seat means there are Republicans and Democrats on the ballot. Republicans include Bob Huff, a former minority leader of the State Senate; Shawn Nelson, an Orange County supervisor17; and Young Kim, a former member of the Assembly. Democrats include Gil Cisneros, a wealthy philanthropist, and Mai Khanh Tran, a pediatrician.

    最有希望的候选人:席位空缺意味着选票上既有共和党人,也有民主党人。共和党人包括前州参议院少数党领袖鲍勃·赫夫( Bob Huff)、奥兰治县监督委员肖恩·纳尔逊(Shawn Nelson)和年轻的前州议员扬·金(Young Kim)。民主党人包括富甲一方的慈善家吉尔·西斯内罗斯(Gil Cisneros)和儿科医生马伊·汗·德兰(Mai Khanh Tran)。

    How tough a race? It’s probably tougher for Republicans without Mr. Royce, particularly if Mr. Cisneros gets on the ballot — he has the money to wage a strong campaign.


    2016 results: Mrs. Clinton won 51 percent of the vote.


    Big question: This is another one where California’s open primary system could prove decisive. Will the large field of Democrats allow Republicans to capture the top two positions and lock out Democrats from the November ballot?


    Congressional District 45: Orange County


    Incumbent: Representative Mimi Walters

    现任:众议员米米·沃尔特斯(Mimi Walters)

    Résumé: A Republican, she was elected to Congress in 2014, coming up from the California Assembly and Senate. She is a former investment banker.


    Main opponents: Katie Porter, a consumer advocacy lawyer and professor at the University of California, Irvine; Dave Min, a law professor at U.C., Irvine; and Brian Forde, who worked as a science adviser24 in the Obama White House.

    竞争者:消费者维权律师、加州大学欧文分校(University of California, Irvine)教授凯蒂·波特(Katie Porter);加州大学欧文分校法学教授戴夫·米恩(Dave Min);以及曾担任奥巴马政府科学顾问的布赖恩·福德(Brian Forde)。

    How tough a race? She won in 2016 with 58 percent of the vote.


    2016 results: Mrs. Clinton won with 49.8 percent of the vote.


    Big question: A good district to watch how the health care issue plays out: Ms. Walters voted to repeal25 Obamacare in favor of Trumpcare, and Democrats are using it as an issue against her.


    Congressional District 48: Orange County


    Incumbent: Representative Dana Rohrabacher

    现任:众议员达纳·罗拉巴克尔(Dana Rohrabacher)

    Résumé: An Orange County institution, the Republican has been in Congress since 1989.


    Main opponents: Mr. Rohrabacher has drawn26 a Republican challenger, Scott Baugh. Two Democrats are Harley Rouda, a businessman, and Hans Keirstead, a biomedical researcher.

    主要对手:罗拉巴克尔有一位共和党挑战者——斯科特·鲍(Scott Baugh)。他的两位民主党对手分别是商人哈利·容达(Harley Rouda)和生物医学研究者汉斯·基尔斯特德(Hans Keirstead)。

    How tough a race? Presumably quite tough. Mr. Rohrabacher is very close to Mr. Trump, and there have been a series of reports tying him to Russia and Julian Assange, the WikiLeaks founder27.

    竞争激烈程度:很可能会非常激烈。罗拉巴克尔与特朗普关系非常密切,有一系列报道将他与俄罗斯以及维基解密创始人朱利安·阿桑奇(Julian Assange)联系在一起。

    2016 results: Mrs. Clinton won with 48 percent of the vote.


    Big question: Will this race — which had been a top target for Democrats — slip away because of California’s top-two primary system? Mr. Baugh, a former Orange County Republican leader, is running a very strong campaign and this could end up being a Rohrabacher-Baugh race in November.


    Congressional District 49: Orange and San Diego Counties


    Incumbent: Open. Representative Darrell Issa, a Republican, is not seeking re-election.

    现任:无。共和党众议员达雷尔·伊萨(Darrell Issa)不寻求连任。

    Main opponents: An open seat means there are Republicans and Democrats on the ballot. The Democrats include Doug Applegate, a Marine28 veteran who ran against Mr. Issa last time; Sara Jacobs, a former foreign policy adviser for Mrs. Clinton’s 2016 campaign and the granddaughter of the co-founder of Qualcomm; Paul Kerr, a businessman; and Mike Levin, an environmental lawyer. The Republicans include Rocky Chávez, a State Assembly member, and Diane Harkey, a member of the Board of Equalization.

    竞争者:职位空缺意味着选票上既有共和党人,也有民主党人。民主党人包括道格·阿普尔盖特(Doug Applegate),他是一名海军陆战队老兵,上次曾和伊萨交手;萨拉·雅各布(Sara Jacobs),她是克林顿2016年竞选团队的外交政策顾问,也是高通(Qualcomm)一位联合创始人的孙女;商人保罗·克尔(Paul Kerr);以及环保律师迈克·莱文(Mike Levin)。共和党竞选者包括加州众议院成员罗基·查韦斯(Rocky Chávez)以及加州公平委员会(Board of Equalization)成员黛安·哈基(Diane Harkey)。

    How tough a race? This was a big Democratic target when the always controversial Mr. Issa was on the ballot (he won by 1,700 votes in 2016). His decision to step aside has made it tougher for Democrats.


    2016 results: Mrs. Clinton won here with 50.7 percent.


    Big question: This is another district where Democrats have a crowded field and are in danger of getting shut out of the November election.


    Congressional District 50: San Diego County


    Incumbent: Representative Duncan Hunter

    现任:众议员邓肯·亨特(Duncan Hunter)

    Résumé: Elected in 2008.


    Main opponents: His Democratic challengers include Josh Butner, a former Navy SEAL officer, and Ammar Campa-Najjar, who was a fellow in the Obama White House.

    主要对手:他的民主党对手包括前海军海豹突击队(Navy SEAL)军官乔希·巴特纳(Josh Butner),以及前奥巴马白宫成员阿马尔·坎帕·纳贾尔(Ammar Campa-Najjar)。

    How tough a race? Mr. Hunter is facing an investigation29 for the improper30 use of campaign funds, putting an otherwise safe Republican seat in play. The San Diego Union-Tribune weighed in with an editorial the other day under this headline: “50th District: Anyone but Duncan Hunter.”

    竞选激烈程度:亨特正在接受不当使用竞选资金的调查,共和党的这个原本安全的席位也受到了挑战。几天前,《圣迭戈联合论坛报》(The San Diego Union-Tribune)加入论战,发表了一篇文章,标题是《第50区:除了邓肯·亨特,谁都可以》。


    Big question: Will corruption31 allegations hovering32 over this campaign, along with the problems the Republican Party is experiencing in California, give Democrats a chance at capturing this seat? And will Mr. Hunter be indicted33, giving Republicans an opportunity to put a stronger candidate on the ballot this November?


     11级    英语新闻 


    1 gatherings ['ɡæðərɪŋz] 400b026348cc2270e0046708acff2352   第8级
    聚集( gathering的名词复数 ); 收集; 采集; 搜集
    • His conduct at social gatherings created a lot of comment. 他在社交聚会上的表现引起许多闲话。
    • During one of these gatherings a pupil caught stealing. 有一次,其中一名弟子偷窃被抓住。
    2 relegated [ˈreliɡeitid] 2ddd0637a40869e0401ae326c3296bc3   第10级
    v.使降级( relegate的过去式和过去分词 );使降职;转移;把…归类
    • She was then relegated to the role of assistant. 随后她被降级做助手了。
    • I think that should be relegated to the garbage can of history. 我认为应该把它扔进历史的垃圾箱。 来自《现代汉英综合大词典》
    3 democrat [ˈdeməkræt] Xmkzf   第7级
    • The Democrat and the Public criticized each other. 民主党人和共和党人互相攻击。
    • About two years later, he was defeated by Democrat Jimmy Carter. 大约两年后,他被民主党人杰米卡特击败。
    4 fraught [frɔ:t] gfpzp   第9级
    • The coming months will be fraught with fateful decisions. 未来数月将充满重大的决定。
    • There's no need to look so fraught! 用不着那么愁眉苦脸的!
    5 ballot [ˈbælət] jujzB   第8级
    • The members have demanded a ballot. 会员们要求投票表决。
    • The union said they will ballot members on whether to strike. 工会称他们将要求会员投票表决是否罢工。
    6 coverage [ˈkʌvərɪdʒ] nvwz7v   第8级
    • There's little coverage of foreign news in the newspaper. 报纸上几乎没有国外新闻报道。
    • This is an insurance policy with extensive coverage. 这是一项承保范围广泛的保险。
    7 incumbent [ɪnˈkʌmbənt] wbmzy   第9级
    • He defeated the incumbent governor by a large plurality. 他以压倒多数票击败了现任州长。
    • It is incumbent upon you to warn them. 你有责任警告他们。
    8 democrats ['deməkræts] 655beefefdcaf76097d489a3ff245f76   第7级
    n.民主主义者,民主人士( democrat的名词复数 )
    • The Democrats held a pep rally on Capitol Hill yesterday. 民主党昨天在国会山召开了竞选誓师大会。
    • The democrats organize a filibuster in the senate. 民主党党员组织了阻挠议事。 来自《简明英汉词典》
    9 lieutenant [lefˈtenənt] X3GyG   第7级
    • He was promoted to be a lieutenant in the army. 他被提升为陆军中尉。
    • He prevailed on the lieutenant to send in a short note. 他说动那个副官,递上了一张简短的便条进去。
    10 treasurer [ˈtreʒərə(r)] VmHwm   第8级
    • Mr. Smith was succeeded by Mrs. Jones as treasurer. 琼斯夫人继史密斯先生任会计。
    • The treasurer was arrested for trying to manipulate the company's financial records. 财务主管由于试图窜改公司财政帐目而被拘留。
    11 superintendent [ˌsu:pərɪnˈtendənt] vsTwV   第9级
    • He was soon promoted to the post of superintendent of Foreign Trade. 他很快就被擢升为对外贸易总监。
    • He decided to call the superintendent of the building. 他决定给楼房管理员打电话。
    12 endorsed [enˈdɔ:st] a604e73131bb1a34283a5ebcd349def4   第7级
    vt.& vi.endorse的过去式或过去分词形式v.赞同( endorse的过去式和过去分词 );在(尤指支票的)背面签字;在(文件的)背面写评论;在广告上说本人使用并赞同某产品
    • The committee endorsed an initiative by the chairman to enter discussion about a possible merger. 委员会通过了主席提出的新方案,开始就可能进行的并购进行讨论。 来自《简明英汉词典》
    • The government has broadly endorsed a research paper proposing new educational targets for 14-year-olds. 政府基本上支持建议对14 岁少年实行新教育目标的研究报告。 来自《简明英汉词典》
    13 trump [trʌmp] LU1zK   第10级
    • He was never able to trump up the courage to have a showdown. 他始终鼓不起勇气摊牌。
    • The coach saved his star player for a trump card. 教练保留他的明星选手,作为他的王牌。
    14 prospect [ˈprɒspekt] P01zn   第7级
    • This state of things holds out a cheerful prospect. 事态呈现出可喜的前景。
    • The prospect became more evident. 前景变得更加明朗了。
    15 prospects ['prɔspekts] fkVzpY   第7级
    • There is a mood of pessimism in the company about future job prospects. 公司中有一种对工作前景悲观的情绪。
    • They are less sanguine about the company's long-term prospects. 他们对公司的远景不那么乐观。
    16 squeaks [skwi:ks] c0a1b34e42c672513071d8eeca8c1186   第9级
    n.短促的尖叫声,吱吱声( squeak的名词复数 )v.短促地尖叫( squeak的第三人称单数 );吱吱叫;告密;充当告密者
    • The upper-middle-classes communicate with each other in inaudible squeaks, like bats. 那些上中层社会的人交谈起来象是蚊子在哼哼,你根本听不见。 来自辞典例句
    • She always squeaks out her ideas when she is excited. 她一激动总是尖声说出自己的想法。 来自互联网
    17 supervisor [ˈsu:pəvaɪzə(r)] RrZwv   第8级
    • Between you and me I think that new supervisor is a twit. 我们私下说,我认为新来的主管人是一个傻瓜。
    • He said I was too flighty to be a good supervisor. 他说我太轻浮不能成为一名好的管理员。
    18 supervisors ['su:pəvaɪzəz] 80530f394132f10fbf245e5fb15e2667   第8级
    n.监督者,管理者( supervisor的名词复数 )
    • I think the best technical people make the best supervisors. 我认为最好的技术人员可以成为最好的管理人员。 来自辞典例句
    • Even the foremen or first-level supervisors have a staffing responsibility. 甚至领班或第一线的监督人员也有任用的责任。 来自辞典例句
    19 fixture [ˈfɪkstʃə(r)] hjKxo   第7级
    • Lighting fixture must be installed at once. 必须立即安装照明设备。
    • The cordless kettle may now be a fixture in most kitchens. 无绳电热水壶现在可能是多数厨房的固定设备。
    20 thumped [θʌmpt] 0a7f1b69ec9ae1663cb5ed15c0a62795   第8级
    v.重击, (指心脏)急速跳动( thump的过去式和过去分词 )
    • Dave thumped the table in frustration . 戴夫懊恼得捶打桌子。
    • He thumped the table angrily. 他愤怒地用拳捶击桌子。
    21 knight [naɪt] W2Hxk   第7级
    • He was made an honourary knight. 他被授予荣誉爵士称号。
    • A knight rode on his richly caparisoned steed. 一个骑士骑在装饰华丽的马上。
    22 helping [ˈhelpɪŋ] 2rGzDc   第7级
    • The poor children regularly pony up for a second helping of my hamburger. 那些可怜的孩子们总是要求我把我的汉堡包再给他们一份。
    • By doing this, they may at times be helping to restore competition. 这样一来,他们在某些时候,有助于竞争的加强。
    23 phoenix [ˈfi:nɪks] 7Njxf   第10级
    • The airline rose like a phoenix from the ashes. 这家航空公司又起死回生了。
    • The phoenix worship of China is fetish worship not totem adoration. 中国凤崇拜是灵物崇拜而非图腾崇拜。
    24 adviser [ədˈvaɪzə(r)] HznziU   第8级
    • They employed me as an adviser. 他们聘请我当顾问。
    • Our department has engaged a foreign teacher as phonetic adviser. 我们系已经聘请了一位外籍老师作为语音顾问。
    25 repeal [rɪˈpi:l] psVyy   第7级
    • He plans to repeal a number of current policies. 他计划废除一些当前的政策。
    • He has made out a strong case for the repeal of the law. 他提出强有力的理由,赞成废除该法令。
    26 drawn [drɔ:n] MuXzIi   第11级
    • All the characters in the story are drawn from life. 故事中的所有人物都取材于生活。
    • Her gaze was drawn irresistibly to the scene outside. 她的目光禁不住被外面的风景所吸引。
    27 Founder [ˈfaʊndə(r)] wigxF   第8级
    • He was extolled as the founder of their Florentine school. 他被称颂为佛罗伦萨画派的鼻祖。
    • According to the old tradition, Romulus was the founder of Rome. 按照古老的传说,罗穆卢斯是古罗马的建国者。
    28 marine [məˈri:n] 77Izo   第7级
    • Marine creatures are those which live in the sea. 海洋生物是生存在海里的生物。
    • When the war broke out, he volunteered for the Marine Corps. 战争爆发时,他自愿参加了海军陆战队。
    29 investigation [ɪnˌvestɪˈgeɪʃn] MRKzq   第7级
    • In an investigation, a new fact became known, which told against him. 在调查中新发现了一件对他不利的事实。
    • He drew the conclusion by building on his own investigation. 他根据自己的调查研究作出结论。
    30 improper [ɪmˈprɒpə(r)] b9txi   第8级
    • Short trousers are improper at a dance. 舞会上穿短裤不成体统。
    • Laughing and joking are improper at a funeral. 葬礼时大笑和开玩笑是不合适的。
    31 corruption [kəˈrʌpʃn] TzCxn   第7级
    • The people asked the government to hit out against corruption and theft. 人民要求政府严惩贪污盗窃。
    • The old man reviled against corruption. 那老人痛斥了贪污舞弊。
    32 hovering ['hɒvərɪŋ] 99fdb695db3c202536060470c79b067f   第7级
    鸟( hover的现在分词 ); 靠近(某事物); (人)徘徊; 犹豫
    • The helicopter was hovering about 100 metres above the pad. 直升机在离发射台一百米的上空盘旋。
    • I'm hovering between the concert and the play tonight. 我犹豫不决今晚是听音乐会还是看戏。
    33 indicted [inˈdaitid] 4fe8f0223a4e14ee670547b1a8076e20   第10级
    控告,起诉( indict的过去式和过去分词 )
    • The senator was indicted for murder. 那位参议员被控犯谋杀罪。
    • He was indicted by a grand jury on two counts of murder. 他被大陪审团以两项谋杀罪名起诉。

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