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詹姆斯湖人首战 不仅仅是场篮球赛
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  • LeBron James doesn't play games. LeBron James orchestrates cultural events. And Sunday night's game was the beginning of a societal whirlwind that will define this Los Angeles Lakers season.


    As we arrived in the city Saturday afternoon, the energy was unavoidable. LeBron James is all people were talking about in sunny San Diego, from the beach to the streets to the bars and the hotel bars.


    James jerseys1 were part of the fashion statements that fans wore to the CRSSED Music Festival (featuring Duke Dumont and Kiiara) in town during the weekend.


    Every time James even dribbled2 the ball, people stood up. Kids with phones raced to the aisles3 to record the moment.


    “Western Conference finals this season,” said the Uber driver, “or it's a disappointment for me.”


    Each time James scored points (nine) or logged a rebound4 or an assist, a roar washed over the arena5. As a franchise6, the Lakers have always worked best when celebrity7 drove its success — and there's not a bigger household name in basketball than No. 23, the three-time All-Star Game MVP.



    As expected, the crowd in San Diego's Valley View Casino Center (capacity 16,100) was overwhelmingly pro-Lakers. The lines to get in featured fans in a dizzying array of jerseys, T-shirts and other purple and gold ensembles8, and there was an irrefutable excitement not felt since the final days of Kobe Bryant's 20-year reign9.


    The expectation of a championship, even if many don't expect it this season, is a feeling Lakers fans haven't felt in half a decade. And that's an eternity10 in the franchise Jerry Buss helped transform into a pop culture stalwart.


    This is the spirit James brings with him wherever he goes. It also makes you wonder. If all this happened in San Diego, then imagine the insanity11 of the Lakers' home opener, 18 days away, against a legit title contender.


    Celebrities12 will pack courtside and settle to be peppered among the rows closest to the floor. Rabid collectives of Lakers fans from near and far will make the trip to their revitalized mecca.


    Beyond that, though, the Lakers will of course struggle at many points — it's a team that was largely pieced together on the fly. They'll have their chapters of dominance and of controlled chaos13, but regardless, Staples14 Center will be the vibrant15 cultural hub that, at its foundation, it has always been. Both scenarios16 can and will be honest representations of an evolving Western Conference powerhouse.


     12级    双语 


    1 jerseys [ˈdʒə:ziz] 26c6e36a41f599d0f56d0246b900c354   第11级
    n.运动衫( jersey的名词复数 )
    • The maximum quantity of cotton jerseys this year is about DM25,000. 平方米的羊毛地毯超过了以往的订货。 来自口语例句
    • The NBA is mulling the prospect of stitching advertising logos onto jerseys. 大意:NBA官方正在酝酿一个大煞风景的计划——把广告标志绣上球服! 来自互联网
    2 dribbled [ˈdrɪbəld] 4d0c5f81bdb5dc77ab540d795704e768   第11级
    v.流口水( dribble的过去式和过去分词 );(使液体)滴下或作细流;运球,带球
    • Melted wax dribbled down the side of the candle. 熔化了的蜡一滴滴从蜡烛边上流下。
    • He dribbled past the fullback and scored a goal. 他越过对方后卫,趁势把球踢入球门。 来自《现代汉英综合大词典》
    3 aisles [ailz] aisles   第8级
    n. (席位间的)通道, 侧廊
    • Aisles were added to the original Saxon building in the Norman period. 在诺曼时期,原来的萨克森风格的建筑物都增添了走廊。
    • They walked about the Abbey aisles, and presently sat down. 他们走到大教堂的走廊附近,并且很快就坐了下来。
    4 rebound [rɪˈbaʊnd] YAtz1   第10级
    n. 回弹;篮板球 vi. 回升;弹回 vt. 使弹回
    • The vibrations accompanying the rebound are the earth quake. 伴随这种回弹的振动就是地震。
    • Our evil example will rebound upon ourselves. 我们的坏榜样会回到我们自己头上的。
    5 arena [əˈri:nə] Yv4zd   第7级
    • She entered the political arena at the age of 25. 她25岁进入政界。
    • He had not an adequate arena for the exercise of his talents. 他没有充分发挥其才能的场所。
    6 franchise [ˈfræntʃaɪz] BQnzu   第8级
    • Catering in the schools is run on a franchise basis. 学校餐饮服务以特许权经营。
    • The United States granted the franchise to women in 1920. 美国于1920年给妇女以参政权。
    7 celebrity [səˈlebrəti] xcRyQ   第7级
    • Tom found himself something of a celebrity. 汤姆意识到自己已小有名气了。
    • He haunted famous men, hoping to get celebrity for himself. 他常和名人在一起,希望借此使自己获得名气。
    8 ensembles [ɒn'sɒmblz] 0e9198bc7343b463793ceb2e25beb9dd   第10级
    整体( ensemble的名词复数 ); 合奏; 乐团; 全套服装(尤指女装)
    • I love to play in all types of ensembles. 我喜欢参与吹奏各种各样的合奏曲。
    • The 5th Brigade is now taking 895 Land Warrior ensembles to Afghanistan. 第五旅现在携带895套陆地勇士装备去阿富汗。
    9 reign [reɪn] pBbzx   第7级
    • The reign of Queen Elizabeth lapped over into the seventeenth century. 伊丽莎白王朝延至17世纪。
    • The reign of Zhu Yuanzhang lasted about 31 years. 朱元璋统治了大约三十一年。
    10 eternity [ɪˈtɜ:nəti] Aiwz7   第10级
    • The dull play seemed to last an eternity. 这场乏味的剧似乎演个没完没了。
    • Finally, Ying Tai and Shan Bo could be together for all of eternity. 英台和山伯终能双宿双飞,永世相随。
    11 insanity [ɪnˈsænəti] H6xxf   第10级
    • In his defense he alleged temporary insanity. 他伪称一时精神错乱,为自己辩解。
    • He remained in his cell, and this visit only increased the belief in his insanity. 他依旧还是住在他的地牢里,这次视察只是更加使人相信他是个疯子了。
    12 celebrities [siˈlebritiz] d38f03cca59ea1056c17b4467ee0b769   第7级
    n.(尤指娱乐界的)名人( celebrity的名词复数 );名流;名声;名誉
    • He only invited A-list celebrities to his parties. 他只邀请头等名流参加他的聚会。
    • a TV chat show full of B-list celebrities 由众多二流人物参加的电视访谈节目
    13 chaos [ˈkeɪɒs] 7bZyz   第7级
    • After the failure of electricity supply the city was in chaos. 停电后,城市一片混乱。
    • The typhoon left chaos behind it. 台风后一片混乱。
    14 staples [ˈsteiplz] a4d18fc84a927940d1294e253001ce3d   第7级
    n.(某国的)主要产品( staple的名词复数 );钉书钉;U 形钉;主要部份v.用钉书钉钉住( staple的第三人称单数 )
    • The anvil onto which the staples are pressed was not assemble correctly. 订书机上的铁砧安装错位。 来自辞典例句
    • I'm trying to make an analysis of the staples of his talk. 我在试行分析他的谈话的要旨。 来自辞典例句
    15 vibrant [ˈvaɪbrənt] CL5zc   第10级
    • He always uses vibrant colours in his paintings. 他在画中总是使用鲜明的色彩。
    • She gave a vibrant performance in the leading role in the school play. 她在学校表演中生气盎然地扮演了主角。
    16 scenarios [sɪ'nɑ:ri:əʊz] f7c7eeee199dc0ef47fe322cc223be88   第7级
    • Further, graphite cores may be safer than non-graphite cores under some accident scenarios. 再者,根据一些事故解说,石墨堆芯可比非石墨堆芯更安全一些。 来自英汉非文学 - 环境法 - 环境法
    • Again, scenarios should make it clear which modes are acceptable to users in various contexts. 同样,我们可以运用场景剧本来搞清楚在不同情境下哪些模式可被用户接受。 来自About Face 3交互设计精髓

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