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  • It's going to be a chaotic day. 将会是混乱的一天。 How do I know? It's Monday. 你怎么知道?因为是周一。 OK, joking. 好吧,我在开玩笑。 But, I do predict that today will be filled with the normal last-minute tasks,fire drills, and unforeseen events. 但是,我敢预言今天会出现紧急情况,处理紧急情况,以及不能预见的事件。 So, how do you keep yourself from being swept away in the stream of chaos? 因此,你要怎样将你置于混乱潮流之外? How do you remain calm while others are rushing and panicking? 当别人都在匆忙做事,恐慌时你打算如何保持平静? There's a Problem… Panic! 这有一个问题…恐慌! When things don't go as planned, how do you react? 当事情无法按计划进行时,你打算怎么办呢? Are you the calm one who works to fix things? 你会是那个平静做事的人吗? Or the one running around like Chicken Little screaming that the sky is falling? 或者是那个小鸡似的尖叫,跑着像天要塌下来一样? Getting upset or alarmed can seem like natural reactions to a problem. 失望,惊恐似乎是遇到问题时的自然反应。 Here are a few tips to help you remain calm in the face of the storm: 以下几点建议可以帮你在遇到突发情况时保持冷静: ·Don't Panic– You are better able to find a solution if you aren't panicking. If you can keep your head when others are losing theirs, you will be able to make a clear decision in the chaos. 不要惊慌-没有惊慌时最好能找出解决办法。如果在别人不够清醒时,你还能保持头脑清醒,你就能在混乱中做出一个明确的决定。 ·There Aren't Many True Emergencies - My time as a Naval Officer taught me about true emergencies. In the military, when there is a problem, people can get hurt or die. This is not usually the case when the office copier or email server goes down. Keep things in perspective. There are very few true emergencies in life. 没有那么多的紧急情况-在我还是海军的时候,海军军官就教我有关的紧急情况。那段时间,有问题发生的时候,要么是受伤,要么是死亡。办公室复印近或邮件服务器出问题的情况也不频繁。事情总在预期范围内。生活中很少有紧急情况发生。 ·Less Talking, More Doing - Many people will spend time talking about the problem. Be the one thatdoessomething about it. I have seen executives talkabout problems while their entire company burned down. Stop critiquing the fire and grab a bucket of water. 少说,多做-很多人会花很多时间讨论这些问题。做一个做事的人。我曾看到过,整间公司在遭遇火灾时,高管人员还在高谈阔论。停止高谈阔论,提水灭火。 ·Avoid the “Fight or Flight” - When you are stressed, your body will want to go into “fight or flight.” Your body was designed to keep you safe from danger, but its natural reflexes aren't always the best solution against a project gone awry. Keep your emotions in check and ensure that your physical reflexes don't make bad decisions for you. 避免“战斗或者逃跑”-有压力的时候,身体会想要“战斗或是打架”。你的身体生来就是为了保证你的安全的,但是对某件事来说,身体本能的反应并不总是最好的解决办法。整理情绪,确保本能的反应不会做出不好的决定。 ·Head Into The Problem– While everyone else is running away, true leaders walk into a problem. Sticking your head in the sand only makes things worse. Instead of trying to ignore the situation, get to the heart of the issue as soon as possible. Only then can you address it. 解决问题-当他人在逃跑的时候,真正的领导者会了解问题。逃避只会让情况越来越糟,与其忽视这些问题,还不如尽可能地解决核心问题,只有这样才能够解决问题。 How Will You React? When you find yourself ready to lose it, take a step back. 发现自己要失去它的时候,后退一步。 Ask, “Is this truly an emergency?” 问,“这是真的困难?” Keep your head when others are losing theirs. 当其他人都头脑混乱的时候,请保持头脑清醒。 And you'll find that you are that much closer to a solution. 你会发现你会更接近解决问题的办法。
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    0 chaotic [keɪˈɒtɪk] rUTyD   第7级
    • Things have been getting chaotic in the office recently. 最近办公室的情况越来越乱了。
    • The traffic in the city was chaotic. 这城市的交通糟透了。
    0 chaos [ˈkeɪɒs] 7bZyz   第7级
    • After the failure of electricity supply the city was in chaos. 停电后,城市一片混乱。
    • The typhoon left chaos behind it. 台风后一片混乱。
    0 naval [ˈneɪvl] h1lyU   第7级
    • He took part in a great naval battle. 他参加了一次大海战。
    • The harbour is an important naval base. 该港是一个重要的海军基地。
    0 works [wə:ks] ieuzIh   第5级
    • We expect writers to produce more and better works. 我们期望作家们写出更多更好的作品。
    • The novel is regarded as one of the classic works. 这篇小说被公认为是最优秀的作品之一。
    0 perspective [pəˈspektɪv] 7MAxN   第5级
    • You can get a perspective of the whole city from here. 从这里你可以看到城市的全景。
    • We may get a clear perspective of the people's happy lives. 我们知道人民对幸福生活的展望。
    0 executives [iɡˈzekjutivz] 16f269a7f2f911a82b80d202050aa0db   第6级
    (公司或机构的)经理( executive的名词复数 ); (统称公司或机构的)行政领导; (政府的)行政部门; [the Executive][美国英语](美国政府的)行政当局
    • They have taken measures to equate the salaries of higher civil servants to those of business executives. 他们采取措施使高级文职人员的工资和企业管理干部的工资相等。
    • He disregarded the advice of his executives. 他对主管层的建议置若罔闻。
    0 grab [græb] ef0xd   第6级
    • It is rude to grab a seat. 抢占座位是不礼貌的。
    • The thief made a grab at my bag but I pushed him away. 贼想抢我的手提包,但被我推开了。
    0 awry [əˈraɪ] Mu0ze   第10级
    • She was in a fury over a plan that had gone awry. 计划出了问题,她很愤怒。
    • Something has gone awry in our plans. 我们的计划出差错了。

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