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  • Italian designer Gucci is charging an eye-watering £615 ($870) for a pair of dirty-looking trainers which come in a range of stained colours with scuff1 marks.


    The pair of men's Screener leather trainers "reference old school shapes" and were "influenced by classic trainers from the 70s," according to the Italian fashion house.


    For £615 ($870), the designer trainers boast a "vintage, distressed2 effect" and feature off-white leather.


    Gucci's website says: "A pastiche3 of different influences that span across decades, the Cruise 2019 collection references old school shapes and materials inspired by vintage sportswear.

    古驰官网说:“Cruise 2019系列是长达几十年的跨度里不同影响的一个集锦,借鉴了复古运动装的经典造型和元素。”

    "Influenced by classic trainers from the '70s, the Screener sneakers — named for the defensive4 sports move — feature the Web stripe on the side and vintage Gucci logo, treated for an all over distressed effect."“受70年代经典运动鞋的影响,这款Screener运动鞋——以防御性体育运动命名——以侧面的网纹和经典的古驰标志为特色,整体呈现做旧效果。”

    However, since being advertised online the trainers have been mocked on social media, with one shopper saying: "I've got a few filthy5 stained pairs like this left abandoned in the garden shed."然而,自从在网上宣传以来,这款鞋就一直在社交媒体上被吐槽,一位购物者说:“我早就丢了好几双像这样脏兮兮的鞋到花园棚子里了。”

    One person branded them "disgusting," while another wrote: "They're filthy. I don't think many fashion victims would want to spend that much on something that looks like it was thrown away 20 years ago."一边有人定义它“有特色”,而另一边有人写到:“它们脏兮兮的。我觉得很多时尚达人都不会花那么多钱买个看起来20年前就被丢掉的东西”

    Another pair of Gucci trainers with the same eye-watering price tag is the Rhyton trainer, a tennis shoe which has also been designed to appear dirty with the brand's "vintage, distressed effect."古驰家还有一款和这款一样有着难以接受的高价运动鞋,Rhyton球鞋,它是一款网球鞋,同样设计成脏兮兮的样子,有着古驰式的“复古和做旧”。

    Last year, luxury brand Golden Goose was accused of "glorifying6 poverty" for selling a £428 pair of trainers designed to look worn out with a piece of "tape" purportedly7 holding the shoe in place.

    去年,奢侈品牌Golden Goose因出售一款售价428英镑的运动鞋而被指责“美化贫困”,这双运动鞋设计成被穿旧的效果,据称是用一段胶带将鞋固定住。

    Critics said that the design was "peak capitalism8.


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    1 scuff [skʌf] VZQx3   第12级
    vt. 使磨损;践踏;拖着脚走 vi. 磨损;拖着脚走 n. 拖着脚走;磨损之处
    • Polly, bewildered and embarrassed, dropped her head and scuffed her feet. 波莉既困惑又尴尬,低下头拖着脚走开了。
    • Constant wheelchair use will scuff almost any floor surface. 任何地板上经常有轮椅走动几乎都会有所磨损。
    2 distressed [dis'trest] du1z3y   第7级
    • He was too distressed and confused to answer their questions. 他非常苦恼而困惑,无法回答他们的问题。
    • The news of his death distressed us greatly. 他逝世的消息使我们极为悲痛。
    3 pastiche [pæˈsti:ʃ] 9Lcx9   第11级
    n.模仿 ; 混成
    • He has a gift for pastiche. 他有模仿他人作品的天赋。Peter Baker's bathroom is a brilliant pastiche of expensive interior design. 彼得·贝克的浴室是高档室内设计的集大成之作。
    4 defensive [dɪˈfensɪv] buszxy   第9级
    • Their questions about the money put her on the defensive. 他们问到钱的问题,使她警觉起来。
    • The Government hastily organized defensive measures against the raids. 政府急忙布置了防卫措施抵御空袭。
    5 filthy [ˈfɪlθi] ZgOzj   第9级
    • The whole river has been fouled up with filthy waste from factories. 整条河都被工厂的污秽废物污染了。
    • You really should throw out that filthy old sofa and get a new one. 你真的应该扔掉那张肮脏的旧沙发,然后再去买张新的。
    6 glorifying [ˈglɔ:rəˌfaɪŋ] 1f84c1020d395ee8281fcd2ddf031934   第8级
    赞美( glorify的现在分词 ); 颂扬; 美化; 使光荣
    • I had no intention of either glorifying or belittling Christianity, merely the desire to understand it. 我并没有赞扬基督教或蔑视它的立意,我所想的只是了解它。
    • You are glorifying a rather mediocre building. 你正在美化一栋普普通通的建筑。
    7 purportedly [pə'pɔ:tɪdlɪ] 0e5544199611270d77e0bbeb21c6c0d5   第10级
    • This is purportedly the oldest tree in the world. 据称这是世界上最古老的一棵树。 来自互联网
    • Mayor Oh Se-Hoon launched the campaign last year, purportedly to improve efficiency. 据悉,首尔市市长吴世勋于去年提出了这项旨在提高工作效率的计划。 来自互联网
    8 capitalism [ˈkæpɪtəlɪzəm] er4zy   第7级
    • The essence of his argument is that capitalism cannot succeed. 他的论点的核心是资本主义不能成功。
    • Capitalism began to develop in Russia in the 19th century. 十九世纪资本主义在俄国开始发展。

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