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  • Joel Embiid flexed1 his muscle, his Philadelphia 76ers clamped down on defense2, and the Toronto Raptors had few answers outside of Kawhi Leonard. The result was a 2-1 series lead for the Sixers with Game 4 back in raucous3 Wells Fargo Center on Sunday.


    Embiid scored 33 points on 9-of-18 shooting, adding 10 rebounds4, five blocks and three assists in just 28 minutes of a 116-95 victory against the Raptors. His trolling of Toronto increased with Philadelphia's lead, which ballooned to as much as 26 points before Sixers coach Brett Brown rested his starters in the final five minutes.

    76人以116-95战胜猛龙,在出场的仅28分钟里,恩比德18投9中,砍下33分,10个篮板,5个封盖和3次助攻。他末节登场扩大了领先优势,分差来到26分,最后5分钟76人教练Brett Brown 换下了所有首发。

    Leonard was phenomenal for the Raptors, scoring 33 points of his own, and Siakam was solid again, adding another 20, but fellow Raptors stars Kyle Lowry and Marc Gasol combined to shoot just 4 of 16 from the field, and the once vaunted Toronto bench totaled only six points on 11 shots before garbage time.


    Philadelphia's reserves were no great shakes, either, outside of another nice effort from James Ennis off the bench, but it didn't matter, because the starting lineup was spectacular. All five starters reached double digits5, led by Embiid and Jimmy Butler, who finished with 22 points, nine rebounds, nine assists and three steals.


    It did not help that, after Leonard scored 14 points on 6-of-6 shooting to carry Toronto within 89-81 at the end of the third quarter, Raptors coach Nick Nurse sat Leonard for the first 2:23 of the final frame. The Sixers doubled their lead in that span, all but putting the game to bed before Leonard even had his final say.



    "We got outplayed in just about every area we could get outplayed, just in overall physicality, energy, cutting, rebounding6, passing and all that kind of stuff.


    It's been a while since we've seen this team play that way," Nurse told reporters afterwards. "The first adjustment we're going to have to make is we're going to have to play a hell of a lot harder and we're going to have to play a hell of a lot more physical."赛后Nurse对记者说道:“我们观察这支球队打球方式已有一段时间了。我们要做首要调整就是打得更努力些,更有身体对抗性。

    The elephant in Toronto's room is getting harder to ignore. It is too early to write the Raptors off just yet, but they are treading dangerously close to facing serious questions about Leonard's future.


    The lack of support for Leonard has been striking, and if this is their audition7 to show the superstar that they can erase8 past playoff failures and truly contend for a championship, it's starting to look like a flop9.


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    1 flexed [flekst] 703e75e8210e20f0cb60ad926085640e   第10级
    adj.[医]曲折的,屈曲v.屈曲( flex的过去式和过去分词 );弯曲;(为准备大干而)显示实力;摩拳擦掌
    • He stretched and flexed his knees to relax himself. 他伸屈膝关节使自己放松一下。 来自辞典例句
    • He flexed his long stringy muscles manfully. 他孔武有力地弯起膀子,显露出细长条的肌肉。 来自辞典例句
    2 defense [dɪ'fens] AxbxB   第7级
    • The accused has the right to defense. 被告人有权获得辩护。
    • The war has impacted the area with military and defense workers. 战争使那个地区挤满了军队和防御工程人员。
    3 raucous [ˈrɔ:kəs] TADzb   第10级
    • I heard sounds of raucous laughter upstairs. 我听见楼上传来沙哑的笑声。
    • They heard a bottle being smashed, then more raucous laughter. 他们听见酒瓶摔碎的声音,然后是一阵更喧闹的笑声。
    4 rebounds ['ri:'bɑʊndz] 87b0c2d1da6e752183ab26d425c5acd4   第10级
    反弹球( rebound的名词复数 ); 回弹球; 抢断篮板球; 复兴
    • V is the velocity after the gas particle rebounds from the wall. V是粒子从壁上弹开后的速度。
    • In the former case, the first body rebounds with practically its original velocity. 在前一种情况下,第一个物体实际上以原来的速度弹回。
    5 digits ['dɪdʒɪts] a2aacbd15b619a9b9e5581a6c33bd2b1   第8级
    n.数字( digit的名词复数 );手指,足趾
    • The number 1000 contains four digits. 1000是四位数。 来自《简明英汉词典》
    • The number 410 contains three digits. 数字 410 中包括三个数目字。 来自《现代英汉综合大词典》
    6 rebounding [riˈbaundiŋ] ee4af11919b88124c68f974dae1461b4   第10级
    • The strength of negative temperature concrete is tested with supersonic-rebounding method. 本文将超声回弹综合法用于负温混凝土强度检测。
    • The fundamental of basketball includes shooting, passing and catching, rebounding, etc. 篮球运动中最基本的东西包括投篮,传接球,篮板球等。
    7 audition [ɔ:ˈdɪʃn] 8uazw   第9级
    • I'm going to the audition but I don't expect I'll get a part. 我去试音,可并不指望会给我个角色演出。
    • At first, they said he was too young, but later they called him for an audition. 起初,他们说他太小,但后来他们叫他去试音。
    8 erase [ɪˈreɪz] woMxN   第7级
    • He tried to erase the idea from his mind. 他试图从头脑中抹掉这个想法。
    • Please erase my name from the list. 请把我的名字从名单上擦去。
    9 flop [flɒp] sjsx2   第11级
    • The fish gave a flop and landed back in the water. 鱼扑通一声又跳回水里。
    • The marketing campaign was a flop. The product didn't sell. 市场宣传彻底失败,产品卖不出去。

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