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旅游英语:石林 Stone Forest
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  • The Stone Forest lies about 80 miles to the southeast of Kunming. A geological phenomenon1, the Stone Forest was a vast expanse of sea during the Paleozoic era--some 270 million years ago. Later, the movement of tectonic plates altered the earth‘s crust, causing the sea to recede2 and its limestone3 bottom to appear, thereby4 forming land. Due to the constant seeping5 of rain through the cracks in the limestone, some of the stone formation dissolved and the fissures6 broadened, producing a group of great sculptures of different shapes, all molded by nature.

    旅游英语:石林 Stone Forest

    In the midst of the forest, there is a huge rock screen on which two words--Stone Forest--are engraved7 in official script (in a calligraphic style typical of the Han Dynasty, 206 B.C.-220 A.D.). Among the scenic8 sights is the "Sword Peak Pond" with jadeite-colored water so clear that one can see the bottom of the pond. Other astonishing sights include "Figure of Ashima," "Shi Ba Xiang Song" (its name originating in the Chinese love story, "Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai"), and "Lotus Peak."

    The splendor9 of the Stone Forest is enhanced by the local customs of the native Sani people (who are part of the Yi minority). Sani people are industrious10 and hospitable--and unconstrained. Sani women are expert at spinning, weaving, and embroidering11. They like to wear rainbow-colored headgear and bright-colored dresses. The young people especially are very good singers and dancers. Every day at sunset, under the moonlight, boys and girls gather at the village platform. While the boys play the three-stringed plucked instruments, the girls clap their hands and dance the strong-rhythmed traditional "A‘Xi (Ah-shi) Dance in the Moon" with great enthusiasm. If you happen to witness the event, you will be invited to join in the festivity.

    Note that every lunar year, on June 24th, the Sani people celebrate their national festival--the Torch Festival. On that day, the entire Stone Forest is permeated12 with a celebratory atmosphere. There are traditional performances of wrestling and bull-fighting. Finally, when the land is enveloped13 in the curtain of night, the young men (holding torches in their hands) run after the young women to propose marriage in the light of colored lanterns.


    1. Stone Forest 石林

    2. Sword Peak Pond 剑峰池

    3. Figure of Ashima 阿诗玛像

    4. Lotus Peak 莲花峰

     11级    双语 


    1 phenomenon [fəˈnɒmɪnən] DNQxo   第8级
    • Beethoven was a phenomenon among many musicians. 贝多芬是众多的音乐家中的天才。
    • How do you explain this phenomenon? 这种现象怎样解释?
    2 recede [rɪˈsi:d] sAKzB   第7级
    • The colleges would recede in importance. 大学的重要性会降低。
    • He saw that the dirty water had begun to recede. 他发现那污浊的水开始往下退了。
    3 limestone [ˈlaɪmstəʊn] w3XyJ   第8级
    • Limestone is often used in building construction. 石灰岩常用于建筑。
    • Cement is made from limestone. 水泥是由石灰石制成的。
    4 thereby [ˌðeəˈbaɪ] Sokwv   第8级
    • I have never been to that city, thereby I don't know much about it. 我从未去过那座城市,因此对它不怎么熟悉。
    • He became a British citizen, thereby gaining the right to vote. 他成了英国公民,因而得到了投票权。
    5 seeping [si:pɪŋ] 8181ac52fbc576574e83aa4f98c40445   第9级
    v.(液体)渗( seep的现在分词 );渗透;渗出;漏出
    • Water had been slowly seeping away from the pond. 池塘里的水一直在慢慢渗漏。 来自《简明英汉词典》
    • Chueh-hui could feel the cold seeping into his bones. 觉慧开始觉得寒气透过衣服浸到身上来了。 来自汉英文学 - 家(1-26) - 家(1-26)
    6 fissures ['fɪʃəz] 7c89089a0ec5a3628fd80fb80bf349b6   第10级
    n.狭长裂缝或裂隙( fissure的名词复数 );裂伤;分歧;分裂v.裂开( fissure的第三人称单数 )
    • Rising molten rock flows out on the ocean floor and caps the fissures, trapping the water. 上升熔岩流到海底并堵住了裂隙,结果把海水封在里面。 来自辞典例句
    • The French have held two colloquia and an international symposium on rock fissures. 法国已经开了两次岩石裂缝方面的报告会和一个国际会议。 来自辞典例句
    7 engraved [inˈɡreivd] be672d34fc347de7d97da3537d2c3c95   第8级
    v.在(硬物)上雕刻(字,画等)( engrave的过去式和过去分词 );将某事物深深印在(记忆或头脑中)
    • The silver cup was engraved with his name. 银杯上刻有他的名字。
    • It was prettily engraved with flowers on the back. 此件雕刻精美,背面有花饰图案。 来自《简明英汉词典》
    8 scenic [ˈsi:nɪk] aDbyP   第8级
    • The scenic beauty of the place entranced the visitors. 这里的美丽风光把游客们迷住了。
    • The scenic spot is on northwestern outskirts of Beijing. 这个风景区位于北京的西北远郊。
    9 splendor ['splendə] hriy0   第10级
    • Never in his life had he gazed on such splendor. 他生平从没有见过如此辉煌壮丽的场面。
    • All the splendor in the world is not worth a good friend. 人世间所有的荣华富贵不如一个好朋友。
    10 industrious [ɪnˈdʌstriəs] a7Axr   第7级
    • If the tiller is industrious, the farmland is productive. 人勤地不懒。
    • She was an industrious and willing worker. 她是个勤劳肯干的员工。
    11 embroidering [ɪm'brɔɪdɚrɪŋ] fdc8bed218777bd98c3fde7c261249b6   第9级
    v.(在织物上)绣花( embroider的现在分词 );刺绣;对…加以渲染(或修饰);给…添枝加叶
    • He always had a way of embroidering. 他总爱添油加醋。 来自辞典例句
    • Zhao Junxin learned the craft of embroidering from his grandmother. 赵俊信从奶奶那里学到了刺绣的手艺。 来自互联网
    12 permeated ['pɜ:mɪeɪtɪd] 5fe75f31bda63acdd5d0ee4bbd196747   第7级
    弥漫( permeate的过去式和过去分词 ); 遍布; 渗入; 渗透
    • The smell of leather permeated the room. 屋子里弥漫着皮革的气味。
    • His public speeches were permeated with hatred of injustice. 在他对民众的演说里,充满了对不公正的愤慨。
    13 enveloped [ləpd] 8006411f03656275ea778a3c3978ff7a   第9级
    v.包围,笼罩,包住( envelop的过去式和过去分词 )
    • She was enveloped in a huge white towel. 她裹在一条白色大毛巾里。
    • Smoke from the burning house enveloped the whole street. 燃烧着的房子冒出的浓烟笼罩了整条街。 来自《简明英汉词典》

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