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The Magic Bat
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  • Harry1 is every coach's dream kid: He shows up for every practice early, stays late and is enthusiastic2. Harry is also every coach's nightmare: He has neither the instinct nor the physical talent for the game.

    I stepped in as a stand-in coach for my son's Little League team when the regular coach got married. Somehow he thought a honeymoon3 took precedence over next Tuesday's game. How can you blame him? Our team hadn't won in more than two years.

    As I accepted the fill-in spot, I promised myself that I would show no disappointment if we lost. That was the least I could do. The best I could do was give a good heart to the effort.

    I met Harry at the first practice. A small, thin, awkward kid his best throw was about five feet, which made the choice of fielding position difficult. And he was scared. Every time he came to bat, he would glance at the pitcher4, lean the bat on his shoulder, close his eyes and wait until the misery5 of three pitches was over. Then he'd trudge6 back to the dugout. It was painful to watch.

    I met Harry before Tuesday's game, took him aside and worked with him on keeping his eyes open. He tried, but it's tough to overcome the habit of fear. We were about to play a team that had beat us 22-1 the last time. It didn't seem a fortunate moment for a breakthrough. Then I thought, Why not?

    I went to the dugout, got a different bat and returned to our practice area. "Harry," I said, "I want you to use this bat. It's the one for you. It's a magic bat. All you have to do is swing and it will hit the ball."

    Harry seemed skeptical7, but he said he would try. I hoped I wasn't complicating8 an already tough problem for Harry, but I wanted to try to help.

    Our team was trailing from the first inning. No surprise in that, but we had some loyal parents in the stands to give constant encouragement to the kids.

    On Harry's first at bat, I noticed he wasn't using his special bat, but I didn't step in. He struck out, as usual, and I decided9 to let it ride.

    We were able to score from time to time. In the last inning, we were behind by only three runs. I was thinking about a "respectable outcome" speech to give the kids while packing up the gear. As the home team, we were last up. We alternated for five batters10 between singles with players safely on base and strikeouts. We had bases loaded and two outs. Only then did I notice that Harry was our last chance.

    Surveying the field from my spot by first base, I saw the left fielder sprawl11 on the grass as Harry came from the dugout. He obviously expected no action. The right fielder was bothering some butterfly that was flitting about. The shortstop had moved well in, I suppose anticipating the possibility of a miraculous12 bunt. Clearly, the opposing players were already tasting the double-scoop ice cream cones13 they would go for after the victory.

    Harry limped up to the batter's box. I noticed he had his usual bat. I called a time out, ran up to him and whispered, "Harry, this is the time for the magic bat. Give it a try. Just keep your eyes open and swing."

    He looked at me in disbelief, but he said he'd try. He walked off for the special bat as I trotted14 back to first base.

    First pitch, strike one. Harry didn't swing, but he kept his eyes open. I pumped my fist and gave it a little swing, encouraging him to swing. He smiled, got into his awkward stance and waited. He swung, eyes open, but missed. Strike two. That was the first real swing Harry had ever taken. Who cared if we won the game? I considered Harry a winner already.

    The other coach yelled to his pitcher, "Fire one past him and end this thing!" I grimaced15.

    The pitcher threw a straight fastball and Harry swung. The magic bat did its trick. It found the ball, which flew over the shortstop's head.

    Pandemonium16 erupted in the stands, in the dugouts, on the bases. I was cheering Harry to run to first as fast as he could. It seemed like an eternity17. The left fielder called to the center fielder to get it. "You're closer!

    I kept cheering the runners. We had one in at home and three guys pouring it on from first to second, second to third, third to home. The second baseman yelled for the center fielder to get the ball to him. Excitedly, he obeyed, but the ball skipped across the grass and passed by the second baseman toward the right-field line. My job as coach was simple at this point. "Run, guys, run," I yelled.

    Another guy scored. By this time, the entire team had joined the cheering, "Go, Harry, go Harry!" This was surely the longest distance Harry had ever run. He was panting as he headed for third and another guy crossed home. The right fielder's throw was critical, and it was pretty good, but the third baseman muffed it. The ball scooted past him out of play. The rule: one base on an overthrow18 that goes out of play. Harry, exhausted19, kept the push on as best he could.

    About then, the first cry of a Grand Slam!" hit the air. Everyone joined in. When Harry reached home plate, about to collapse20, his teammates lifted him as high as they could and chanted, "Harry, Harry, Harry!"

    I ran over to the team to hug the proudest kid in America. Tears streaming, Harry looked up at me and said, "The bat, Coach, the bat."

    I smiled and said, "No, Harry. It was you who hit the ball, not the bat."

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    1 harry [ˈhæri] heBxS   第8级
    • Today, people feel more hurried and harried. 今天,人们感到更加忙碌和苦恼。
    • Obama harried business by Healthcare Reform plan. 奥巴马用医改掠夺了商界。
    2 enthusiastic [ɪnˌθju:ziˈæstɪk] SjazR   第8级
    • I am enthusiastic over a project for building a new bridge. 我热衷于修建一座新桥的计划。
    • She's very enthusiastic to read a novel. 她非常喜欢读小说。
    3 honeymoon [ˈhʌnimu:n] ucnxc   第8级
    • While on honeymoon in Bali, she learned to scuba dive. 她在巴厘岛度蜜月时学会了带水肺潜水。
    • The happy pair are leaving for their honeymoon. 这幸福的一对就要去度蜜月了。
    4 pitcher [ˈpɪtʃə(r)] S2Gz7   第9级
    • He poured the milk out of the pitcher. 他从大罐中倒出牛奶。
    • Any pitcher is liable to crack during a tight game. 任何投手在紧张的比赛中都可能会失常。
    5 misery [ˈmɪzəri] G10yi   第7级
    • Business depression usually causes misery among the working class. 商业不景气常使工薪阶层受苦。
    • He has rescued me from the mire of misery. 他把我从苦海里救了出来。
    6 trudge [trʌdʒ] uK2zq   第9级
    • It was a hard trudge up the hill. 这趟上山是一次艰难的跋涉。
    • The trudge through the forest will be tiresome. 长途跋涉穿越森林会令人疲惫不堪。
    7 skeptical ['skeptɪkəl] MxHwn   第7级
    • Others here are more skeptical about the chances for justice being done. 这里的其他人更为怀疑正义能否得到伸张。
    • Her look was skeptical and resigned. 她的表情是将信将疑而又无可奈何。
    8 complicating [ˈkɔmplɪˌkeɪtɪŋ] 53d55ae4c858e224b98a8187fa34fb04   第8级
    使复杂化( complicate的现在分词 )
    • High spiking fever with chills is suggestive of a complicating pylephlebitis. 伴有寒战的高热,暗示合并门静脉炎。
    • In America these actions become executive puberty rites, complicating relationships that are already complicated enough. 在美国,这些行动成了行政青春期的惯例,使本来已经够复杂的关系变得更复杂了。
    9 decided [dɪˈsaɪdɪd] lvqzZd   第7级
    • This gave them a decided advantage over their opponents. 这使他们比对手具有明显的优势。
    • There is a decided difference between British and Chinese way of greeting. 英国人和中国人打招呼的方式有很明显的区别。
    10 batters [ˈbætəz] f7ed21931431c6e07fb35b2002a84f83   第9级
    n.面糊(煎料)( batter的名词复数 );面糊(用于做糕饼);( 棒球) 正在击球的球员;击球员v.连续猛击( batter的第三人称单数 )
    • The pitcher has beaned as many as three batters in this game. 在这?热?投手投球竟打中了三个击手的头。 来自《现代英汉综合大词典》
    • A storm batters the ship. 一场风暴袭击了这条船。 来自辞典例句
    11 sprawl [sprɔ:l] 2GZzx   第9级
    • In our garden, bushes are allowed to sprawl as they will. 在我们园子里,灌木丛爱怎么蔓延就怎么蔓延。
    • He is lying in a sprawl on the bed. 他伸开四肢躺在床上。
    12 miraculous [mɪˈrækjələs] DDdxA   第8级
    • The wounded man made a miraculous recovery. 伤员奇迹般地痊愈了。
    • They won a miraculous victory over much stronger enemy. 他们战胜了远比自己强大的敌人,赢得了非凡的胜利。
    13 cones [kəʊnz] 1928ec03844308f65ae62221b11e81e3   第8级
    n.(人眼)圆锥细胞;圆锥体( cone的名词复数 );球果;圆锥形东西;(盛冰淇淋的)锥形蛋卷筒
    • In the pines squirrels commonly chew off and drop entire cones. 松树上的松鼠通常咬掉和弄落整个球果。 来自辞典例句
    • Many children would rather eat ice cream from cones than from dishes. 许多小孩喜欢吃蛋卷冰淇淋胜过盘装冰淇淋。 来自辞典例句
    14 trotted [trɔtid] 6df8e0ef20c10ef975433b4a0456e6e1   第9级
    小跑,急走( trot的过去分词 ); 匆匆忙忙地走
    • She trotted her pony around the field. 她骑着小马绕场慢跑。
    • Anne trotted obediently beside her mother. 安妮听话地跟在妈妈身边走。
    15 grimaced [ˈgrɪmɪst] 5f3f78dc835e71266975d0c281dceae8   第10级
    v.扮鬼相,做鬼脸( grimace的过去式和过去分词 )
    • He grimaced at the bitter taste. 他一尝那苦味,做了个怪相。
    • She grimaced at the sight of all the work. 她一看到这么多的工作就皱起了眉头。 来自《简明英汉词典》
    16 pandemonium [ˌpændəˈməʊniəm] gKFxI   第10级
    • The whole lobby was a perfect pandemonium, and the din was terrific. 整个门厅一片嘈杂,而且喧嚣刺耳。
    • I had found Adlai unperturbed in the midst of pandemonium. 我觉得艾德莱在一片大混乱中仍然镇定自若。
    17 eternity [ɪˈtɜ:nəti] Aiwz7   第10级
    • The dull play seemed to last an eternity. 这场乏味的剧似乎演个没完没了。
    • Finally, Ying Tai and Shan Bo could be together for all of eternity. 英台和山伯终能双宿双飞,永世相随。
    18 overthrow [ˌəʊvəˈθrəʊ] PKDxo   第7级
    • After the overthrow of the government, the country was in chaos. 政府被推翻后,这个国家处于混乱中。
    • The overthrow of his plans left him much discouraged. 他的计划的失败使得他很气馁。
    19 exhausted [ɪgˈzɔ:stɪd] 7taz4r   第8级
    • It was a long haul home and we arrived exhausted. 搬运回家的这段路程特别长,到家时我们已筋疲力尽。
    • Jenny was exhausted by the hustle of city life. 珍妮被城市生活的忙乱弄得筋疲力尽。
    20 collapse [kəˈlæps] aWvyE   第7级
    • The country's economy is on the verge of collapse. 国家的经济已到了崩溃的边缘。
    • The engineer made a complete diagnosis of the bridge's collapse. 工程师对桥的倒塌做了一次彻底的调查分析。

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