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We Are Not Alone
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  • After my husband died suddenly from a heart attack on the tennis court, my world crashed around me. My six children were 10, nine, eight, six, three and 18 months, and I was overwhelmed with the responsibilities of earning a living, caring for the children and just plain keeping my head above water.

    I was fortunate to find a wonderful housekeeper1 to care for the children during the week, but from Friday nights to Monday mornings, the children and I were alone, and frankly2 I was uneasy. Every creak of the house, every unusual noise, any late-night phone call-all filled me with dread3. I felt incredibly alone.

    One Friday evening I came home from work to find a big beautiful German shepherd on our doorstep. This wonderful strong animal gave every indication that he intended to enter the house and make it his home. I, however, was wary4. Where did this obviously well-cared-for dog come from? Was it safe to let the children play with a strange dog? Even though he seemed gentle, he still was powerful and commanded respect. The children took an instant liking5 to "German" and begged me to let him in. I aGREed to let him sleep in the basement until the next day, when we could inquire around the neighborhood for his owner. That night I slept peacefully for the first time in many weeks.

    The following morning we made phone calls and checked lost-and-found ads for German's owner, but with no results. German, meanwhile, made himself part of the family and good-naturedly put up with hugs, wrestling and playing in the yard. Saturday night he was still with us, so again he was allowed to sleep in the basement.

    On Sunday I had planned to take the children on a picnic. Since I thought it best to leave German behind in case his owner came by, we drove off without him. When we stopped to get gas at a local station, we were amazed to see German racing7 to the gas station after us. He not only raced to the car, he leaped onto the hood6 and put his nose on the windshield, looking directly into my eyes. No way was he going to be left behind. So into the station wagon8 he jumped and settled down in the back for the ride to the picnic. He stayed again Sunday.

    Monday morning I let him out for a run while the children got ready for school. He didn't come back. As evening came and German didn't appear, we were all disappointed. We were convinced that he had gone home or been found by his owners, and that we would never see him again. We were wrong. The next Friday evening, German was back on our doorstep. Again we took him in, and again he stayed until Monday morning, when our housekeeper arrived.

    This pattern repeated itself every weekend for almost 10 months. We GREw more and more fond of German and we looked forward to his coming. We stopped thinking about where he belonged-he belonged to us. We took comfort in his strong, warm presence, and we felt safe with him near us. When we saw German come to attention and perk9 up his ears, and heard that low growl10 begin deep in his throat, we knew we were protected.

    As German became part of the family he considered it his duty to check every bedroom to be sure each child was snug11 in bed. When he was satisfied that the last person was tucked in, he took up his position by the front door and remained there until the morning.

    Each week, between German's visits, I GREw a little stronger, a little braver and more able to cope; every weekend I enjoyed his company. Then one Monday morning we patted his head and let him out for what turned out to be the last time. He never came back. We never saw or heard from German again.

    I think of him often. He came when I needed him the most and stayed until I was strong enough to go on alone. Maybe there is a perfectly12 natural explanation for German's visits to our house-maybe his owner went away on weekends-maybe. I believe German was sent because he was needed, and because no matter how abandoned and alone we feel, somehow, somewhere, someone knows and cares. We are never really alone.

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    1 housekeeper [ˈhaʊski:pə(r)] 6q2zxl   第8级
    • A spotless stove told us that his mother is a diligent housekeeper. 炉子清洁无瑕就表明他母亲是个勤劳的主妇。
    • She is an economical housekeeper and feeds her family cheaply. 她节约持家,一家人吃得很省。
    2 frankly [ˈfræŋkli] fsXzcf   第7级
    • To speak frankly, I don't like the idea at all. 老实说,我一点也不赞成这个主意。
    • Frankly speaking, I'm not opposed to reform. 坦率地说,我不反对改革。
    3 dread [dred] Ekpz8   第7级
    • We all dread to think what will happen if the company closes. 我们都不敢去想一旦公司关门我们该怎么办。
    • Her heart was relieved of its blankest dread. 她极度恐惧的心理消除了。
    4 wary [ˈweəri] JMEzk   第8级
    • He is wary of telling secrets to others. 他谨防向他人泄露秘密。
    • Paula frowned, suddenly wary. 宝拉皱了皱眉头,突然警惕起来。
    5 liking [ˈlaɪkɪŋ] mpXzQ5   第7级
    • The word palate also means taste or liking. Palate这个词也有“口味”或“嗜好”的意思。
    • I must admit I have no liking for exaggeration. 我必须承认我不喜欢夸大其词。
    6 hood [hʊd] ddwzJ   第8级
    • She is wearing a red cloak with a hood. 她穿着一件红色带兜帽的披风。
    • The car hood was dented in. 汽车的发动机罩已凹了进去。
    7 racing [ˈreɪsɪŋ] 1ksz3w   第8级
    • I was watching the racing on television last night. 昨晚我在电视上看赛马。
    • The two racing drivers fenced for a chance to gain the lead. 两个赛车手伺机竞相领先。
    8 wagon [ˈwægən] XhUwP   第7级
    • We have to fork the hay into the wagon. 我们得把干草用叉子挑进马车里去。
    • The muddy road bemired the wagon. 马车陷入了泥泞的道路。
    9 perk [pɜ:k] zuSyi   第9级
    • His perks include a car provided by the firm. 他的额外津贴包括公司提供的一辆汽车。
    • And the money is, of course, a perk. 当然钱是额外津贴。
    10 growl [graʊl] VeHzE   第8级
    vi. 咆哮着说 vt. 咆哮;(雷电,炮等)轰鸣 n. 咆哮声;吠声;不平
    • The dog was biting, growling and wagging its tail. 那条狗在一边撕咬一边低声吼叫,尾巴也跟着摇摆。
    • The car growls along rutted streets. 汽车在车辙纵横的街上一路轰鸣。
    11 snug [snʌg] 3TvzG   第10级
    • He showed us into a snug little sitting room. 他领我们走进了一间温暖而舒适的小客厅。
    • She had a small but snug home. 她有个小小的但很舒适的家。
    12 perfectly [ˈpɜ:fɪktli] 8Mzxb   第8级
    • The witnesses were each perfectly certain of what they said. 证人们个个对自己所说的话十分肯定。
    • Everything that we're doing is all perfectly above board. 我们做的每件事情都是光明正大的。

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