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疫苗分配不均 美国兴起“疫苗旅游”
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  • 因为各州疫苗分配不均且接种疫苗规定都各不相同,成千上万美国人跨州打疫苗,扎堆去佛罗里达州等地。不少加拿大人也跑去美国佛罗里达州打疫苗。一些印度旅行社开始打广告,宣传“疫苗旅游”。

    It's the newest form of traveling during the pandemic: crossing state lines — or international waters — in hopes of getting the vaccine1.


    At the beginning of the US vaccine rollout, essential workers and people 75 and older were the first groups with priority access.


    Now, the US includes more than 50 vaccination2 plans as each state has devised its own rules around who gets priority for a dose, according to The Guardian3.


    In New Jersey4, smokers5 can receive the vaccine before teachers do — and proof that you're a smoker is not required. In New York, psychologists and psychiatrists6 can get the vaccine along with essential workers.


    As regulations change on who can get the vaccine and when they can get it, Americans are traveling near and far to get it.


    Florida is a popular vaccine tourism destination due to the high priority given to those aged 65 and older in addition to other vague eligibility7 requirements that attracted travelers from all over to take advantage of Florida's vaccine rollout.


    Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis said in a press conference earlier this month that most of these visitors are in fact part-time residents, not so-called "vaccine tourists."


    "If they have a residence I'm totally fine with that," DeSantis said, according to the Wall Street Journal. "That's a little bit different than somebody that's just doing tourism and trying to come here. So we're discouraging people to come to Florida just to get a vaccine."


    discourage [dɪsˈkʌrɪdʒ]:vt.阻止;使气馁

    Vaccine-seekers have flocked to Florida from Canada and Argentina, as well as New York and other states, according to the Journal. However, the state last week pushed back on international vaccine tourists with a public health advisory8 from the surgeon general that requires proof of state residency to get a shot.


    The trend has sparked some big spending from those who travel internationally in hopes of securing a shot.


    Gem9 Tours & Travels, an Indian travel agency, announced $2,000 tours to the US including a vaccine shot, NBC News reported.

    据美国全国广播公司报道,印度旅行社Gem Tours & Travels宣布,包括接种疫苗在内的美国游收费2000美元(约合人民币12917元)。

    Zenith Holidays, based in Kolkata, allows customers to fill out a registration10 form under the "Vaccine Tourism" tab on their website. The company says that within an hour of your response, a member of their support team will get back to you.

    总部位于加尔各答的Zenith Holidays公司允许客户在其网站上的“疫苗旅游”标签下填写登记表。该公司表示,在登记后的一个小时内,公司客服会给出回复。

    Yanina Latorre, an Argentinian TV personality, said on Instagram on Jan 7 she was able to get her mother vaccinated11 at Miami Gardens's Hard Rock Stadium during their family vacation. The post came before the state's surgeon general proof of residency order, but NBC Miami reported the post provoked some frustration12 from residents.


    Janelle Brind, vice13 president of Momentum14 Jets — a private jet service provider in Toronto, told the Journal she's seen interest from Canadians looking to travel to the US for vaccines15.

    加拿大多伦多私人飞机服务公司Momentum Jets副总裁加内尔·布林德告诉《华尔街日报》,一些加拿大人想要前往美国接种疫苗。

    "We're getting requests now from clients that are willing to fly into Florida if they have an appointment, and then fly home again on the same day," said Brind, who projected costs for a charter flight range from $25,000 to $80,000 for a same-day round trip.


    charter flight: 包机

     11级    双语 


    1 vaccine [ˈvæksi:n] Ki1wv   第8级
    • The polio vaccine has saved millions of lives. 脊髓灰质炎疫苗挽救了数以百万计的生命。
    • She takes a vaccine against influenza every fall. 她每年秋季接种流感疫苗。
    2 vaccination [ˌvæksɪ'neɪʃn] bKGzM   第9级
    • Vaccination is a preventive against smallpox. 种痘是预防天花的方法。
    • Doctors suggest getting a tetanus vaccination every ten years. 医生建议每十年注射一次破伤风疫苗。
    3 guardian [ˈgɑ:diən] 8ekxv   第7级
    • The form must be signed by the child's parents or guardian. 这张表格须由孩子的家长或监护人签字。
    • The press is a guardian of the public weal. 报刊是公共福利的卫护者。
    4 jersey [ˈdʒɜ:zi] Lp5zzo   第11级
    • He wears a cotton jersey when he plays football. 他穿运动衫踢足球。
    • They were dressed alike in blue jersey and knickers. 他们穿着一致, 都是蓝色的运动衫和灯笼短裤。
    5 smokers [ˈsməʊkəz] d3e72c6ca3bac844ba5aa381bd66edba   第8级
    吸烟者( smoker的名词复数 )
    • Many smokers who are chemically addicted to nicotine cannot cut down easily. 许多有尼古丁瘾的抽烟人不容易把烟戒掉。
    • Chain smokers don't care about the dangers of smoking. 烟鬼似乎不在乎吸烟带来的种种危害。
    6 psychiatrists [ˌsaɪ'kaɪətrɪsts] 45b6a81e510da4f31f5b0fecd7b77261   第9级
    n.精神病专家,精神病医生( psychiatrist的名词复数 )
    • They are psychiatrists in good standing. 他们是合格的精神病医生。 来自辞典例句
    • Some psychiatrists have patients who grow almost alarmed at how congenial they suddenly feel. 有些精神分析学家发现,他们的某些病人在突然感到惬意的时候几乎会兴奋起来。 来自名作英译部分
    7 eligibility [ˌelidʒə'biliti] xqXxL   第7级
    • What are the eligibility requirements? 病人被选参加试验的要求是什么? 来自英汉非文学 - 生命科学 - 回顾与展望
    • Eligibility for HINARI access is based on gross national income (GNI). 进入HINARI获取计划是依据国民总收入来评定的。
    8 advisory [ədˈvaɪzəri] lKvyj   第9级
    • I have worked in an advisory capacity with many hospitals. 我曾在多家医院做过顾问工作。
    • He was appointed to the advisory committee last month. 他上个月获任命为顾问委员会委员。
    9 gem [dʒem] Ug8xy   第9级
    n.宝石,珠宝;受爱戴的人 [同]jewel
    • The gem is beyond my pocket. 这颗宝石我可买不起。
    • The little gem is worth two thousand dollars. 这块小宝石价值两千美元。
    10 registration [ˌredʒɪˈstreɪʃn] ASKzO   第8级
    • Marriage without registration is not recognized by law. 法律不承认未登记的婚姻。
    • What's your registration number? 你挂的是几号?
    11 vaccinated [ˈvæksəˌneɪtid] 8f16717462e6e6db3389d0f736409983   第9级
    • I was vaccinated against tetanus. 我接种了破伤风疫苗。
    • Were you vaccinated against smallpox as a child? 你小时候打过天花疫苗吗?
    12 frustration [frʌˈstreɪʃn] 4hTxj   第8级
    • He had to fight back tears of frustration. 他不得不强忍住失意的泪水。
    • He beat his hands on the steering wheel in frustration. 他沮丧地用手打了几下方向盘。
    13 vice [vaɪs] NU0zQ   第7级
    • He guarded himself against vice. 他避免染上坏习惯。
    • They are sunk in the depth of vice. 他们堕入了罪恶的深渊。
    14 momentum [məˈmentəm] DjZy8   第7级
    • We exploit the energy and momentum conservation laws in this way. 我们就是这样利用能量和动量守恒定律的。
    • The law of momentum conservation could supplant Newton's third law. 动量守恒定律可以取代牛顿第三定律。
    15 vaccines [vækˈsi:nz] c9bb57973a82c1e95c7cd0f4988a1ded   第8级
    疫苗,痘苗( vaccine的名词复数 )
    • His team are at the forefront of scientific research into vaccines. 他的小组处于疫苗科研的最前沿。
    • The vaccines were kept cool in refrigerators. 疫苗放在冰箱中冷藏。

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