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  • Perhaps you've heard money is a major stressor in romantic relationships.


    That's why it can be uncomfortable—or even strain relationships—when the woman in a heterosexual relationship makes more money.


    And when two people in a relationship come from diametrically opposite socioeconomic backgrounds, it raises all sorts of difficult conversations about how you should spend and earn money.


    But as more women earn more and with most women working full time, even after they have children, some couples have opted1 out of a traditional marker of marriage: combined finances.


    These days, young couples—whether they are married or simply living together—are more likely to keep their finances separate, or at least partially2 so.


    Twenty years ago, when Wendy Underwood, 43, married her husband Kurtis Kolt, 44, the couple opened a credit card together.

    现在43岁的Wendy Underwood20年前嫁给了现在44岁的丈夫Kurtis Kolt,这对夫妻一起办了一张信用卡。

    "We thought that was the sort of thing married people should do," she says. "We learned pretty quickly that we both had very different approaches to money. I was brought up to believe you do without everything to be able to pay off debt. My approach to that credit card was, I'll have beans on toast for a week to make sure I pay off that balance at the end of the month."她说:“我们以为结了婚的人都该这样,但我们很快发现我们的金钱观很不一样。我从小就被教育要尽一切努力还清债务。我使用信用卡的方法是吃一周加豆的吐司也要确保月底时还清账单。”

    Her husband's outlook was more "casual"—he would make a payment but didn't feel compelled to pay the full amount.


    That card wasn't in use for long. "If we had kept that credit card and added all our finances together, I honestly don't think we would still be married," Underwood says. "We just saw very quickly that it was a big source of tension for us."这张卡很久都没用了,Underwood说:“如果我们还用那张卡,把所有钱都放一起,说实话我觉得我们早就离婚了,我们只是很快发现了这是我们矛盾的主要根源。”

    It didn't help that at the time, they were both young—in their early twenties—and still learning how to manage their personal finances.


    So they created a new account solely3 to hold money for joint expenses like mortgage payments and utilities.


    The couple tracks those expenses alone in a spreadsheet. ("The secret to a healthy marriage is spreadsheets," Underwood quips.) But with the exception of those big-ticket items, they keep their money separate.


    Underwood is quick to note that for her, maintaining separate finances is "not a substitute for being transparent4" when it comes to finances. "I can honestly say I've never hidden a purchase from my husband, unless it was a gift for him," she says. "I'm not someone who has gone out and blown $600 on a pair of shoes and then hid them in the back of the wardrobe."Underwood很快注意到对她来说,涉及钱的问题时保持财务独立“并不影响财务透明”,她说:“我可以诚实地说我从未背着丈夫偷偷花钱,除非是给他买礼物。我不会出去花$600买一双鞋然后藏在衣柜最里面。”

    One reason the arrangement has worked for Underwood and her husband is because they value the same things, from travel to gourmet5 food.


    It's a function of personalities6 and circumstances, too: Underwood and her husband are both fiercely independent and don't have children.


    "I think I work really hard for my money, and I don't want someone else telling me, 'You should reconsider spending on this thing,'" she says. "I don't want someone having that much control over my money."她说:“我觉得自己为了赚钱真的很努力,我不想别人告诉我‘买这个东西你还是再考虑考虑吧’,我不想别人太过干涉我的钱。”

    It also helps that they are both self-employed and have similar incomes. "I actually do think it would be harder if Kurtis was earning a lot more money than me," she says. "Then we would have to adjust our approach ... but I do think we would still keep our money separate and just come up with a workaround that works for both of us."还有一点也很重要,就是他们都是自由职业者,收入也差不多,她说:“我真的认为如果Kurtis比我赚得多很多的话,我们两个相处会更难,那样我们就得调整钱的分配方法了,但我的确觉得我们仍然会财务分开,只是会想出一个适合我们两个人的方法。”

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    1 opted [ɔptid] 9ec34da056d6601471a0808ebc89b126   第7级
    v.选择,挑选( opt的过去式和过去分词 )
    • She was co-opted onto the board. 她获增选为董事会成员。
    • After graduating she opted for a career in music. 毕业后她选择了从事音乐工作。
    2 partially [ˈpɑ:ʃəli] yL7xm   第8级
    • The door was partially concealed by the drapes. 门有一部分被门帘遮住了。
    • The police managed to restore calm and the curfew was partially lifted. 警方设法恢复了平静,宵禁部分解除。
    3 solely [ˈsəʊlli] FwGwe   第8级
    • Success should not be measured solely by educational achievement. 成功与否不应只用学业成绩来衡量。
    • The town depends almost solely on the tourist trade. 这座城市几乎完全靠旅游业维持。
    4 transparent [trænsˈpærənt] Smhwx   第7级
    • The water is so transparent that we can see the fishes swimming. 水清澈透明,可以看到鱼儿游来游去。
    • The window glass is transparent. 窗玻璃是透明的。
    5 gourmet [ˈgʊəmeɪ] 8eqzb   第9级
    • What does a gourmet writer do? 美食评论家做什么?
    • A gourmet like him always eats in expensive restaurants. 像他这样的美食家总是到豪华的餐馆用餐。
    6 personalities [ˌpɜ:sə'nælɪtɪz] ylOzsg   第12级
    n. 诽谤,(对某人容貌、性格等所进行的)人身攻击; 人身攻击;人格, 个性, 名人( personality的名词复数 )
    • There seemed to be a degree of personalities in her remarks. 她话里有些人身攻击的成分。
    • Personalities are not in good taste in general conversation. 在一般的谈话中诽谤他人是不高尚的。

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