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  • 1. Don't avoid or ignore negativity.

    1. 勿要躲避或忽视阴暗面

    In order to conquer and overcome, it must be acknowledged. This can include people in your life who may be bringing you down, a hostile workplace environment or even a personal stressor that you haven't conquered quite yet. You are in control of your environment and if these negative situations keep making an appearance, it's up to you to handle them.


    2. Take care of yourself and your needs.

    2. 关爱自己,重视自我需求。

    In order to feel compelled to live a powerful and meaningful life, you must love you. Take care of your actions and how you live each day, and this will be reflected in your thoughts and emotional state of mind. Love yourself fully in order to love others fully.


    3. Mend what's broken or get rid of it.

    3. 之于裂痕,要么修复,要么忘怀。

    Determining what is worth your time and effort and what is not can be challenging. If situations are toxic1 and beyond repair, it's time to let go. Are there relationships or friendships that remain damaged but you know are worth the time? Fix them and find peace. Do what you can to find love in situations where it may have be absent in the past.


    4. Give back.

    4. 倾情回馈。

    Giving our time, energy, love, mentorship and sometimes money is what life is about. Everything we put out into the world comes back to us. My mom taught me a quote she learned in Mexico that stuck with me forever, "donde comen uno, comen dos." (where one can eat, two can eat.) It moves me every time I say it out loud. At the end of the day, no matter what you have you are likely in a position to give something small to someone else who needs it. Don't hesitate.

    人生的真谛是给予我们的时间、能量、爱和教导(金钱有时也是),我们向世界付出的一切都会有所回馈。我母亲曾教过我她在墨西哥学到的一句话,让我永生难忘:“donde comen uno, comen dos.”(一人能食之处,也能供两人享用。)我每次大声读这句话时,都会被震撼感动。说到底,无论你拥有什么,你都有可能给予他人小小的一份心意,而这正是他们需要的。不要犹豫。

    5. Things that make us smile, laugh and feel good are just awesome2.

    5. 所有让我们笑逐颜开,感觉不错的事都值得敬重。

    This one is pretty simple...Just do MORE of it. Do more of what makes you happy! I truly believe that in the super fast paced world we live in, happiness may not come as easily as we wish. In order to navigate3 through work and responsibilities that seem monotonous4, we have to actively5 pursue and engage in beautiful acts of love and kindness. So get to it!


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    1 toxic [ˈtɒksɪk] inSwc   第7级
    • The factory had accidentally released a quantity of toxic waste into the sea. 这家工厂意外泄漏大量有毒废物到海中。
    • There is a risk that toxic chemicals might be blasted into the atmosphere. 爆炸后有毒化学物质可能会进入大气层。
    2 awesome [ˈɔ:səm] CyCzdV   第8级
    • The church in Ireland has always exercised an awesome power. 爱尔兰的教堂一直掌握着令人敬畏的权力。
    • That new white convertible is totally awesome. 那辆新的白色折篷汽车简直棒极了.
    3 navigate [ˈnævɪgeɪt] 4Gyxu   第9级
    • He was the first man to navigate the Atlantic by air. 他是第一个飞越大西洋的人。
    • Such boats can navigate on the Nile. 这种船可以在尼罗河上航行。
    4 monotonous [məˈnɒtənəs] FwQyJ   第8级
    • She thought life in the small town was monotonous. 她觉得小镇上的生活单调而乏味。
    • His articles are fixed in form and monotonous in content. 他的文章千篇一律,一个调调儿。
    5 actively ['æktɪvlɪ] lzezni   第9级
    • During this period all the students were actively participating. 在这节课中所有的学生都积极参加。
    • We are actively intervening to settle a quarrel. 我们正在积极调解争执。

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