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  • Silicon1 Valley, the heart of the American tech industry, has given Hollywood endless ideas for movies and TV shows. Former Apple CEO Steve Jobs has been the subject of two movies and one documentary, while the story of Facebook founder2 Mark Zuckerberg was told in a 2010 film, for instance.


    But Silicon Valley has much more to it than that. As The Huffington Post reported, the TV series Silicon Valley finally gives tech culture the comedy it deserves. The show is currently airing its fourth season, with The Guardian3 calling it “the best and only comedy you should be watching”. It has a score of 9.1 points on Douban, an influential4 rating and review online platform.


    Silicon Valley follows a group of programmers trying to create the next big thing in Silicon Valley. Richard Hendricks, the show’s lead character, is shy and socially awkward. But he quickly becomes a superstar after he creates some clever new software. He decides to turn his idea into a company, which is when all the drama begins.


    Unlike The Big Bang Theory (《生活大爆炸》), Silicon Valley “does not set out to embarrass its nerds but rather to empower them”, wrote US newspaper The Diamondback. “Richard’s decision to set up his own company separates the show from the typical depiction5 of nerds on TV.”

    与电视剧《生活大爆炸》不同的是,《硅谷》“并不打算埋汰剧中的书呆子们,而是赋予他们力量”,美国报纸《The Diamondback》写道。“理查德决定成立自己的公司,从这一点来看,该剧就有别于那些电视上典型的书呆子形象。”

    According to TV review website IndieWire, the show provides an accurate portrayal6 of an industry that’s not seen very often on screens. “It presents a world where failure is common and success is hard-won. It’s a place where even the guy working at the liquor store has an idea for a mobile app,” it wrote.


    But a look into the world of Silicon Valley isn’t all the show offers. It focuses on the latest trends of “startups, software and apps, which gives it a modern feel,” wrote The Independent. “The series displays the power that the tech industry now has.”


    A rising number of college students are choosing to major in computer science. Around graduation season, many of them go to California to begin their own startups and hope to get rich from their high-tech7 skills.


    The show’s creator, Mike Judge, is a former Silicon Valley programmer himself. “If you’re in Wall Street, you’re kind of unashamed about how much money you’re making,” Judge said. “But in the tech world, it’s not enough to be making money – you’ve also got to be saving the world,” he told The Guardian.

    该剧的编剧,迈克·乔吉,自己就曾是一名硅谷程序员。“如果你在华尔街工作,对自己所挣的钱你一点也不难为情,”乔吉说道。“但在科技的世界里,光赚钱是不够的—— 你还得拯救世界。”他在接受《卫报》采访时表示。

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    1 silicon [ˈsɪlɪkən] dykwJ   第7级
    • This company pioneered the use of silicon chip. 这家公司开创了使用硅片的方法。
    • A chip is a piece of silicon about the size of a postage stamp. 芯片就是一枚邮票大小的硅片。
    2 Founder [ˈfaʊndə(r)] wigxF   第8级
    • He was extolled as the founder of their Florentine school. 他被称颂为佛罗伦萨画派的鼻祖。
    • According to the old tradition, Romulus was the founder of Rome. 按照古老的传说,罗穆卢斯是古罗马的建国者。
    3 guardian [ˈgɑ:diən] 8ekxv   第7级
    • The form must be signed by the child's parents or guardian. 这张表格须由孩子的家长或监护人签字。
    • The press is a guardian of the public weal. 报刊是公共福利的卫护者。
    4 influential [ˌɪnfluˈenʃl] l7oxK   第7级
    • He always tries to get in with the most influential people. 他总是试图巴结最有影响的人物。
    • He is a very influential man in the government. 他在政府中是个很有影响的人物。
    5 depiction [dɪ'pɪkʃn] f490e01c7396351ff1441f8162831f34   第7级
    • Double rhythms, resounding through the lyric depiction and connecting with each other, indicate the thespian place of mankind and the cognition of the writer to this thespian place. 这双重旋律互为表里,表明了人类的某种悲剧性处境以及作家对这种悲剧性处境的感受和认识。
    • A realistic depiction of scenes from everyday domestic life. 日常家居生活的写实画。
    6 portrayal [pɔ:ˈtreɪəl] IPlxy   第12级
    • His novel is a vivid portrayal of life in a mining community. 他的小说生动地描绘了矿区的生活。
    • The portrayal of the characters in the novel is lifelike. 该书中的人物写得有血有肉。
    7 high-tech [haɪ tek] high-tech   第7级
    • The economy is in the upswing which makes high-tech services in more demand too. 经济在蓬勃发展,这就使对高科技服务的需求量也在加大。
    • The quest of a cure for disease with high-tech has never ceased. 人们希望运用高科技治疗疾病的追求从未停止过。

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