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  • The Angry River is a short interactive1 film that uses eye-tracking technology and artificial intelligence to gauge2 who the viewer looks at and where their eyes linger most on screen. The film then edits itself into one of five possible storylines, to suit the viewer’s interest.


    The Angry River is basically a film with the interactivity3 of a multiple-ending video game, only instead of using a controller or a keyboard to make choices that impact the storyline, you do it with your eyes instead. Armen Perian, the filmmaker behind this groundbreaking project says that he was inspired by something one of the members of his editing team said three years ago. It sounded crazy at the time, but a seed was planted in Perian’s head, and with the advancement4 in artificial intelligence, that crazy idea became reality.


    “We were sitting in a very long, very difficult edit and someone said, ‘Man, I wish we could just edit this thing with our minds.’ It was totally off-the-cuff but the idea stuck with me,” Armen Perian recalled about how he came up with the idea for The Angry River.


    To make this interactive film possible, the filmmaker teamed up with Crossbeat New York, a tech company that developed the eye-tracking technology and the machine learning that controls the storyline. The movie itself was shot in Oregon and then edited into five distinct narrative5 perspectives, which can be assembled into a custom viewing experience that plays like a regular movie, but is actually tailored to suit the viewer’s interest.

    为了做出互动电影,佩里安和科技公司Crossbeat New York合作,后者研发出了眼球追踪技术和控制故事线的计算机算法。这部电影在美国俄勒冈州拍摄完后,被剪辑为五个叙事视角的故事线,这些故事线整合在一起,可以像普通电影一样播放,但能够投用户所好,提供定制观影体验。

    The Angry River plays like a normal movie, but in the background, eye-tracking technology collects data on what the viewer is most interested in and feeds it to an algorithm which then decides how the movie changes based on what is being viewed. So instead of directors and editors deciding the outcome of the story, viewers get to do it themselves.


    “I loved the idea of bringing game theory to film, but I wanted to preserve a cinematic experience, even though you’re watching it on your computer,” Perian said. “You watch it like any other film. But watching something is still making decisions, and what the viewer decides to pay attention to ultimately drives the action. It changes the movie they see.”


    The Angry River follows a family of human traffickers in Portland, Oregon, and will premiere online on May 18. The ingenious technology that powers it has already piqued6 the interest of both major film studios and tech companies, so we are likely to see interactive motion pictures in the near future.


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    1 interactive [ˌɪntərˈæktɪv] KqZzFY   第8级
    • The psychotherapy is carried out in small interactive groups. 这种心理治疗是在互动的小组之间进行的。
    • This will make videogames more interactive than ever. 这将使电子游戏的互动性更胜以往。
    2 gauge [ɡeɪdʒ] 2gMxz   第7级
    • Can you gauge what her reaction is likely to be? 你能揣测她的反应可能是什么吗?
    • It's difficult to gauge one's character. 要判断一个人的品格是很困难的。
    3 interactivity [ˌɪntəræk'tɪvətɪ] f336a285ffffbeff6be11d6af1bf48d3   第8级
    • You can just sit and watch it, but it also had interactivity. 你仅仅能坐着并且看它,但是它也有了互动性。 来自互联网
    • The teachers can employ various forms to carry out teaching interactivity. 导学课进行教学互动,可以采用多种形式。 来自互联网
    4 advancement [ədˈvɑ:nsmənt] tzgziL   第8级
    • His new contribution to the advancement of physiology was well appreciated. 他对生理学发展的新贡献获得高度赞赏。
    • The aim of a university should be the advancement of learning. 大学的目标应是促进学术。
    5 narrative [ˈnærətɪv] CFmxS   第7级
    • He was a writer of great narrative power. 他是一位颇有记述能力的作家。
    • Neither author was very strong on narrative. 两个作者都不是很善于讲故事。
    6 piqued [pi:kt] abe832d656a307cf9abb18f337accd25   第10级
    v.伤害…的自尊心( pique的过去式和过去分词 );激起(好奇心)
    • Their curiosity piqued, they stopped writing. 他们的好奇心被挑起,停下了手中的笔。 来自辞典例句
    • This phenomenon piqued Dr Morris' interest. 这一现象激起了莫里斯医生的兴趣。 来自辞典例句

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