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  • What will it take to reach the next level in your career? Crafting a stellar resume. Write a thoughtful cover letter that lists your accomplishments1 and demonstrate a passion for your prospective2 company’s work. Acing3 that interview.


    Yes, these are all critical to landing your next role. At the end of the day, however, there is another piece of the job seeking puzzle that will not only help you get your foot in the door, but also advance your career: your relationships. The people you create meaningful connections with will provide you with references, help open doors and, not to mention, offer candid4 feedback that you may need to hear.


    Whether it’s with a mentor5, former boss or current colleague, the time and energy invested in developing and nurturing6 these relationships will be well spent.


    Your number one strategy for fostering valuable professional relationships should be spending face time with the people with whom you currently work and previously7 worked. There’s simply no substitute for real conversations, sitting across from someone at a table, a firm handshake and good old-fashioned eye contact. This can seem like a challenge in today’s tech-focused world, but it’s easier than you think. Here’s how you can effectively create substantial professional connections:


    1. Limit distractions8.

    1. 限制干扰。

    Technology has no doubt improved our lives and made a lot of things easier, but in some ways, it’s made us lazy. We text people instead of talking. We make introductions via Twitter instead of meeting up for coffee. The next time you make plans to spend time outside of the office with a co-worker, even if it’s just an hour out of your day, put in the effort to make the most out of that time together. That means meeting face-to-face, and resisting the urge to check your phone while you’re together.


    2. Practice listening.

    2. 练习聆听。

    Your communications skills are incredibly important during an interview, as well as on the job. As you’re working on your professional relationships — with anyone from your former boss to your current manager or peers — take advantage of these opportunities to practice your listening skills. Create space for them to speak and pay attention to what they say — they’ll notice that you did.


    3. Create a follow up system.

    3. 创建跟踪系统。

    Whether it’s jotting9 down notes in your phone, setting up reminders10 in your Outlook calendar or creating a spreadsheet to keep track of who you’ve reached out to, develop automated11 systems that remind you to follow-up. This is especially important when you’re building new relationships. That stack of business cards serves no purpose if it’s just sitting idle on your desk. Make the most of those initial touch points by following up to schedule time to talk, preferably in person (or if they’re at a distance, on the phone or Skype).


    4. Make it a habit.

    4. 养成习惯。

    As you develop a system for seamlessly incorporating relationship building into your routine, also schedule regular meeting times with your manager or a colleague so that meeting in-person becomes a habit. Even if the purpose is simply to get to know someone better, more time face-to-face will help meeting in-person become second nature to you.


    5. Enjoy it and get to know them!

    5. 乐在其中并去认识他们!

    Your most meaningful connections will be with people that not only respect you as a professional, but like what makes you unique. Chances are, they’ll be more likely to recommend you for a new job or provide a glowing reference if they’re personally vested in you. It’s that real and memorable12 connection that creates a foundation to build upon. Really take the time to connect and your professional relationships will bloom.


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    1 accomplishments [ə'kʌmplɪʃmənts] 1c15077db46e4d6425b6f78720939d54   第8级
    n.造诣;完成( accomplishment的名词复数 );技能;成绩;成就
    • It was one of the President's greatest accomplishments. 那是总统最伟大的成就之一。
    • Among her accomplishments were sewing,cooking,playing the piano and dancing. 她的才能包括缝纫、烹调、弹钢琴和跳舞。 来自《现代英汉综合大词典》
    2 prospective [prəˈspektɪv] oR7xB   第8级
    • The story should act as a warning to other prospective buyers. 这篇报道应该对其他潜在的购买者起到警示作用。
    • They have all these great activities for prospective freshmen. 这会举办各种各样的活动来招待未来的新人。
    3 acing [] 4bfdddc52aa6dda4246d383600336b9f   第9级
    • Up to 4 years relevant experience on budget, cost acing report analysis. 4年以上财务经验,包括:预算经验,成本核算经验,财务报表经验。 来自互联网
    • Ian: I always think of happy thoughts. Imagine yourself acing the test. 伊恩:我一直保持快乐的想法。想象你考试满分。 来自互联网
    4 candid [ˈkændɪd] SsRzS   第9级
    • I cannot but hope the candid reader will give some allowance for it. 我只有希望公正的读者多少包涵一些。
    • He is quite candid with his friends. 他对朋友相当坦诚。
    5 mentor [ˈmentɔ:(r)] s78z0   第11级
    • He fed on the great ideas of his mentor. 他以他导师的伟大思想为支撑。
    • He had mentored scores of younger doctors. 他指导过许多更年轻的医生。
    6 nurturing [ˈnə:tʃərɪŋ] d35e8f9c6b6b0f1c54ced7de730a6241   第7级
    养育( nurture的现在分词 ); 培育; 滋长; 助长
    • These delicate plants need careful nurturing. 这些幼嫩的植物需要精心培育。
    • The modern conservatory is not an environment for nurturing plants. 这个现代化温室的环境不适合培育植物。
    7 previously ['pri:vɪəslɪ] bkzzzC   第8级
    • The bicycle tyre blew out at a previously damaged point. 自行车胎在以前损坏过的地方又爆开了。
    • Let me digress for a moment and explain what had happened previously. 让我岔开一会儿,解释原先发生了什么。
    8 distractions [dɪˈstrækʃənz] ff1d4018fe7ed703bc7b2e2e97ba2216   第8级
    n.使人分心的事[人]( distraction的名词复数 );娱乐,消遣;心烦意乱;精神错乱
    • I find it hard to work at home because there are too many distractions. 我发觉在家里工作很难,因为使人分心的事太多。
    • There are too many distractions here to work properly. 这里叫人分心的事太多,使人无法好好工作。 来自《简明英汉词典》
    9 jotting ['dʒɒtɪŋ] 7d3705384e72d411ab2c0155b5810b56   第8级
    n.简短的笔记,略记v.匆忙记下( jot的现在分词 );草草记下,匆匆记下
    • All the time I was talking he was jotting down. 每次我在讲话时,他就会记录下来。 来自互联网
    • The student considers jotting down the number of the businessman's American Express card. 这论理学生打算快迅速地记录下来下这位商贾的美国运通卡的金额。 来自互联网
    10 reminders [rɪ'maɪndəz] aaaf99d0fb822f809193c02b8cf69fba   第9级
    n.令人回忆起…的东西( reminder的名词复数 );提醒…的东西;(告知该做某事的)通知单;提示信
    • The film evokes chilling reminders of the war. 这部电影使人们回忆起战争的可怕场景。
    • The strike has delayed the mailing of tax reminders. 罢工耽搁了催税单的投寄。
    11 automated ['ɔ:təmeitid] fybzf9   第8级
    • The entire manufacturing process has been automated. 整个生产过程已自动化。
    • Automated Highway System (AHS) is recently regarded as one subsystem of Intelligent Transport System (ITS). 近年来自动公路系统(Automated Highway System,AHS),作为智能运输系统的子系统之一越来越受到重视。
    12 memorable [ˈmemərəbl] K2XyQ   第8级
    • This was indeed the most memorable day of my life. 这的确是我一生中最值得怀念的日子。
    • The veteran soldier has fought many memorable battles. 这个老兵参加过许多难忘的战斗。

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