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  • LeBron James


    LeBron James has changed teams, leaving hometown franchise1 Cleveland Cavaliers for the sunnier climes that life as a Los Angeles Laker will bring.


    That move alone is enough to make this past NBA off-season one of the most historic in recent memory. But besides one of the greatest, if not the very best, players to ever play basketball switching jerseys2, that isn't the only notable move this summer.


    When an athlete as talented as LeBron James becomes available, there will of course be a few main suitors, but in reality, front offices across all 30 NBA teams will have at least explored how they could entice3 the four-time MVP to sign with them.


    LeBron bought a second property in Brentwood, Southern California last December for 17. 5m pounds, while LA can provide him with a strong platform for his business interests as he enters the latter stages of his career. The fourth year of his deal is a player option, which essentially4 means he's only under contract for three seasons.


    Kawhi Leonard


    Kawhi Leonard's departure from the Spurs was slow, painful and confusing. Neither side has publicly commented on why their relationship eroded5, but it's pretty clear that the two parties stopped seeing eye to eye.


    Leaving San Antonio will also cost Leonard a pretty penny. Had he stayed, he would've been eligible6 to sign a five-year 165m pounds supermax deal. Instead, the maximum deal he can now sign is a four-year 144m pounds deal with the Raptors, while another team could only offer him a maximum of 107m pounds across four seasons. The difference in earning potential could cost Leonard as much as 58m pounds.

    离开圣安东尼奥也会让莱昂纳德在经济上承受相当大的损失。如果能留守马刺,莱昂纳德就有资格签下一份为期五年、价值1. 65亿英镑的超级合同。相反,他现在与猛龙队最多只能签下一份四年1. 44亿英镑的合同,而其他球队则最多只能给他提供一份在四年1. 07亿英镑的合同。这次交易可能会使伦纳德直接损失掉5800万英镑。


    DeMarcus Cousins


    Cousins averaged 25. 5 points, 12. 9 rebounds7, 5. 4 assists, 1. 6 blocks and 1. 6 steals per game in 2017-18. That level of production should put him in the highest contract tier. Instead he signed with the league's best side for a bargain price.

    2017-18赛季,考辛斯场均能拿下25. 5分,12. 9个篮板,5. 4次助攻,1. 6次盖帽和1. 6次抢断。这样出色的数据本来可以为他带来一份顶薪合同。而事实却恰恰相反,他以极低的价格与联盟现在最好的球队签约。

    For Golden State, the move is largely viewed as low-risk, exceptionally high-reward type of move. If it works, then the Warriors8 probably just secured their fourth championship in five years. If it doesn't, they can sever9 their ties with him next summer with no financial ramifications10.


    Paul George


    Last summer, the Oklahoma City Thunder took a huge risk in trading for Paul George. The small forward only had a year left on his deal and it was widely believed that the Thunder were only getting the former Indiana Pacer as a one-year rental11, as George was very vocal12 in outlining his love for Los Angeles and desire to play for the Lakers.


    The risk has paid off and now George will remain in Oklahoma for the next few seasons, making the Thunder dark horse contenders in the Western Conference.


    Isaiah Thomas


    Spare a thought for Isaiah Thomas. This time last year, it seemed a certainty that his next contract would be a huge one. The point guard was fresh off the best season of his career and came fifth in the race to win the NBA's MVP award.


    However,for now, the reverse happened and now he has to prove himself as an elite13 talent once again, signing a short-term deal in hope of having a strong enough season to help him secure a much bigger deal in 2019.


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    1 franchise [ˈfræntʃaɪz] BQnzu   第8级
    • Catering in the schools is run on a franchise basis. 学校餐饮服务以特许权经营。
    • The United States granted the franchise to women in 1920. 美国于1920年给妇女以参政权。
    2 jerseys [ˈdʒə:ziz] 26c6e36a41f599d0f56d0246b900c354   第11级
    n.运动衫( jersey的名词复数 )
    • The maximum quantity of cotton jerseys this year is about DM25,000. 平方米的羊毛地毯超过了以往的订货。 来自口语例句
    • The NBA is mulling the prospect of stitching advertising logos onto jerseys. 大意:NBA官方正在酝酿一个大煞风景的计划——把广告标志绣上球服! 来自互联网
    3 entice [ɪnˈtaɪs] FjazS   第9级
    • Nothing will entice the children from television. 没有任何东西能把孩子们从电视机前诱开。
    • I don't see why the English should want to entice us away from our native land. 我不明白,为什英国人要引诱我们离开自己的国土。
    4 essentially [ɪˈsenʃəli] nntxw   第8级
    • Really great men are essentially modest. 真正的伟人大都很谦虚。
    • She is an essentially selfish person. 她本质上是个自私自利的人。
    5 eroded [ɪ'rəʊdɪd] f1d64e7cb6e68a5e1444e173c24e672e   第8级
    adj. 被侵蚀的,有蚀痕的 动词erode的过去式和过去分词形式
    • The cliff face has been steadily eroded by the sea. 峭壁表面逐渐被海水侵蚀。
    • The stream eroded a channel in the solid rock. 小溪在硬石中侵蚀成一条水道。
    6 eligible [ˈelɪdʒəbl] Cq6xL   第7级
    • He is an eligible young man. 他是一个合格的年轻人。
    • Helen married an eligible bachelor. 海伦嫁给了一个中意的单身汉。
    7 rebounds ['ri:'bɑʊndz] 87b0c2d1da6e752183ab26d425c5acd4   第10级
    反弹球( rebound的名词复数 ); 回弹球; 抢断篮板球; 复兴
    • V is the velocity after the gas particle rebounds from the wall. V是粒子从壁上弹开后的速度。
    • In the former case, the first body rebounds with practically its original velocity. 在前一种情况下,第一个物体实际上以原来的速度弹回。
    8 warriors ['wɒrɪəz] 3116036b00d464eee673b3a18dfe1155   第7级
    武士,勇士,战士( warrior的名词复数 )
    • I like reading the stories ofancient warriors. 我喜欢读有关古代武士的故事。
    • The warriors speared the man to death. 武士们把那个男子戳死了。
    9 sever [ˈsevə(r)] wTXzb   第9级
    • She wanted to sever all her connections with the firm. 她想断绝和那家公司的所有联系。
    • We must never sever the cultural vein of our nation. 我们不能割断民族的文化血脉。
    10 ramifications [ˌræməfɪˈkeɪʃənz] 45f4d7d5a0d59c5d453474d22bf296ae   第11级
    n.结果,后果( ramification的名词复数 )
    • These changes are bound to have widespread social ramifications. 这些变化注定会造成许多难以预料的社会后果。
    • What are the ramifications of our decision to join the union? 我们决定加入工会会引起哪些后果呢? 来自《简明英汉词典》
    11 rental [ˈrentl] cBezh   第8级
    • The yearly rental of her house is 2400 yuan. 她这房子年租金是2400元。
    • We can organise car rental from Chicago O'Hare Airport. 我们可以安排提供从芝加哥奥黑尔机场出发的租车服务。
    12 vocal [ˈvəʊkl] vhOwA   第7级
    • The tongue is a vocal organ. 舌头是一个发音器官。
    • Public opinion at last became vocal. 终于舆论哗然。
    13 elite [eɪˈli:t] CqzxN   第7级
    • The power elite inside the government is controlling foreign policy. 政府内部的一群握有实权的精英控制着对外政策。
    • We have a political elite in this country. 我们国家有一群政治精英。

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