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  • The news, at its best, is often an indulgence, a relief, an escape from one’s own troubles, a flight from the mundane1. News is not a civic2 chore. In fact, to treat reading the news as a duty is to treat ice cream like mustard greens–to believe readers must be tricked into eating it, and thus guarantee that they rarely will.


    I’m going to propose that we should read news sites as ice cream–not as an obligation, but for stimulation3, escapism, and even righteousness. At the same time we must admit to ourselves that–far from being a duty–news in heated times (and in the age of T witter) can often represent a full-tilt compulsion, and thus a habit to be judiciously4 managed.


    This new avidity and readerly sense of purpose began about a year ago, during the psychic5 upheaval6 of the presidential primaries, with the repeated shocks to our society’s manners, morals, and politics. The work of “being informed”–so long preached in social studies classes–now felt like the opposite of work. You didn’t have to force yourself to read the news. You had to force yourself to take a break.


    There is everything to be gained by cultivating a personal stake in the lives of others, in the future of our nation, and in the world. But reading the front section as if it were the sports pages, with every line a credit or debit7, a win, or a loss, has hazards. You begin to twist what you read. It’s what happens when the public’s consumption of news becomes too much about sides, about winning and losing, and less about empathy for our fellow men.


    So how do we combat this? By increasing our literacy. To become a better reader, we must borrow practices from higher-order reading, including the reading of fiction. Remember that the best characters and novels–and every single flesh-and-blood human and real-life event–mix good and evil. Suspend judgement. Let yourself be surprised by evidence that doesn’t fit your hypothesis. Take breaks.


    But also, keep reading. It’s quite a story. And you’re part of it.


     9级    双语 
     单词标签: mundane  civic  stimulation  judiciously  psychic  upheaval  debit 


    1 mundane [mʌnˈdeɪn] F6NzJ   第9级
    • I hope I can get an interesting job and not something mundane. 我希望我可以得到的是一份有趣的工作,而不是一份平凡无奇的。
    • I find it humorous sometimes that even the most mundane occurrences can have an impact on our awareness. 我发现生活有时挺诙谐的,即使是最平凡的事情也能影响我们的感知。
    2 civic [ˈsɪvɪk] Fqczn   第8级
    • I feel it is my civic duty to vote. 我认为投票选举是我作为公民的义务。
    • The civic leaders helped to forward the project. 市政府领导者协助促进工程的进展。
    3 stimulation [ˌstɪmjʊ'leɪʃn] BuIwL   第7级
    • The playgroup provides plenty of stimulation for the children.幼儿游戏组给孩子很多启发。
    • You don't get any intellectual stimulation in this job.你不能从这份工作中获得任何智力启发。
    4 judiciously [dʒʊ'dɪʃəslɪ] 18cfc8ca2569d10664611011ec143a63   第9级
    • Let's use these intelligence tests judiciously. 让我们好好利用这些智力测试题吧。 来自《简明英汉词典》
    • His ideas were quaint and fantastic. She brought him judiciously to earth. 他的看法荒廖古怪,她颇有见识地劝他面对现实。 来自辞典例句
    5 psychic [ˈsaɪkɪk] BRFxT   第10级
    • Some people are said to have psychic powers. 据说有些人有通灵的能力。
    • She claims to be psychic and to be able to foretell the future. 她自称有特异功能,能预知未来。
    6 upheaval [ʌpˈhi:vl] Tp6y1   第10级
    • It was faced with the greatest social upheaval since World War Ⅱ. 它面临第二次世界大战以来最大的社会动乱。
    • The country has been thrown into an upheaval. 这个国家已经陷入动乱之中。
    7 debit [ˈdebɪt] AOdzV   第8级
    • To whom shall I debit this sum? 此款应记入谁的账户的借方?
    • We undercharge Mr. Smith and have to send him a debit note for the extra amount. 我们少收了史密斯先生的钱,只得给他寄去一张借条所要欠款。

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