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  • Since I was a teenager, I've witnessed my fair share of body and food shaming, namely from friends and classmates. As we perused1 the dessert menu after dinner, I recall one friend saying she couldn't order her favorite dessert because "I'm wearing a crop top out tonight and want to look good."


    I've listened to friends compare their own bodies to those of women in completely different circumstances. Every time, I've choose to smile politely and nod my head at these self-deprecating comments. But as the years have gone by and talk about disordered eating, body positivity, and body image have only become more common, I've increasingly wondered why we let our friends say these things about themselves and let it slide as normal behavior.


    It really hit me during a recent brunch2 meet up with a few close friends. The conversation started with banter3 about our jobs, our love lives, and weekend plans, but soon, the weight loss talk crept into the conversation and overtook everything. I listened to people who I saw as beautiful already, both inside and out, consumed with thoughts of what they were eating and how they were working out to combat the extra calories or fat or carbohydrates4 in those foods.


    I sat there in silence because I wanted to scream Stop it! but it felt rude and wrong to dis something they felt so passionate5 about.


    And I've been there too. During my month trying Whole30, I found myself obsessing6 over every morsel7 I ate and how it affected8 my body. I would catch myself mid-sentence, talking about how great my new eating style was, and then suddenly think This isn't the real Julia. She wouldn't spend so much time talking about her diet in such an unsolicited way.


    Still, obsessing over the diet and telling everyone about my final goal is what got me through the grueling 30 days. Because of my Whole30 experience, I understand the allure9 of talking about your diet and exercise regime constantly. It can provide accountability, yes, but at what cost? All that talk about weight loss goals seem exhausting, and frankly10, not worth it.


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    1 perused [pəˈru:zd] 21fd1593b2d74a23f25b2a6c4dbd49b5   第10级
    v.读(某篇文字)( peruse的过去式和过去分词 );(尤指)细阅;审阅;匆匆读或心不在焉地浏览(某篇文字)
    • I remained under the wall and perused Miss Cathy's affectionate composition. 我就留在墙跟底下阅读凯蒂小姐的爱情作品。 来自辞典例句
    • Have you perused this article? 你细读了这篇文章了吗? 来自互联网
    2 brunch [brʌntʃ] kWxzP   第9级
    • They eat much the same thing for brunch every day. 每天早午餐他们总是吃同样的东西。
    • What did you have for your brunch? 你早午饭都吃些什么?
    3 banter [ˈbæntə(r)] muwzE   第10级
    • The actress exchanged banter with reporters. 女演员与记者相互开玩笑。
    • She engages in friendly banter with her customers. 她常和顾客逗乐。
    4 carbohydrates [kɑ:bə'haɪdreɪts] 001f0186d1ea717492c413ca718f2635   第7级
    n.碳水化合物,糖类( carbohydrate的名词复数 );淀粉质或糖类食物
    • The plant uses the carbohydrates to make cellulose. 植物用碳水化合物制造纤维素。 来自《简明英汉词典》
    • All carbohydrates originate from plants. 所有的碳水化合物均来自植物。 来自辞典例句
    5 passionate [ˈpæʃənət] rLDxd   第8级
    • He is said to be the most passionate man. 据说他是最有激情的人。
    • He is very passionate about the project. 他对那个项目非常热心。
    6 obsessing [əbˈsesɪŋ] 1906224f3e65b7ee81295a81562a22bd   第8级
    v.时刻困扰( obsess的现在分词 );缠住;使痴迷;使迷恋
    • Why is everyone obsessing over system specs right now? 为啥现在人人都对系统配置情有独钟? 来自互联网
    • A nitpicker, obsessing over dimes, is too stiff to place orders. 一个连一毛钱都舍不得亏的人,因太过拘谨而不能下单。 来自互联网
    7 morsel [ˈmɔ:sl] Q14y4   第11级
    • He refused to touch a morsel of the food they had brought. 他们拿来的东西他一口也不吃。
    • The patient has not had a morsel of food since the morning. 从早上起病人一直没有进食。
    8 affected [əˈfektɪd] TzUzg0   第9级
    • She showed an affected interest in our subject. 她假装对我们的课题感到兴趣。
    • His manners are affected. 他的态度不自然。
    9 allure [əˈlʊə(r)] 4Vqz9   第9级
    • The window displays allure customers to buy goods. 橱窗陈列品吸引顾客购买货物。
    • The book has a certain allure for which it is hard to find a reason. 这本书有一种难以解释的魅力。
    10 frankly [ˈfræŋkli] fsXzcf   第7级
    • To speak frankly, I don't like the idea at all. 老实说,我一点也不赞成这个主意。
    • Frankly speaking, I'm not opposed to reform. 坦率地说,我不反对改革。

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