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  • An unconventional new initiative in Canada will soon allow doctors to literally prescribe art to their patients - by giving them free access to a local museum. 加拿大一项非常规的新政策将允许医生为他们的病人开出艺术品类“处方”——让病人可以免费进入当地的一家博物馆。 Wandering through the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts (MMFA), these patients and their loved ones will be able to feast their eyes on the soothing properties of art. 在蒙特利尔美术博物馆内漫步,大饱眼福的病人以及他们的亲友将能够接受艺术的熏陶,进而舒缓自己的神经。 The initiative is the first of its kind in the world. And while you certainly can't replace a conventional treatment with a couple of paintings, the idea is for such 'prescriptions' to assist a person's current treatment plan. 这是世界上第一个提议艺术处方的做法。虽然你肯定不能用几幅画作取代传统的治疗,但“艺术处方”可以为病人当前的治疗计划提供辅助。 Under the new program, members of the Francophone Association of Doctors in Canada (MFdC) will be able to hand out up to 50 prescriptions for their patients. 根据新政策,加拿大法语国家医生协会的成员将能够为其患者开出最多50个艺术处方。 These prescriptions will be available for those with a wide range of mental and physical illnesses, and each one of the passes will allow two adults and two minors to visit the museum for free. 这些处方将适用于患有各种精神和身体疾病的人,每个处方通行证将允许两名成人和两名未成年人免费参观该博物馆。 "By offering free admission to a safe, welcoming place, a relaxing, revitalizing experience, a moment of respite, and an opportunity to strengthen ties with loved ones, MMFA-MFdC Museum Prescriptions contribute to the patient's well-being and recovery," explains a press release from the MMFA. 蒙特利尔美术博物馆的新闻稿称:“通过提供免费进入安全温馨场所的机会来放松身心、恢复活力、休养生息以及和亲人增进感情,蒙特利尔美术博物馆和加拿大法语国家医生协会合作的处方有助于患者的康复。” It may look a lot like a marketing effort for the museum (and it's possible there's an element of promotion in this) but there's also increasing evidence that the display of visual art, especially if it's depicting nature, can have positive effects on health outcomes. 此举可能看起来很像是博物馆的一种营销手段(可能的确是广告策划的一部分),但也有越来越多的证据表明,视觉艺术的展示,特别是描绘自然的艺术品,可以对健康结果产生积极的影响。 In some ways, the benefits of looking at art appear a little similar to physical activity. A systematic review of clinical art therapy found that visual art has significant and positive effects on depression, anxiety, mood, trauma, distress, coping ability, and self-esteem. 在某些方面,欣赏艺术品的益处似乎与运动有些类似。对临床艺术疗法的系统回顾发现,视觉艺术对抑郁、焦虑、不良情绪、创伤、痛苦、应对能力和自尊有显著的积极影响。 Findings like these are slowly gaining traction in the medical community, making artwork a higher priority in hospitals around the world. 像这样的发现正在逐渐引起医学界的关注,使得艺术品作为硬件设施在世界各地医院更受重视。 In the US, nearly half of all health care institutions have reported including art in health care programming, such as art therapy and the placement of visual art in hospitals. 在美国,近一半的医疗保健机构报告称在医疗项目中包含了艺术,比如艺术疗法,以及在医院中展示视觉艺术品。 With spaces dedicated to art therapy and also a medical consultation room, the MMFA already provides services for people with mental health issues, eating disorders, autism spectrum disorder, epilepsy and Alzheimer's disease, just to name a few. 蒙特利尔美术博物馆拥有专门的艺术治疗工作室和医疗咨询室,为患有精神健康问题、饮食失调、自闭症谱系障碍、癫痫和阿尔茨海默病等疾病的患者提供服务。 So far over 100 doctors from MFdC have signed up to the pilot program. 到目前为止,已有100多名来自加拿大法语国家医生协会的医生签字加入了试点计划。 Nicole Parent, head of the MFdC, said these numbers just go to show that even physicians have "a sensitivity and openness to alternative approaches." 加拿大法语国家医生协会的负责人尼可·佩尔任特表示,这些数字只是表明即使是医生也“对其他方法保持敏感性和开放态度”。 These art prescriptions aren't the only unconventional treatment in the world, either. In Scotland's Shetland Islands, a pilot program for prescribing 'nature' to patients went so well, it's now a scheme available to all doctors in the region. 这些艺术处方也不是世界上唯一的非传统治疗方法。在苏格兰的设得兰群岛,一个为患者开具“自然”处方的试点项目进展非常顺利,现已成为该地区所有医生的一项常规疗法。 Encouraging people to get out there and appreciate some clouds is expected to improve patients' blood pressure, reduce their risk of heart disease, and give their mental health a boost. 鼓励人们走出去,观赏天边的云彩,将能够改善患者的血压问题,降低其罹患心脏病的风险,并提高他们的心理健康水平。 It's not quite the same as art therapy, but it's a nice idea - both of these types of unusual 'prescriptions' can play a role in one's overall wellbeing. We'll keep our fingers crossed for some 'chocolate' prescriptions next. 它与艺术疗法并不完全相同,但也是一个不错的主意——这两种不同寻常的“处方”都可以在我们的整体健康状况中发挥作用。下一次,拜托来点巧克力处方吧。
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    1 literally [ˈlɪtərəli] 28Wzv   第7级
    • He translated the passage literally. 他逐字逐句地翻译这段文字。
    • Sometimes she would not sit down till she was literally faint. 有时候,她不走到真正要昏厥了,决不肯坐下来。
    2 soothing [su:ðɪŋ] soothing   第12级
    • Put on some nice soothing music. 播放一些柔和舒缓的音乐。
    • His casual, relaxed manner was very soothing. 他随意而放松的举动让人很快便平静下来。
    3 prescriptions [prɪsk'rɪpʃnz] f0b231c0bb45f8e500f32e91ec1ae602   第7级
    药( prescription的名词复数 ); 处方; 开处方; 计划
    • The hospital of traditional Chinese medicine installed a computer to fill prescriptions. 中医医院装上了电子计算机来抓药。
    • Her main job was filling the doctor's prescriptions. 她的主要工作就是给大夫开的药方配药。
    4 minors [ˈmainəz] ff2adda56919f98e679a46d5a4ad4abb   第7级
    n.未成年人( minor的名词复数 );副修科目;小公司;[逻辑学]小前提v.[主美国英语]副修,选修,兼修( minor的第三人称单数 )
    • The law forbids shops to sell alcohol to minors. 法律禁止商店向未成年者出售含酒精的饮料。 来自《简明英汉词典》
    • He had three minors this semester. 这学期他有三门副修科目。 来自《简明英汉词典》
    5 respite [ˈrespaɪt] BWaxa   第10级
    • She was interrogated without respite for twenty-four hours. 她被不间断地审问了二十四小时。
    • Devaluation would only give the economy a brief respite. 贬值只能让经济得到暂时的缓解。
    6 well-being [wel 'bi:ɪŋ] Fe3zbn   第8级
    • He always has the well-being of the masses at heart. 他总是把群众的疾苦挂在心上。
    • My concern for their well-being was misunderstood as interference. 我关心他们的幸福,却被误解为多管闲事。
    7 marketing [ˈmɑ:kɪtɪŋ] Boez7e   第8级
    • They are developing marketing network. 他们正在发展销售网络。
    • He often goes marketing. 他经常去市场做生意。
    8 promotion [prəˈməʊʃn] eRLxn   第7级
    • The teacher conferred with the principal about Dick's promotion. 教师与校长商谈了迪克的升级问题。
    • The clerk was given a promotion and an increase in salary. 那个职员升了级,加了薪。
    9 depicting [diˈpiktɪŋ] eaa7ce0ad4790aefd480461532dd76e4   第7级
    描绘,描画( depict的现在分词 ); 描述
    • a painting depicting the Virgin and Child 一幅描绘童贞马利亚和圣子耶稣的画
    • The movie depicting the battles and bloodshed is bound to strike home. 这部描写战斗和流血牺牲的影片一定会取得预期效果。
    10 systematic [ˌsɪstəˈmætɪk] SqMwo   第7级
    • The way he works isn't very systematic. 他的工作不是很有条理。
    • The teacher made a systematic work of teaching. 这个教师进行系统的教学工作。
    11 trauma [ˈtrɔ:mə] TJIzJ   第8级
    • Counselling is helping him work through this trauma. 心理辅导正帮助他面对痛苦。
    • The phobia may have its root in a childhood trauma. 恐惧症可能源于童年时期的创伤。
    12 distress [dɪˈstres] 3llzX   第7级
    • Nothing could alleviate his distress. 什么都不能减轻他的痛苦。
    • Please don't distress yourself. 请你不要忧愁了。
    13 traction [ˈtrækʃn] kJXz3   第11级
    • I'll show you how the traction is applied. 我会让你看如何做这种牵引。
    • She's injured her back and is in traction for a month. 她背部受伤,正在作一个月的牵引治疗。
    14 dedicated [ˈdedɪkeɪtɪd] duHzy2   第9级
    • He dedicated his life to the cause of education. 他献身于教育事业。
    • His whole energies are dedicated to improve the design. 他的全部精力都放在改进这项设计上了。
    15 consultation [ˌkɒnslˈteɪʃn] VZAyq   第9级
    • The company has promised wide consultation on its expansion plans. 该公司允诺就其扩展计划广泛征求意见。
    • The scheme was developed in close consultation with the local community. 该计划是在同当地社区密切磋商中逐渐形成的。
    16 disorder [dɪsˈɔ:də(r)] Et1x4   第7级
    • When returning back, he discovered the room to be in disorder. 回家后,他发现屋子里乱七八糟。
    • It contained a vast number of letters in great disorder. 里面七零八落地装着许多信件。
    17 disorders [disˈɔ:dəz] 6e49dcafe3638183c823d3aa5b12b010   第7级
    n.混乱( disorder的名词复数 );凌乱;骚乱;(身心、机能)失调
    • Reports of anorexia and other eating disorders are on the increase. 据报告,厌食症和其他饮食方面的功能紊乱发生率正在不断增长。 来自《简明英汉词典》
    • The announcement led to violent civil disorders. 这项宣布引起剧烈的骚乱。 来自《简明英汉词典》
    18 spectrum [ˈspektrəm] Trhy6   第7级
    • This is a kind of atomic spectrum. 这是一种原子光谱。
    • We have known much of the constitution of the solar spectrum. 关于太阳光谱的构成,我们已了解不少。

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