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  • You may have thought all superyachts were created equal. But according to one designer, there is a gap in the market for vessels2 targeted at the fairer sex.


    In case the world's most powerful women don't want to splash out on the regular millionaires' toys on the market, luxury designer Lidia Bersani has created the first luxury mega yacht with a female in mind.

    奢侈品设计师莉迪亚·贝尔萨尼(Lidia Bersani)认为世界上最有权势的女性不见得会把钱挥霍在一般百万富翁经常花费的地方,因此她为女性打造了第一艘全球巨型豪华游艇。

    The sleek3 white and gold yacht, measuring an impressive 262ft, is targeted at female buyers and is designed using crystal, gold, fur and flowers. It is even named La Belle4, which translates as 'the beauty'.

    这艘乳白与金黄相间的游艇全长竟达262英尺(约为80米),目标群体是女性买家,并用水晶、黄金、毛皮以及鲜花作为装饰。游艇甚至名为“拉·贝尔”(La Belle),译为“美丽”。

    The 80-metre superyacht is not for the faint hearted. It's a riot of opulent gold mosaics5, mother of pearl, Swarovski crystal chandeliers, gemstones, onyx and bespoke6 wooden furniture.


    The boat's design revolves7 around soft edges, smooth lines, floral patterns and a large amount of glass, crystal and bright white.


    Lidia Bersani's website says of La Belle: '[The] Yacht is in distinctive8 Bersani Style, romantic and warm. The colors in white, ivory and gold are predominant. Interior is full of opulent and comfortable elements.'


    The vessel1 could comfortably sleep 12 guests in six deluxe9 cabins.


    The master cabin on the second deck has a round king size double bed, private terrace, thick curtains, gold touches and floral carpeting.


    There are five other guest suites10 spread around the boat. If you get bored of sunning yourself on deck the yacht has lounges, dining places and facilities for live music.


    In place of darts11 boards and computer games, you'll find a spa area with hyrdromassage pool, sauna, hamman, infrared12 sauna, snow room and ice fountains; small fitness club with outdoor Jacuzzi; library with fireplace; beauty centre, disco club, cinema – theatre, as well as a few bars.


    'The idea is to equip this Super Yacht with ultra-modern stabilizing13 system and state of the art machinery14 and equipment,' says Lidia Bersani Luxury Design.

    莉亚迪?贝尔萨尼表示, 为了迎合超级游艇这一主题,船上均采用超现代化的稳定系统以及先进的机器和设备。

    Each of the five decks has an outside area for relaxing, sun bathing and looking out to sea. There's a lift as well as staircase to take you in between them.


    Of the price, Ms Bersani told MailOnline, 'Unfortunately we do not have yet the final price. The idea is to build the most luxurious15 yacht on the world, and the golden decorations, Swarovski crystals, and some precious stones which we would like to use, it will be not cheap, I am sure.'


     11级    双语 


    1 vessel [ˈvesl] 4L1zi   第7级
    • The vessel is fully loaded with cargo for Shanghai. 这艘船满载货物驶往上海。
    • You should put the water into a vessel. 你应该把水装入容器中。
    2 vessels ['vesəlz] fc9307c2593b522954eadb3ee6c57480   第7级
    n.血管( vessel的名词复数 );船;容器;(具有特殊品质或接受特殊品质的)人
    • The river is navigable by vessels of up to 90 tons. 90 吨以下的船只可以从这条河通过。 来自《简明英汉词典》
    • All modern vessels of any size are fitted with radar installations. 所有现代化船只都有雷达装置。 来自《现代汉英综合大词典》
    3 sleek [sli:k] zESzJ   第10级
    • Women preferred sleek, shiny hair with little decoration. 女士们更喜欢略加修饰的光滑闪亮型秀发。
    • The horse's coat was sleek and glossy. 这匹马全身润泽有光。
    4 belle [bel] MQly5   第12级
    • She was the belle of her Sunday School class. 在主日学校她是她们班的班花。
    • She was the belle of the ball. 她是那个舞会中的美女。
    5 mosaics [məʊ'zeɪɪks] 2c3cb76ec7fcafd7e808cb959fa24d5e   第7级
    n.马赛克( mosaic的名词复数 );镶嵌;镶嵌工艺;镶嵌图案
    • The panel shows marked similarities with mosaics found elsewhere. 这块嵌板和在其他地方找到的镶嵌图案有明显的相似之处。 来自《简明英汉词典》
    • The unsullied and shining floor was paved with white mosaics. 干净明亮的地上镶嵌着白色图案。 来自辞典例句
    6 bespoke [biˈspəuk] 145af5d0ef7fa4d104f65fe8ad911f59   第12级
    adj.(产品)订做的;专做订货的v.预定( bespeak的过去式 );订(货);证明;预先请求
    • His style of dressing bespoke great self-confidence. 他的衣着风格显得十分自信。
    • The haberdasher presented a cap, saying,"Here is the cap your worship bespoke." 帽匠拿出一顶帽子来说:“这就是老爷您定做的那顶。” 来自辞典例句
    7 revolves [riˈvɔlvz] 63fec560e495199631aad0cc33ccb782   第7级
    v.(使)旋转( revolve的第三人称单数 );细想
    • The earth revolves both round the sun and on its own axis. 地球既公转又自转。 来自《现代汉英综合大词典》
    • Thus a wheel revolves on its axle. 于是,轮子在轴上旋转。 来自《简明英汉词典》
    8 distinctive [dɪˈstɪŋktɪv] Es5xr   第8级
    • She has a very distinctive way of walking. 她走路的样子与别人很不相同。
    • This bird has several distinctive features. 这个鸟具有几种突出的特征。
    9 deluxe [də'lʌks] Auzzuf   第10级
    • This system puts the top hotels in a special deluxe category. 这种分类法把最高级的旅馆列为特殊豪华级。
    • I liked the deluxe edition, but I could afford only a second best. 我喜欢精装版,但我只买得起一本稍差一点的。
    10 suites [swi:ts] 8017cd5fe5ca97b1cce12171f0797500   第7级
    n.套( suite的名词复数 );一套房间;一套家具;一套公寓
    • First he called upon all the Foreign Ministers in their hotel suites. 他首先到所有外交部长住的旅馆套间去拜访。 来自辞典例句
    • All four doors to the two reserved suites were open. 预定的两个套房的四扇门都敞开着。 来自辞典例句
    11 darts [dɑ:ts] b1f965d0713bbf1014ed9091c7778b12   第8级
    n.掷飞镖游戏;飞镖( dart的名词复数 );急驰,飞奔v.投掷,投射( dart的第三人称单数 );向前冲,飞奔
    • His darts trophy takes pride of place on the mantelpiece. 他将掷镖奖杯放在壁炉顶上最显著的地方。 来自《简明英汉词典》
    • I never saw so many darts in a bodice! 我从没见过紧身胸衣上纳了这么多的缝褶! 来自《简明英汉词典》
    12 infrared [ˌɪnfrəˈred] dx0yp   第7级
    • Infrared is widely used in industry and medical science. 红外线广泛应用于工业和医学科学。
    • Infrared radiation has wavelengths longer than those of visible light. 红外辐射的波长比可见光的波长长。
    13 stabilizing ['steɪbəlaɪzɪŋ] 37789793f41246ac9b11622dadb461ab   第8级
    n.稳定化处理[退火]v.(使)稳定, (使)稳固( stabilize的现在分词 )
    • The disulfide bridges might then be viewed primarily as stabilizing components. 二硫桥可以被看作是初级的稳定因素。 来自辞典例句
    • These stabilizing design changes are usually not desirable for steady-state operation. 这些增加稳定性的设计改变通常不太符合稳态工作的要求。 来自辞典例句
    14 machinery [məˈʃi:nəri] CAdxb   第7级
    • Has the machinery been put up ready for the broadcast? 广播器材安装完毕了吗?
    • Machinery ought to be well maintained all the time. 机器应该随时注意维护。
    15 luxurious [lʌgˈʒʊəriəs] S2pyv   第7级
    • This is a luxurious car complete with air conditioning and telephone. 这是一辆附有空调设备和电话的豪华轿车。
    • The rich man lives in luxurious surroundings. 这位富人生活在奢侈的环境中。

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