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  • Eco-Friendly Alternatives to Wrapping Paper 更环保的包装纸的替代品 Look around your house and you'll discover all kinds of ways to wrap presents beautifully with less waste. 环顾你的房子,你会发现各种各样的方法来包装漂亮的礼物来使浪费更少。 Pogonici / Getty Images A friend messaged me last week to ask about green alternatives to wrapping paper. "I haven’t wrapped anything yet and refuse to buy paper," she wrote. "I thought of old newspaper, but it is ugly, and brown paper bags are still wasteful. I might have to use an old newspaper and tell the kids Santa made a conscious choice this year not to waste."上周,一位朋友给我发短信,询问关于包装纸的绿色替代品。她写道:“我还没把任何东西都包起来,我拒绝买纸。”“我想到了旧报纸,但它很难看,棕色纸袋仍然很浪费。我可能得拿张旧报纸告诉孩子们,圣诞老人今年不浪费是一个明智的选择。” But what other options exist? Here are some ideas, based on Internet research, conversations with friends, and ideas of my own. The key to success, of course, is planning in advance. 但是还有其他的选择吗?以下是一些基于网络调查、与朋友的交谈以及我自己的想法的想法。当然,成功的关键是提前计划。 1. Fabric 织物 You can do a lot with fabric. Think scarves, tea towels, handkerchiefs, large napkins, all of which can serve as a bonus gift. Many of these can be found at very little cost at a thrift store. If the piece of cloth is big enough, use a funky furoshiki-style knot to fasten it. 你可以用布料做很多事情。考虑一下围巾、茶巾、手帕、大餐巾,所有这些都可以作为额外的礼物。这些东西很多都能在二手店以很低的价格买到。如果布料足够大,用一个时髦的furoshiki风格的结将其固定。 2. Old Maps and Newspapers 旧地图和报纸 My uncle used to have a huge collection of old National Geographic magazines and each one seemed to come with a map. Now when I think about it, those would make fantastic wrappings for gifts. They're out of date, not really used anymore, and have that beautiful vintage look that everyone's going so crazy for on Instagram these days. 我叔叔以前收集了大量的旧的国家地理杂志,每一本杂志似乎都附有一张地图。现在我想起来了,这些可以作为礼物的很好的包装材料。它们已经过时了,不再被真正使用了,但它们有着漂亮的复古外观,如今每个人都在Instagram上为之疯狂。 3. Other Papers 其他材料的纸 Parchment paper is light and white, yet opaque enough that a person wouldn't be able to see through to the gift. Tape does not stick to it easily, so you can salvage the paper post-unwrapping and reuse it for baking. Wax paper could do the job, too. As much as possible, reuse paper you already have, like used envelopes in different sizes or brown paper bags (they really can look lovely!). 羊皮纸是轻而白的,但又不透明,人看不透礼物。胶带不容易粘在上面,所以你可以在打开包装后回收纸张,重新使用烘焙蜡纸也可以。尽可能地重复使用你已有的纸,比如不同大小的用过的信封或棕色纸袋(它们看起来真的很可爱!)4. Cloth Produce Bags 布袋 Pass on the gift of reusable produce bags by wrapping a present in one. Whether it's a store-bought drawstring bag or a simple handmade bag with a ribbon to tie it shut, you can't go wrong with this option. 把可重复使用的袋子作为礼物送给别人。无论是从商店里买来的拉绳包,还是简单的手工制作的用缎带系上的包,这种选择都不会出错。 5.Baskets 篮子 Baskets are super cheap at thrift stores and highly practical. Buy a basket that suits the size of your gift and the recipient will be able to enjoy it as well. 篮子在旧货店超级便宜而且非常实用。买一个适合你礼物大小的篮子,收礼人也会喜欢它。 6. Boxes 盒子 Do not overlook the humble box. With the amount of online shopping that happens these days, there's a good chance you have a stash of boxes somewhere in the house, awaiting recycling pickup. Use these to hold gifts, and dress them up with paint, twine, evergreen boughs, or fabric ribbons. 不要忽视不起眼的盒子。随着如今网上购物的增多,你很有可能在家里的某个地方藏了一大堆箱子,等待回收。用它们来装礼物,用颜料、线、常青树树枝或织物丝带装饰它们。
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    0 wasteful [ˈweɪstfl] ogdwu   第8级
    • It is a shame to be so wasteful. 这样浪费太可惜了。
    • Duties have been reassigned to avoid wasteful duplication of work. 为避免重复劳动浪费资源,任务已经重新分派。
    0 funky [fʌŋki] 1fjzc   第8级
    • The kitchen smelled really funky. 这个厨房有一股霉味。
    • It is a funky restaurant with very interesting art on the walls. 那是一家墙上挂着很有意思的绘画的新潮餐馆。
    0 salvage [ˈsælvɪdʒ] ECHzB   第8级
    • All attempts to salvage the wrecked ship failed. 抢救失事船只的一切努力都失败了。
    • The salvage was piled upon the pier. 抢救出的财产被堆放在码头上。
    0 pickup [ˈpɪkʌp] ANkxA   第8级
    • I would love to trade this car for a pickup truck. 我愿意用这辆汽车换一辆小型轻便卡车。||The luck guy is a choice pickup for the girls. 那位幸运的男孩是女孩子们想勾搭上的人。
    0 evergreen [ˈevəgri:n] mtFz78   第8级
    • Some trees are evergreen. They are called evergreen. 有的树是常青的,被叫做常青树。
    • There is a small evergreen shrub on the hillside. 山腰上有一小块常绿灌木丛。
    0 fabric [ˈfæbrɪk] 3hezG   第7级
    • The fabric will spot easily. 这种织品很容易玷污。
    • I don't like the pattern on the fabric. 我不喜欢那块布料上的图案。
    0 thrift [θrɪft] kI6zT   第7级
    • He has the virtues of thrift and hard work. 他具备节俭和勤奋的美德。
    • His thrift and industry speak well for his future. 他的节俭和勤勉预示着他美好的未来。
    0 geographic [ˌdʒi:ə'ɡræfɪk] tgsxb   第7级
    • The city's success owes much to its geographic position. 这座城市的成功很大程度上归功于它的地理位置。 来自《简明英汉词典》
    • Environmental problems pay no heed to these geographic lines. 环境问题并不理会这些地理界限。 来自英汉非文学 - 环境法 - 环境法
    0 opaque [əʊˈpeɪk] jvhy1   第7级
    • The windows are of opaque glass. 这些窗户装着不透明玻璃。
    • Their intentions remained opaque. 他们的意图仍然令人费解。
    0 recipient [rɪˈsɪpiənt] QA8zF   第7级
    adj.接受的,感受性强的 n.接受者,感受者,容器
    • Please check that you have a valid email certificate for each recipient. 请检查是否对每个接收者都有有效的电子邮件证书。
    • Colombia is the biggest US aid recipient in Latin America. 哥伦比亚是美国在拉丁美洲最大的援助对象。
    0 humble [ˈhʌmbl] ddjzU   第7级
    • In my humble opinion, he will win the election. 依我拙见,他将在选举中获胜。
    • Defeat and failure make people humble. 挫折与失败会使人谦卑。
    0 stash [stæʃ] zFmya   第11级
    • Stash away both what you lost and gained, for life continues on. 将得失深藏心底吧,为了那未来的生活。
    • That's supposed to be in our private stash. 这是我的私人珍藏。
    0 twine [twaɪn] vg6yC   第12级
    vt. 使缠绕;使交织;编饰 vi. 缠绕;搓;交织;编饰 n. 麻线;细绳;搓;合股线
    • He tied the parcel with twine. 他用细绳捆包裹。
    • Their cardboard boxes were wrapped and tied neatly with waxed twine. 他们的纸板盒用蜡线扎得整整齐齐。
    0 boughs [baʊz] 95e9deca9a2fb4bbbe66832caa8e63e0   第9级
    大树枝( bough的名词复数 )
    • The green boughs glittered with all their pearls of dew. 绿枝上闪烁着露珠的光彩。
    • A breeze sighed in the higher boughs. 微风在高高的树枝上叹息着。

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