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  • Why Is It So Hard to Keep My House Clean?


    It's time for a little self-examination.


    Cleaning a house can feel like endless work. By the time you get everything organized, it falls back into a state of messiness and the whole cycle begins again. But if you're feeling particularly overwhelmed by keeping a tidy home, there could be some obstacles making it even harder for you. Consider the following list of problems (taken in part from this article on Apartment Therapy) and assess whether these are making your cleaning efforts less effective than they could be otherwise.


    Public Domain1. Unsplash

    1. Too much stuff


    This is a very common and significant hurdle2 to keeping a tidy house. If you simply have too much stuff crammed3 inside your walls, it will be nearly impossible to maintain a state of organization and to clean efficiently4. As Shifrah Combiths wrote on Apartment Therapy, "You need to get rid of things in order to live within the parameters5 of the physical space you inhabit."这是保持房间整洁的一个常见而重要的障碍。如果你只是在你的墙壁里塞满了太多的东西,它将几乎不可能保持一个有序的状态和有效地清洁。正如Shifrah Combiths在《公寓疗法》一书中所写的那样,“你需要摆脱一些东西,才能在你所居住的物理空间的参数范围内生活。”

    2. No proper spot to put things


    My mother has been misplacing her keys for decades, but I attribute the problem to the fact that there is no logical place to put her keys when she walks through the front door. Installing a hook on the wall would fix that instantly. Having a spot that's not only right but also intuitive to put things away makes cleaning far easier. Don't fight your instincts. If you never want to use a coat hanger6, get a stand or a wall hook. If you never carry shoes upstairs to your bedroom closet after use, make a place for them downstairs.


    3. You don't know where to begin


    Sometimes you can feel like you're in too deep when it comes to clutter7. Let the experts guide you at this point. Read some detailed8 cleaning guides (there are lots on Apartment Therapy and Clean My Space). Pick up a book on decluttering; I'm a fan of Joshua Becker's writings on this topic, and Marie Kondo also never fails to inspire. It's amazing what a difference it makes when you have someone telling you exactly what to do.


    4. Not enough time or help


    Is your life jam-packed with dozens of other activities that make housecleaning fall to the bottom of the priority list? Don't let it! A disastrously9 messy house will affect your mental wellbeing and create even more stress in your life by eating up time spent searching for things.


    Eke10 out some cleaning time in your weekly schedule, even if it's just a few minutes each day. Make sure everyone in the household is pitching in, even children. If you're able, hire a house cleaner to come in weekly, biweekly, or even monthly, just to help you stay on top of things.


    5. You're too hard on yourself


    If you feel perpetually discontented with the state of your home, perhaps it's time to reevaluate your own standards.


    This is a concept I've struggled to accept over the years. With young children running around the house (who like to play in the dirt) and very limited closet space in a 100-year-old home, there's more clutter than I'd like to see, but I realize it is a natural side effect of my current life circumstances. The time will come for more orderliness, but it's not right now.


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