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双语美文:A Cheerful Temper 好心境
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  • long time ago, there was a young man named Billy. Billy inherited1 the warm and good characteristics of his father. "My father had such a good personality. He was the horse-keeper of a funeral carriage."很久以前,有个年轻人叫比利。比利继承了他父亲脾气温和的好品性。“我的父亲有着良好的品性。他是一个赶柩车的人。”

    "No matter how hard the work was, he always smiled. I got the habit of visiting the church cemetery2 from my father and of reading the newspaper, too."“不管工作多么辛苦,他总是微笑着。我还继承了父亲经常去教堂的墓地还有读报纸的习惯。

    "He said reading the newspaper would help my studying a lot. Sometimes, I take a walk to the church cemetery by myself. I learned3 a lot from my father." One day, he saw a tombstone while he was walking down to the church cemetery. "The man who was buried right here was miserable4 before he died."“他说,看报纸可以帮助我学习。有时,我自己去教堂的墓地散步。我从父亲那里学到很多东西。”有一天,他在去教堂墓地的路上看到了一块墓碑。“埋在这里的人活着的时候生活一定很悲惨。”

    "Even though he had a good job and made enough money for living, he got angry easily. Maybe he was too narrow- minded. For all of his entire life, he worried and got angry, then he was buried here." Billy went to another grave5 and saw another tombstone.


    "This man right here was happy before he died, I guess. He was from a good family of high class. He spent his life enjoying everyday." Billy got close to the other grave and saw its tombstone.


    "The man under this tombstone makes me sad. He spent all of his life hoping to come up with one extraordinary6 idea. One day, when he had the wonderful idea, he died from the shock. Maybe he is not resting peacefully even now."“我为这墓碑下埋葬的人感到惋惜。他一生都在期望能思考出一个惊为天人的主意。然而有一天,当他终于想出这个主意时,却死于休克。也许他现在还不能安安静静地休息。”

    Next, he came to another grave and saw the tombstone. "A very stingy woman lies in this grave. She used to tell her neighbor that she was raising a cat, but she just made the noise of a cat 'Mew, mew'. Maybe she was the stingiest woman."接着,他又来到另一座墓穴,看见了墓碑。“躺在这坟墓里的是一个非常吝啬的女人。她曾经告诉她的邻居自己养了一只猫,但她只是发出了“喵喵”的声音来骗邻居。也许她是世界上最吝啬的女人。”

    He stopped in front of another tombstone and looked down. "In this grave, a young lady from a good family lies. She used to sing a song whenever she was at a party, but she sang the same song every time." He walked to the next grave.


    "There is a widow7 here. She always said good things with her mouth, but she said bad things in her mind. She used to visit from house to house and say bad things about her friends and neighbors."“这里埋葬的是一位寡妇。但她总是说好听话,所作所为却可恶至极。以前她常到别人家里去,到处说朋友和邻居的坏话。”

    "Whoever was buried and stayed in their own caskets without moving a finger, then, they will be born again with good personalities8. Some day, when the time to end my life comes, I will write down this on my tombstone, 'A Man with Good Personality'."“无论是谁,只要躺进棺材后就什么知觉都没有了,之后,他们将被赋予良好的品性再次获得重生。总有一天,当我的生命结束的时候,我会在我的墓碑上写上:“一个好心境的人”。

     5级    双语 


    1 inherited [ɪn'herɪtɪd] 1qZz02   第5级
    adj.通过继承得到的,遗传的;继承权的v.继承( inherit的过去式和过去分词 );经遗传获得(品质、身体特征等)接替(责任等),继任
    • She had not inherited her mother's forgiving nature. 她没有承袭她母亲的宽厚天性。
    • She inherited a fortune from her father. 她从她父亲那里继承了一大笔财富。
    2 cemetery [ˈsemətri] ur9z7   第8级
    • He was buried in the cemetery. 他被葬在公墓。
    • His remains were interred in the cemetery. 他的遗体葬在墓地。
    3 learned [ˈlɜ:nɪd] m1oxn   第5级
    • He went into a rage when he learned about it. 他听到这事后勃然大怒。
    • In this little village, he passed for a learned man. 在这个小村子里,他被视为有学问的人。
    4 miserable [ˈmɪzrəbl] g18yk   第7级
    • It was miserable of you to make fun of him. 你取笑他,这是可耻的。
    • Her past life was miserable. 她过去的生活很苦。
    5 grave [ɡreɪv] EeCz3   第5级
    • Marriage is the grave of love. 婚姻是爱情的坟墓。
    • This is a very grave matter indeed. 这问题的确非常严重。
    6 extraordinary [ɪkˈstrɔ:dnri] Blgxv   第5级
    • Her strength of will was extraordinary. 她的意志力是非凡的。
    • What an extraordinary hat! 多么奇特的帽子!
    7 widow [ˈwɪdəʊ] sgxwQ   第5级
    • Martha was a very rich young widow. 玛莎是个很有钱的年轻寡妇。
    • All this money was appropriated for the support of his widow. 所有这些钱作为给他的遗孀的抚养费。
    8 personalities [ˌpɜ:sə'nælɪtɪz] ylOzsg   第12级
    n. 诽谤,(对某人容貌、性格等所进行的)人身攻击; 人身攻击;人格, 个性, 名人( personality的名词复数 )
    • There seemed to be a degree of personalities in her remarks. 她话里有些人身攻击的成分。
    • Personalities are not in good taste in general conversation. 在一般的谈话中诽谤他人是不高尚的。

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