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    "Well, you're off again, I see!" spoke1 Nurse Jane Fuzzy Wuzzy, the muskrat2 lady housekeeper3, one morning, as she saw Uncle Wiggily Longears, the rabbit gentleman, starting away from his hollow stump4 bungalow5. He was limping on his red, white and blue striped barber pole rheumatism6 crutch7, that Miss Fuzzy Wuzzy had gnawed8 for him out of a cornstalk. "Off again!" she cried.

    "Yes, off again," said Uncle Wiggily. "I must have my adventure, you know."

    "I hope it will be a pleasant one today," went on Nurse Jane.

    "So do I," said Uncle Wiggily, and away he went hopping9 over the fields and through the woods. He had not gone very far before he heard a queer buzzing sound, and a sort of splashing in the water and a tiny voice cried:

    "Help! Help! Save me! I am drowning!"

    "My goodness me sakes alive and some horse radish lollypops!" cried the bunny uncle. "Some one drowning? I don't see any water around here, though I do hear some splashing. Who are you?" he cried. "And where are you, so that I may save you?"

    "Here I am, right down by your foot!" was the answer. "I am a honey bee, and I have fallen into this Jack10-in-the pulpit flower, which is full of water. Please get me out!"

    "To be sure I will!" cried Mr. Longears, and then, stooping down he carefully lifted the poor bee out of the water in the Jack-in-the-pulpit.

    The Jack is a plant that looks like a little pitcher11 and it holds water. In the middle is a green stem, that is called Jack, because he looks like a minister preaching in the pulpit. The Jack happened to be out when the bee fell in the water that had rained in the plant-pitcher, or Jack himself would have saved the honey chap. But Uncle Wiggily did it just as well.

    "Oh, thank you so much for not letting me drown," said the bee, as she dried her wings in the sun on a big green leaf. "I was on my way to the hive tree with a load of honey when I stopped for a drink. But I leaned over too far and fell in. I can not thank you enough!"

    "Oh, once is enough!" cried Uncle Wiggily in his most jolly voice. "But did I understand you to say you lived in a hive-tree?"

    "Yes, a lot of us bees have our hive in a hollow tree in the woods, not far away. It is there we store the honey we gather from Summer flowers, so we will have something to eat in the Winter when there are no blossoms. Would you like to see the bee tree?"

    "Indeed, I would," Uncle Wiggily said.

    "Follow me, then," buzzed the bee. "I will fly on ahead, very slowly, and you can follow me through the woods."

    Uncle Wiggily did so, and soon he heard a great buzzing sound, and he saw hundreds of bees flying in and out of a hollow tree. At first some of the bees were going to sting the bunny uncle, but his little friend cried:

    "Hold on, sisters! Don't sting this rabbit gentleman. He is Uncle Wiggily and he saved me from being drowned."

    So the bees did not sting the bunny uncle, but, instead, gave him a lot of honey, in a little box made of birch bark, which he took home to Nurse Jane.

    "Oh, I had the sweetest adventure!" he said to her, and he told her about the bee tree and the honey, which he and the muskrat lady ate on their carrot cake for dinner.

    It was about a week after this, and Uncle Wiggily was once more in the woods, looking for an adventure, when, all at once a big bear jumped out from behind a tree and grabbed him.

    "Oh, dear!" cried Uncle Wiggily. "Why did you do that? Why have you caught me, Mr. Bear?"

    "Because I am going to carry you off to my den," answered the bear. "I am hungry, and I have been looking for something to eat. You came along just in time. Come on!"

    The hear was leading Uncle Wiggily away when the bunny uncle happened to think of something, and it was this—that bears are very fond of sweet things.

    "Would you not rather eat some honey than me?" Uncle Wiggily asked of the bear.

    "Much rather," answered the shaggy creature, "but where is the honey?" he asked, cautious like and foxy.

    "Come with me and I will show you where it is," went on the bunny uncle, for he felt sure that his friends the bees, would give the bear honey so the bad animal would let the rabbit gentleman go.

    Uncle Wiggily led the way through the wood to the bee tree, the bear keeping hold of him all the while. Pretty soon a loud buzzing was heard, and when they came to where the honey was stored in the hollow tree, all of a sudden out flew hundreds of bees, and they stung the bear so hard all over, especially on his soft and tender nose, that the bear cried:

    "Wow! Wouch! Oh, dear!" and, letting go of the rabbit, ran away to jump in the ice water to cool off.

    But the bees did not sting Uncle Wiggily, for they liked him, and he thanked them for driving away the bear. So everything came out all right, you see, and if the foot-stool gets up to the head of the class and writes its name on the blackboard, with pink chalk, I'll tell you next about Uncle Wiggily and the dogwood tree.


    1 spoke [spəʊk] XryyC   第11级
    n.(车轮的)辐条;轮辐;破坏某人的计划;阻挠某人的行动 v.讲,谈(speak的过去式);说;演说;从某种观点来说
    • They sourced the spoke nuts from our company. 他们的轮辐螺帽是从我们公司获得的。
    • The spokes of a wheel are the bars that connect the outer ring to the centre. 辐条是轮子上连接外圈与中心的条棒。
    2 muskrat [ˈmʌskræt] G6CzQ   第12级
    • Muskrat fur almost equals beaver fur in quality. 麝鼠皮在质量上几乎和海獭皮不相上下。
    • I saw a muskrat come out of a hole in the ice. 我看到一只麝鼠从冰里面钻出来。
    3 housekeeper [ˈhaʊski:pə(r)] 6q2zxl   第8级
    • A spotless stove told us that his mother is a diligent housekeeper. 炉子清洁无瑕就表明他母亲是个勤劳的主妇。
    • She is an economical housekeeper and feeds her family cheaply. 她节约持家,一家人吃得很省。
    4 stump [stʌmp] hGbzY   第8级
    • He went on the stump in his home state. 他到故乡所在的州去发表演说。
    • He used the stump as a table. 他把树桩用作桌子。
    5 bungalow [ˈbʌŋgələʊ] ccjys   第9级
    • A bungalow does not have an upstairs. 平房没有上层。
    • The old couple sold that large house and moved into a small bungalow. 老两口卖掉了那幢大房子,搬进了小平房。
    6 rheumatism [ˈru:mətɪzəm] hDnyl   第9级
    • The damp weather plays the very devil with my rheumatism. 潮湿的天气加重了我的风湿病。
    • The hot weather gave the old man a truce from rheumatism. 热天使这位老人暂时免受风湿病之苦。
    7 crutch [krʌtʃ] Lnvzt   第10级
    • Her religion was a crutch to her when John died. 约翰死后,她在精神上依靠宗教信仰支撑住自己。
    • He uses his wife as a kind of crutch because of his lack of confidence. 他缺乏自信心,总把妻子当作主心骨。
    8 gnawed [nɑ:d] 85643b5b73cc74a08138f4534f41cef1   第9级
    咬( gnaw的过去式和过去分词 ); (长时间) 折磨某人; (使)苦恼; (长时间)危害某事物
    • His attitude towards her gnawed away at her confidence. 他对她的态度一直在削弱她的自尊心。
    • The root of this dead tree has been gnawed away by ants. 这棵死树根被蚂蚁唼了。
    9 hopping ['hɒpɪŋ] hopping   第7级
    n. 跳跃 动词hop的现在分词形式
    • The clubs in town are really hopping. 城里的俱乐部真够热闹的。
    • I'm hopping over to Paris for the weekend. 我要去巴黎度周末。
    10 jack [dʒæk] 53Hxp   第7级
    • I am looking for the headphone jack. 我正在找寻头戴式耳机插孔。
    • He lifted the car with a jack to change the flat tyre. 他用千斤顶把车顶起来换下瘪轮胎。
    11 pitcher [ˈpɪtʃə(r)] S2Gz7   第9级
    • He poured the milk out of the pitcher. 他从大罐中倒出牛奶。
    • Any pitcher is liable to crack during a tight game. 任何投手在紧张的比赛中都可能会失常。

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