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  • Women working at UK asset managers receive bonuses that are as much as 70 per cent below their male colleagues in revelations that will pile pressure on a sector1 that has been branded “pale, male and stale” to tackle its wide gender2 pay gap.


    According to initial data that companies have filed to comply with new UK rules, salaries for women working in the fund industry are up to 40 per cent less than those paid to men, while the gap on bonuses is up to 72 per cent.


    Fund managers linked the difference in pay to the lack of senior women in their organisations, as well as more women working part-time.


    Bev Shah, founder3 of CityHive, a network for women in finance, said it will be interesting to watch how these numbers change over the years.

    金融业女性网络CityHive的创始人比夫?沙阿(Bev Shah)表示,观察这些数字在未来几年将如何变化将很有意思。

    “It’s not a surprise to anyone that the gender pay gap numbers for asset management are how they are. You just need to open your eyes and walk around the investment floors to see how the numbers will look,” she said.


    Standard Life Aberdeen, the merged4 company that has created the UK’s largest-listed asset manager, said on Friday men were paid on average 34 per cent more than women at Aberdeen, and 42 per cent more than women in Standard Life.

    英国最大上市资产管理公司、由标准人寿和阿伯丁合并而成的标准人寿阿伯丁(Standard Life Aberdeen, SLA)最近表示,在阿伯丁,男性薪酬平均比女性高出34%,而在标准人寿,男性薪酬平均比女性高出42%。

    “The truth of the matter is we need to do better,” said Keith Skeoch, co-chief executive of SLA. “We have to work harder and put programmes in place to improve gender and diversity across the piece.”

    “问题的真相是,我们需要做得更好,”SLA联席首席执行官基思?斯凯奥克(Keith Skeoch)说,“我们必须更加努力地工作,落实全面改善性别均衡和多元化的计划。”

    Axa Investment Managers reported an average bonus gap of almost 72 per cent, and an average hourly pay rate gap of 30 per cent.

    安盛投资管理公司(Axa Investment Managers)报告称,其男女平均奖金差距接近72%,而平均时薪酬差距为30%。

    Andrea Rossi, chief executive of Axa IM, said the investment house was taking “meaningful action to address its gender pay gap”. Women accounted for 36 per cent of Axa IM’s management board and executive committee.

    安盛的首席执行官安德里亚?罗西(Andrea Rossi)表示,这家投资公司正采取“有意义的行动来消除男女薪酬差距”。在安盛的管理委员会和执行委员会中,女性比例为36%。

    “We need to do more,” Mr Rossi said. “We know that attracting more women into our workforce5 and supporting their progress into senior roles is vitally important; not only because it is the right thing to do but also because it’s essential to the commercial success of our business.”


    Under new rules, companies across the UK with 250 employees or more have to report their gender pay gap data ahead of an April deadline.


    Franklin Templeton had an average bonus gap of almost 69 per cent, as well as an average pay gap of 28 per cent. Aviva Investors6’ average pay gap for 2017 stood at almost 24 per cent, while its average bonus gap was 46 per cent.

    富兰克林邓普顿(Franklin Templeton)的平均奖金差距接近69%,平均薪酬差距为28%。英杰华投资集团公司(Aviva Investors) 2017年的平均薪酬差距接近24%,而平均奖金差距为46%。

    A poll of more than 500 FTfm readers last year found that 80 per cent believed transparency over the gender pay gap would improve equality for women in the fund industry.


    Fewer than 10 per cent of respondents said they felt women in the fund industry were paid the same as men for similar roles.


    Fidelity7 International, which has an average bonus gap of 69 per cent and a salary gap of 23 per cent, said it was “committed to fairness and equality, and closing the gender pay gap is a key priority for our business”.

    富达国际(Fidelity International)的平均奖金差距为69%,薪酬差距为23%。该公司表示,它“致力于公平和平等,消除男女薪酬差距是本公司的关键优先事项”。

    “It is worth being clear this is not an issue of equal pay, we are confident of our approach to equal pay and regularly carry out audits8 across the firm in this respect,” Fidelity said.


    Last month, the UK government wrote to some of the largest asset managers in the country to urge them to take steps to improve gender equality in their companies. This included Amundi, Pimco, Vanguard, Goldman Sachs Asset Management, JPMorgan Asset Management and UBS Asset Management.

    上月,英国政府致信在英经营的一些最大资产管理公司,敦促它们采取措施改善男女平等状况。这些公司包括Amundi、太平洋投资管理公司(Pimco)、先锋(Vanguard)、高盛资产管理公司(Goldman Sachs Asset Management)、摩根大通资产管理公司(JPMorgan Asset Management)和瑞银资产管理公司(UBS Asset Management)。

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    1 sector [ˈsektə(r)] yjczYn   第7级
    • The export sector will aid the economic recovery. 出口产业将促进经济复苏。
    • The enemy have attacked the British sector. 敌人已进攻英国防区。
    2 gender [ˈdʒendə(r)] slSyD   第8级
    • French differs from English in having gender for all nouns. 法语不同于英语,所有的名词都有性。
    • Women are sometimes denied opportunities solely because of their gender. 妇女有时仅仅因为性别而无法获得种种机会。
    3 Founder [ˈfaʊndə(r)] wigxF   第8级
    • He was extolled as the founder of their Florentine school. 他被称颂为佛罗伦萨画派的鼻祖。
    • According to the old tradition, Romulus was the founder of Rome. 按照古老的传说,罗穆卢斯是古罗马的建国者。
    4 merged ['mɜ:dʒd] d33b2d33223e1272c8bbe02180876e6f   第7级
    (使)混合( merge的过去式和过去分词 ); 相融; 融入; 渐渐消失在某物中
    • Turf wars are inevitable when two departments are merged. 两个部门合并时总免不了争争权限。
    • The small shops were merged into a large market. 那些小商店合并成为一个大商场。
    5 workforce [ˈwɜ:kfɔ:s] workforce   第8级
    • A large part of the workforce is employed in agriculture. 劳动人口中一大部分受雇于农业。
    • A quarter of the local workforce is unemployed. 本地劳动力中有四分之一失业。
    6 investors [ɪn'vestəz] dffc64354445b947454450e472276b99   第8级
    n.投资者,出资者( investor的名词复数 )
    • a con man who bilked investors out of millions of dollars 诈取投资者几百万元的骗子
    • a cash bonanza for investors 投资者的赚钱机会
    7 fidelity [fɪˈdeləti] vk3xB   第8级
    • There is nothing like a dog's fidelity. 没有什么能比得上狗的忠诚。
    • His fidelity and industry brought him speedy promotion. 他的尽职及勤奋使他很快地得到晋升。
    8 audits [ˈɔ:dits] c54379fa058a9ad836b60a32f9ceb5bd   第7级
    n.审计,查账( audit的名词复数 )v.审计,查账( audit的第三人称单数 )
    • Requires that use of all bond funds is subject to independent audits. 需要使用的所有债券基金是受独立审计。 来自互联网
    • Support the locations during customer-visits, audits and quality-improvement programs. 支持客户参观,稽核和提高品质等项目。 来自互联网

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