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乔布斯传 第129期:年度机器
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  • Machines of the Year 年度机器

    As 1982 drew to a close, Jobs came to believe that he was going to be Time's Man of the Year. 随着1982年临近尾声,乔布斯开始相信,自己将成为《时代》杂志的“年度人物”。

    He arrived at Texaco Towers one day with the magazine's San Francisco bureau chief, Michael Moritz, 一天,他和《时代》旧金山分部的总编迈克尔·莫里茨一同出现在公司,

    and encouraged colleagues to give Moritz interviews. 他还鼓励同事们接受莫里茨的采访。

    But Jobs did not end up on the cover. 但最终,乔布斯并没有登上该杂志封面。

    Instead the magazine chose "the Computer" as the topic for the year-end issue and called it "the Machine of the Year." 《时代》将“计算机”选为了年终刊的主题,并称之为“年度机器”。

    Accompanying the main story was a profile of Jobs, 和主题报道一起的有一篇乔布斯的介绍,

    which was based on the reporting done by Moritz and written by Jay Cocks, 是根据莫里茨的报道,由杰伊·科克斯撰写的,

    an editor who usually handled rock music for the magazine. 而科克斯以往只是负责摇滚乐信息方面的编辑。

    "With his smooth sales pitch and a blind faith that would have been the envy of the early Christian1 martyrs2, 文中写道:“他有髙超的推销技巧,他的坚定信仰甚至让早期的基督教殉道者都羡慕不已,

    it is Steven Jobs, more than anyone, who kicked open the door and let the personal computer move in," the story proclaimed. 正是他--史蒂夫·乔布斯--开启了个人电脑产业。”

    It was a richly reported piece, but also harsh at times 这是一篇内容十分丰富的文章,但也不乏粗糙之处,

    so harsh that Moritz (after he wrote a book about Apple and went on to be a partner in the venture firm Sequoia3 Capital with Don Valentine) 以至于莫里茨(在他写了一本关于苹果公司的书,又进入风险投资公司红杉资本和唐·瓦伦丁成为了合伙人之后)

    repudiated4 it by complaining that his reporting had been 驳斥它并抱怨说自己的报道被

    "siphoned, filtered, and poisoned with gossipy benzene by an editor in New York “一个来自纽约、日常工作是记录摇滚音乐界不羁生活的编辑断章取义,

    whose regular task was to chronicle the wayward world of rock-and-roll music." 还添加了一些八卦消息”

    The article quoted Bud Tribble on Jobs's "reality distortion field" 那篇介绍文章中引用了巴德·特里布尔关于乔布斯“现实扭曲力场”的言论,

    and noted5 that he "would occasionally burst into tears at meetings." 还提到乔布斯“有时候会在会议上突然哭起来”。

    Perhaps the best quote came from Jef Raskin. 最精彩的一句引用也许来自杰夫·拉斯金,

    Jobs, he declared, "would have made an excellent King of France." 他说,乔布斯“可以成为杰出的法兰西国王”。

    To Jobs's dismay, the magazine made public the existence of the daughter he had forsaken6, Lisa Brennan. 让乔布斯沮丧的是,杂志公开了一件事情:他有一个被他抛弃的女儿--丽萨·布伦南。

    He knew that Kottke had been the one to tell the magazine about Lisa, 乔布斯知道是科特基把丽萨的事情告诉了杂志,

    and he berated7 him in the Mac group work space in front of a half dozen people. 他在Mac团队的办公区当着一群人的面痛斥了科特基。

    "When the Time reporter asked me if Steve had a daughter named Lisa, I said 'Of course,'" Kottke recalled. “《时代》的记者问我乔布斯是不是有个叫丽萨的女儿,我说当然是。”科特基回忆说,

    "Friends don't let friends deny that they're the father of a child. “朋友是不会让朋友否认自己是一个孩子的父亲的。

    I'm not going to let my friend be a jerk and deny paternity. 我不会让我的朋友这么混蛋,否认自己是个父亲。

    He was really angry and felt violated and told me in front of everyone that I had betrayed him." 他真的很生气,觉得受到了冒犯,然后当着所有人的面说我背叛了他。”

     9级    乔布斯  双语 
     单词标签: Christian  martyrs  sequoia  repudiated  noted  Forsaken  berated 


    1 Christian [ˈkrɪstʃən] KVByl   第7级
    • They always addressed each other by their Christian name. 他们总是以教名互相称呼。
    • His mother is a sincere Christian. 他母亲是个虔诚的基督教徒。
    2 martyrs [ˈmɑ:təz] d8bbee63cb93081c5677dc671dc968fc   第9级
    n.martyr的复数形式;烈士( martyr的名词复数 );殉道者;殉教者;乞怜者(向人诉苦以博取同情)
    • the early Christian martyrs 早期基督教殉道者
    • They paid their respects to the revolutionary martyrs. 他们向革命烈士致哀。 来自《现代汉英综合大词典》
    3 sequoia [sɪˈkwɔɪə] MELyo   第12级
    • The sequoia national forest is at the southern end of the sierra nevada range. 红杉国家公园位于内华达山脉南端尽头处。
    • The photo shows the enormous general Sherman tree in California's sequoia national park. 照片显示的是加利福尼亚州红杉国家公园内巨大的谢尔曼将军树。
    4 repudiated [rɪˈpju:di:ˌeɪtid] c3b68e77368cc11bbc01048bf409b53b   第9级
    v.(正式地)否认( repudiate的过去式和过去分词 );拒绝接受;拒绝与…往来;拒不履行(法律义务)
    • All slanders and libels should be repudiated. 一切诬蔑不实之词,应予推倒。 来自《现代汉英综合大词典》
    • The Prime Minister has repudiated racist remarks made by a member of the Conservative Party. 首相已经驳斥了一个保守党成员的种族主义言论。 来自辞典例句
    5 noted [ˈnəʊtɪd] 5n4zXc   第8级
    • The local hotel is noted for its good table. 当地的那家酒店以餐食精美而著称。
    • Jim is noted for arriving late for work. 吉姆上班迟到出了名。
    6 Forsaken [] Forsaken   第7级
    adj. 被遗忘的, 被抛弃的 动词forsake的过去分词
    • He was forsaken by his friends. 他被朋友们背弃了。
    • He has forsaken his wife and children. 他遗弃了他的妻子和孩子。
    7 berated [bɪˈreɪtid] 7e0b3e1e519ba5108b59a723201d68e1   第10级
    v.严厉责备,痛斥( berate的过去式和过去分词 )
    • Marion berated Joe for the noise he made. 玛丽昂严厉斥责乔吵吵闹闹。 来自辞典例句
    • It berated Mussolini for selling out to Berlin. 它严厉谴责了墨索里尼背叛、投靠柏林的行径。 来自辞典例句

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