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  • In November 2011, an iPhone 4 fell into my little hands. Back then, this mysterious, magical piece of smart technology seemed like the gateway1 to only fun and positive things: Words with Friends, a star chart app and an archaic2 version of Instagram, at the time designed for nothing more than applying cool filters to your low-res camera phone photos.

    2011年11月,我拿到了一部iPhone 4。那个时候,这一神秘的、神奇的智能技术似乎是通往有趣积极事物的大门:Words with Friends是一个星图应用程序,也是Instagram的老版本,当时的设计无非是给低分辨率的手机加个冷色滤镜。

    Fast-forward six years and five iPhones later, and like so many others, I had become chained to a smartphone universe. And recent reports reveal that I'm not alone. According to a 2017 study by Flurry, the average American spends five hours a day on smart devices and about 2.5 of those hours are spent in social, messaging, media and entertainment applications.


    It's hard to decipher when, during the span of these past seven years, the love and joy I felt for my iPhone turned into a crippling dependency. But now, I fall asleep to my phone every night and wake to it each morning. I check the Weather app every morning before I choose how to dress for the day.


    I rely on Google Maps to help me navigate3 a city I should know well enough on my own. I update my inbox every time I pick my phone up (which is so frequent, it's embarrassing). Hell, the second I'm not near my television. The smart device that once acted as a useful tool slowly became an addiction4.


    Just like with any addiction, my phone dependency began to impact the more personal areas of my life. In fact, my iPhone began to take the place of my interpersonal relationships. While spending time with family, I'd stare into a small screen on my lap instead of engaging at a level I would have a mere5 few years back. At work, my productivity levels dropped dramatically due to the constant distraction6 my phone provided. It was only a matter of time before it came after my romantic relationship too.


    My rock bottom, the point at which I realized just how addicted7 to my phone I was, happened when my four-year relationship came to an end.


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     单词标签: gateway  archaic  navigate  addiction  mere  distraction  addicted 


    1 gateway [ˈgeɪtweɪ] GhFxY   第8级
    • Hard work is the gateway to success. 努力工作是通往成功之路。
    • A man collected tolls at the gateway. 一个人在大门口收通行费。
    2 archaic [ɑ:ˈkeɪɪk] 4Nyyd   第9级
    • The company does some things in archaic ways, such as not using computers for bookkeeping. 这个公司有些做法陈旧,如记账不使用电脑。
    • Shaanxi is one of the Chinese archaic civilized origins which has a long history. 陕西省是中国古代文明发祥之一,有悠久的历史。
    3 navigate [ˈnævɪgeɪt] 4Gyxu   第9级
    • He was the first man to navigate the Atlantic by air. 他是第一个飞越大西洋的人。
    • Such boats can navigate on the Nile. 这种船可以在尼罗河上航行。
    4 addiction [əˈdɪkʃn] JyEzS   第8级
    • He stole money from his parents to feed his addiction. 他从父母那儿偷钱以满足自己的嗜好。
    • Areas of drug dealing are hellholes of addiction, poverty and murder. 贩卖毒品的地区往往是吸毒上瘾、贫困和发生谋杀的地方。
    5 mere [mɪə(r)] rC1xE   第7级
    • That is a mere repetition of what you said before. 那不过是重复了你以前讲的话。
    • It's a mere waste of time waiting any longer. 再等下去纯粹是浪费时间。
    6 distraction [dɪˈstrækʃn] muOz3l   第8级
    • Total concentration is required with no distractions. 要全神贯注,不能有丝毫分神。
    • Their national distraction is going to the disco. 他们的全民消遣就是去蹦迪。
    7 addicted [əˈdɪktɪd] dzizmY   第8级
    • He was addicted to heroin at the age of 17. 他17岁的时候对海洛因上了瘾。
    • She's become addicted to love stories. 她迷上了爱情小说。

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