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  • A remote Patagonian town that's just beginning to prosper by guiding tourists through the virgin forests nearby is being shaken by the realization that it's sitting on a gold mine. Literally, more than 3,000 worried Esquel residents recently took to the streets in protests aimed at assuring that their neat community of 28,000 becomes an ecotourism center, not a gold-rush town. Esquel's plight is winning attention from international conservation and environmental groups such as Greenpeace. In Argentina, the town has become a national symbol in the debate over exploitation vs. preservation of the country's vast natural resources. About 3.2 million acres already are under contract for mineral exploration in poor and sparsely settled Chubut Province, where Esquel is, near the southern tip of South America. Whether Meridian Gold Corp. gets its open-pit gold mine outside Esquel could determine the fate of mining in Patagonia, a pristine region spanning southern Argentina and Chile. Meridian's project, about 5 miles outside Esquel at a higher elevation, is about 20 miles from a national park that preserves rate trees known as alerces, a southern relative of California's giant sequoia. Some of them have been growing serenely in the temperate rain forest for more than 3,000 years. The greatest fear is that cyanide, which is used to leach gold from ore, will drain downhill and poison Esquel's and possibly the park's water supplies. The mine will use 180 tons of the deadly chemical each month. Although many townspeople and some geologists disagree, the company says any excess cyanide would drain away from Esquel. “We won't allow them to tear things up and leave us with the toxic aftermath,” said Felix Aguilar, 28, as he piloted a boatload of tourists through a lake in the Alerces National Park. “We take care of things here, so that the entire world can hear and see nature in its pure state. The world must help us prevent this.” American Douglas Tomkins, the founder of the Esprit clothing line and a prominent global conservationist, has bought more than 800,000 wilderness acres in Chile to preserve alerces and protect what's left of the temperate rain forest. Ted Turner, the communications magnate, also has bought land in Argentine Patagonia with an eye to conservation. A young English botanist named Charles Darwin, the author of the theory of evolution, was the first European to see alerces, with trunks that had a circumference of 130 feet. He gave the tree its generic name, Fitzroya cupressoides, for the captain of his ship, Robert Fitzroy. Argentina, pressed by the United States, Canada, the World Bank and other global lenders, rewrote its mining laws in the 1990s to encourage foreign investment. Mining companies received incentives such as 30 years without new taxes and duty-free imports of earth-moving equipment. Argentina took in more than $1 billion over the past decade by granting exploration contracts for precious metals to more than 70 foreign and domestic companies. If the country were to turn away a major investor, the message to its mining sector would be chilling. Residents also complain that Argentina hasn't given nature-based tourism a chance. “If the government invested in us a tenth of the effort they put into mining, things would be a lot different here,” grumbled Randal Williams, 73, who rents tourist cabins in Esquel. Forest ecologist Paul Alaback, a University of Montana professor who studies the alerces, said Argentine authorities could gain from Alaska's successful nature-based tourism. “Nature-based tourism would mean less jobs immediately but would be sustainable. You'd be building on something that is going to grow, not going to go away,” he said. 拥抱生态旅游! 巴塔哥尼亚一处偏远的小镇因为发展附近一处原始林的观光业正渐趋繁荣,在这个节骨眼,却如晴天霹雳般得知,当地原来蕴含金矿。没错。三千多位忧心如焚的艾斯圭尔居民最近走上街头抗议,要求将这处拥有两万八千居民的净地作为生态旅游中心,不要沦为淘金城。 艾斯圭尔的窘境正获得“绿色和平”等国际保育及环保团体的高度关切。在争论阿根廷丰富的自然资源究竟该开发或保育的议题上,该镇俨然成为全国的象征。 艾斯圭尔位于接近南美洲大陆极南点、贫穷而人烟稀少的丘布省内,矿物探勘合约涵盖了该省近三百二十万亩的土地。巴塔哥尼亚高原是横跨阿根廷与智利两国南部的化外之地,而该地采矿业的命运,将取决于MDG公司能否取得艾斯圭尔外围露天金矿的开采权。 MDG公司计划开采的地点约在艾斯圭尔五里外海拔高一点的地方,跟一座国家公园约二十里,这座国家公园保育着稀有的落叶柏科树木,一种美国加州红木的南方品种。有些柏树已在这片温带雨林安然度过三千多年了。 最严重的威胁是,在矿砂滤取黄金的过程中使用的氰化物将会向下排放,污染艾斯圭尔、甚至国家公园的水源。开矿过程每个月会使用一百八十吨的这种致命化学物质。尽管许多镇民和部分地质学家不同意,该公司表示,所有过量的氰化物将全数排出艾斯尔圭。 二十八岁的菲力克司亚奇拉在带领一船旅客浏览落叶林国家公园一座湖泊时说:“我们不会允许他们把事情搞砸,把毒害留给我们。有我们悉心呵护这里的一切,全世界才得以欣赏饱览此地纯朴的自然之美。世界应该和我们一起守护这里。” 美国服饰品牌Esprit的创始人,也是国际知名自然保育人士的杜格拉斯·汤姆金斯,为保育落叶林及温带雨林内仅存的生物,买下智利八十多万亩的土地。媒体巨子泰德·透纳着眼于环境保育,也买下阿根廷巴塔哥尼亚土地。 进化论的发表人—年轻的英国植物学家查尔斯·达尔文,是第一位见识落叶柏树干圆周长达一百三十尺的欧洲人。他似他船长的名字罗伯费兹·洛伊,为这种树取了学名“费兹洛柏”(即:智利柏)。 受到美国、加拿大、世界银行及全球其他债权者频频施压的阿根廷,为了促进外商投资,在九○年代修订了矿业法令。给予矿采业的奖励措施包括三十年免征新税与免税进口矿业开采设备等等。 阿根廷过去十年内与国内外七十多家业者签订贵重矿物开采合约,获得十亿美元以上的利润。如果拒绝主要投资客户,阿根廷的采矿业将面临萧条的景况。 当地居民也抱怨阿根廷政府不肯给自然观光业机会。在艾斯圭尔经营观光小屋出租,现年七十三岁的蓝道。威廉斯抱怨:“当初如果政府肯花他们投资采矿业资金的十分之一在我们身上的话,事情就会改观了。” 蒙大拿大学教授,也是研究落叶植物的森林生态学者保罗·雅勒贝克表示,阿根廷当局可以仿效阿拉斯加自然旅游业的成功之道。“在当下,发展自然旅游业的确意味着工作机会立即减少,但它却能永续经营。你应该要去建设会茁壮成长的东西,而非日渐消逝的事物。” 关键词 ecotourism / / n. 生态旅行 We should protect our natural environment and support ecotourism. 我们应该保护自然环境,支持生态旅游。 pristine / / adj. 原始的 The forests on the Alps are still in pristine region, unspoiled by industrialization. 阿尔卑斯山的森林仍是原始林区,未遭工业破坏。 span / / v. 横跨,跨越 The government spent two years building a red bridge spanning the gorge. 政府花了两年的时间建造一座横跨那座峡谷的红桥。 elevation / / n. 海拔 The lake on the mountain at an elevation of about 350 meters is our first stop. 山里那座海拔三百五十公尺左右的湖泊是我们的第一站。 leach / / v. 过滤 Nitrogen is easily leached from soil because it is more easily dissolved. 氮因为较容易溶解,所以很容易就可以从土壤中过滤出来。 toxic / / adj. 有毒的 People in Nazi concentration camps were slaughtered using toxic gas. 纳粹集中营里的人们惨遭毒气杀害。 prominent / / adj. 著名的,重要的 Lili played a prominent part in the case. 莉莉在这件案子里扮演举足轻重的角色。 magnate / / n.(实业界)巨头,巨子 The press magnate decided on a merger with another company to expand his empire. 那位报巨子决定与另一家公司合并,以扩展他的企业王国。
     12级    双语 


    1 prosper [ˈprɒspə(r)] iRrxC   第7级
    • With her at the wheel, the company began to prosper. 有了她当主管,公司开始兴旺起来。
    • It is my earnest wish that this company will continue to prosper. 我真诚希望这家公司会继续兴旺发达。
    2 virgin [ˈvɜ:dʒɪn] phPwj   第7级
    • Have you ever been to a virgin forest? 你去过原始森林吗?
    • There are vast expanses of virgin land in the remote regions. 在边远地区有大片大片未开垦的土地。
    3 realization [ˌri:əlaɪˈzeɪʃn] nTwxS   第7级
    • We shall gladly lend every effort in our power toward its realization. 我们将乐意为它的实现而竭尽全力。
    • He came to the realization that he would never make a good teacher. 他逐渐认识到自己永远不会成为好老师。
    4 literally [ˈlɪtərəli] 28Wzv   第7级
    • He translated the passage literally. 他逐字逐句地翻译这段文字。
    • Sometimes she would not sit down till she was literally faint. 有时候,她不走到真正要昏厥了,决不肯坐下来。
    5 plight [plaɪt] 820zI   第7级
    • The leader was much concerned over the plight of the refugees. 那位领袖对难民的困境很担忧。
    • She was in a most helpless plight. 她真不知如何是好。
    6 preservation [ˌprezəˈveɪʃn] glnzYU   第7级
    • The police are responsible for the preservation of law and order. 警察负责维持法律与秩序。
    • The picture is in an excellent state of preservation. 这幅画保存得极为完好。
    7 sparsely [spɑ:slɪ] 9hyzxF   第9级
    • Relative to the size, the city is sparsely populated. 与其面积相比,这个城市的人口是稀少的。 来自《简明英汉词典》
    • The ground was sparsely covered with grass. 地面上稀疏地覆盖草丛。 来自《简明英汉词典》
    8 meridian [məˈrɪdiən] f2xyT   第12级
    • All places on the same meridian have the same longitude. 在同一子午线上的地方都有相同的经度。
    • He is now at the meridian of his intellectual power. 他现在正值智力全盛期。
    9 pristine [ˈprɪsti:n] 5BQyC   第10级
    • He wiped his fingers on his pristine handkerchief. 他用他那块洁净的手帕擦手指。
    • He wasn't about to blemish that pristine record. 他本不想去玷污那清白的过去。
    10 elevation [ˌelɪˈveɪʃn] bqsxH   第7级
    • The house is at an elevation of 2, 000 metres. 那幢房子位于海拔两千米的高处。
    • His elevation to the position of General Manager was announced yesterday. 昨天宣布他晋升总经理职位。
    11 sequoia [sɪˈkwɔɪə] MELyo   第12级
    • The sequoia national forest is at the southern end of the sierra nevada range. 红杉国家公园位于内华达山脉南端尽头处。
    • The photo shows the enormous general Sherman tree in California's sequoia national park. 照片显示的是加利福尼亚州红杉国家公园内巨大的谢尔曼将军树。
    12 serenely [sə'ri:nlɪ] Bi5zpo   第8级
    • The boat sailed serenely on towards the horizon.小船平稳地向着天水交接处驶去。
    • It was a serenely beautiful night.那是一个宁静美丽的夜晚。
    13 temperate [ˈtempərət] tIhzd   第8级
    • Asia extends across the frigid, temperate and tropical zones. 亚洲地跨寒、温、热三带。
    • Great Britain has a temperate climate. 英国气候温和。
    14 leach [li:tʃ] uxCyN   第12级
    n. 过滤;过滤器 vt. 过滤;萃取 vi. 被过滤
    • Liquid water can leach soluble materials from the interface. 液态水能够从界面溶解出可溶性物质。
    • They believe that the humic materials are leached from decaying plant materials. 他们认为腐植物料是从腐烂的植物体浸沥而来。
    15 geologists [dʒɪˈɔlədʒɪsts] 1261592151f6aa40819f7687883760a2   第10级
    地质学家,地质学者( geologist的名词复数 )
    • Geologists uncovered the hidden riches. 地质学家发现了地下的宝藏。
    • Geologists study the structure of the rocks. 地质学家研究岩石结构。
    16 toxic [ˈtɒksɪk] inSwc   第7级
    • The factory had accidentally released a quantity of toxic waste into the sea. 这家工厂意外泄漏大量有毒废物到海中。
    • There is a risk that toxic chemicals might be blasted into the atmosphere. 爆炸后有毒化学物质可能会进入大气层。
    17 ted [ted] 9gazhs   第11级
    • He tedded the grains on a sunny noon. 天气晴朗的中午他翻晒了谷物。
    • She often teds the corn when it's sunny. 天好的时候她就翻晒玉米。
    18 Founder [ˈfaʊndə(r)] wigxF   第8级
    • He was extolled as the founder of their Florentine school. 他被称颂为佛罗伦萨画派的鼻祖。
    • According to the old tradition, Romulus was the founder of Rome. 按照古老的传说,罗穆卢斯是古罗马的建国者。
    19 wilderness [ˈwɪldənəs] SgrwS   第8级
    • She drove the herd of cattle through the wilderness. 她赶着牛群穿过荒野。
    • Education in the wilderness is not a matter of monetary means. 荒凉地区的教育不是钱财问题。
    20 botanist [ˈbɒtənɪst] kRTyL   第9级
    • The botanist introduced a new species of plant to the region. 那位植物学家向该地区引入了一种新植物。
    • I had never talked with a botanist before, and I found him fascinating. 我从没有接触过植物学那一类的学者,我觉得他说话极有吸引力。
    21 circumference [səˈkʌmfərəns] HOszh   第8级
    • It's a mile round the circumference of the field. 运动场周长一英里。
    • The diameter and the circumference of a circle correlate. 圆的直径与圆周有相互关系。
    22 generic [dʒəˈnerɪk] mgixr   第10级
    • I usually buy generic clothes instead of name brands. 我通常买普通的衣服,不买名牌。
    • The generic woman appears to have an extraordinary faculty for swallowing the individual. 一般妇女在婚后似乎有特别突出的抑制个性的能力。
    23 incentives [ɪn'sentɪvz] 884481806a10ef3017726acf079e8fa7   第7级
    激励某人做某事的事物( incentive的名词复数 ); 刺激; 诱因; 动机
    • tax incentives to encourage savings 鼓励储蓄的税收措施
    • Furthermore, subsidies provide incentives only for investments in equipment. 更有甚者,提供津贴仅是为鼓励增添设备的投资。 来自英汉非文学 - 环境法 - 环境法
    24 investor [ɪnˈvestə(r)] aq4zNm   第8级
    • My nephew is a cautious investor. 我侄子是个小心谨慎的投资者。
    • The investor believes that his investment will pay off handsomely soon. 这个投资者相信他的投资不久会有相当大的收益。
    25 sector [ˈsektə(r)] yjczYn   第7级
    • The export sector will aid the economic recovery. 出口产业将促进经济复苏。
    • The enemy have attacked the British sector. 敌人已进攻英国防区。
    26 grumbled [ˈɡrʌmbld] ed735a7f7af37489d7db1a9ef3b64f91   第7级
    抱怨( grumble的过去式和过去分词 ); 发牢骚; 咕哝; 发哼声
    • He grumbled at the low pay offered to him. 他抱怨给他的工资低。
    • The heat was sweltering, and the men grumbled fiercely over their work. 天热得让人发昏,水手们边干活边发着牢骚。
    27 gorge [gɔ:dʒ] Zf1xm   第8级
    • East of the gorge leveled out. 峡谷东面地势变得平坦起来。
    • It made my gorge rise to hear the news. 这消息令我作呕。
    28 leached ['li:tʃt] 2a51e90e65eccfce6862c808dfa40a5a   第12级
    v.(将化学品、矿物质等)过滤( leach的过去式和过去分词 );(液体)过滤,滤去
    • They believe that the humic materials are leached from decaying plant materials. 他们认为腐植物料是从腐烂的植物体浸沥而来。 来自辞典例句
    • The concept holds that uranium is leached by groundwater from tuffeceous rocks. 该理论认为,来自凝灰岩的地下水淋蚀铀。 来自辞典例句
    29 Nazi [ˈnɑ:tsi] BjXyF   第9级
    • They declare the Nazi regime overthrown and sue for peace. 他们宣布纳粹政权已被推翻,并出面求和。
    • Nazi closes those war criminals inside their concentration camp. 纳粹把那些战犯关在他们的集中营里。
    30 slaughtered [ˈslɔ:təd] 59ed88f0d23c16f58790fb11c4a5055d   第8级
    v.屠杀,杀戮,屠宰( slaughter的过去式和过去分词 )
    • The invading army slaughtered a lot of people. 侵略军杀了许多人。 来自《简明英汉词典》
    • Hundreds of innocent civilians were cruelly slaughtered. 数百名无辜平民遭残杀。 来自《简明英汉词典》
    31 decided [dɪˈsaɪdɪd] lvqzZd   第7级
    • This gave them a decided advantage over their opponents. 这使他们比对手具有明显的优势。
    • There is a decided difference between British and Chinese way of greeting. 英国人和中国人打招呼的方式有很明显的区别。
    32 merger [ˈmɜ:dʒə(r)] vCJxG   第8级
    • Acceptance of the offer is the first step to a merger. 对这项提议的赞同是合并的第一步。
    • Shareholders will be voting on the merger of the companies. 股东们将投票表决公司合并问题。

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