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  • Just like US teenagers use “LOL” (laugh out loud) when commenting on a funny video, China’s post-00s generation, a group born between 2000 and 2009, like to use “Xswl” (laughing my head off) . 美国青少年在评论一段搞笑视频时会用“LOL”(大笑),而中国的00后(生于2000年-2009年的一代人)则喜欢用“Xswl”(笑死我了)。 Unlike millennials, China’s post-00s were exposed to the internet as kids, when China entered the age of mobile and social media. 和千禧一代不同的是,随着中国进入移动和社交媒体时代,“00后”自童年时代起便开始接触互联网。 In the back-to-school season, Tencent,together with Chinese news site Qdaily, made a creative advertisement about “black talk”, which refers to the special forms of expression used by China’s post-00s. 开学季来临,腾讯与中国新闻网站“好奇心日报”共同打造了一款关于“黑话”的创意广告,展现了中国“00后”独特的表达用语。 Black talk uses acronyms based on pinyin that has gone viral on social media. For example, post-00s internet users like to use “ycy” instead of the full name of Yang Chaoyue, a member of the hit Chinese talent show Produce 101. Other expressions like “cqy” – making friends in messaging software QQ – and “nss” – leaving heart-warming comments on social networking site Qzone – are other elements of black talk. 源于拼音首字母缩写的“黑话”在社交媒体上走红。比如,“00后”网友喜欢用“ycy”来代表热门选秀节目《创造101》中的选手杨超越。其他表达如“cqy”(“处Q友”,在通讯软件QQ上成为好友)以及“nss”(“暖说说”,在社交网站QQ空间上留下暖心的评论)则是“黑话” 的其他形式。 Acronyms and shortened expressions may be popular as they offer shorter ways of communicating. For teenagers, they could also allow them to communicate in their own way. 首字母缩写和简化用语或许因其方便沟通而大受欢迎。对于青少年而言,这些“黑话”还能让他们用自己的方式进行沟通。 According to Tencent’s 2018 Research Report on Post-00s, more than half of the post-00s surveyed said that they make decisions by themselves. They like to discover new interests, and the internet serves as a great tool to try different things. Due to their frequent use of social media, members of this generation also quickly adapt to interpersonal communication. 据腾讯2018年发布的《腾讯00后研究报告》显示,超过半数的受访“00后”表示,很多决定都是自己做的。他们喜欢发现新兴趣,而互联网则成为了他们尝试不同事物的一大工具。由于频繁地使用社交媒体,“00后”这一代人也能很快适应人际交往。 Growing up in the world of the internet, digital savvy post-00s are expected to rise further in future. “Many people are stereotyping the post-00s. But what you see is just [who we are] in a particular period in time. After 10 or 20 years, you will see the post 00s generation shine,” Wang Yuan, a member of teenage band TFBoys, told the Global Times. 成长于互联网世界,对数码产品很懂行的“00后”在未来将会有进一步的发展。“不少人都对‘00后’有着刻板印象。但他们所看到的只是我们在某一特定时间段内的样子。10年或者20年后,大家会看到‘00后’的闪光点,”少年组合TFBoys成员王源在接受《环球时报》采访时表示。 As some universities have welcomed their first groups of post 00s students this September, it’s easy to realize that post-00s will soon become the backbone of society. “In many ways, generational change is like the seasons; the changes are very gradual,” Michael Wood, of education research firm 747 Insights, told Business Insider. 今年9月,随着一些高校迎来了首批“00后”新生,不难看出,“00后”很快就会成为这个社会的中坚力量。“在很多方面,更新换代就像四季更迭;变化都是循序渐进的,”来自教育调研公司747 Insights的迈克尔·伍德在接受《商业内幕》采访时表示。

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    0 acronyms [ˈækrəˌnɪmz] a2987b4e53247549016e1ad4dde017b4   第9级
    n.首字母缩略词( acronym的名词复数 )
    • Scratch the subject of defence and acronyms, abbreviations, and buzzwords fly out. 话题触及国防,缩合字,缩写字和行话就满天飞。 来自《简明英汉词典》
    • Some acronyms as scientific terminology are used as a lexical item. 一些科学术语缩写用作词汇项目。 来自互联网
    0 backbone [ˈbækbəʊn] ty0z9B   第9级
    • The Chinese people have backbone. 中国人民有骨气。
    • The backbone is an articulate structure. 脊椎骨是一种关节相连的结构。
    0 insights [ˈinsaits] d985c03594f5f476782b0eb66d7458cd   第6级
    洞察力( insight的名词复数 ); 洞悉; 领悟; 顿悟
    • This is a book full of profound, original and challenging insights. 这本书充满了深刻、新颖、令人深思的见解。
    • Because his judgement was prudent, his insights were central to any consultation. 因为他考虑问题很慎重,所以他的意见在每次磋商时都最受重视。
    0 mobile [ˈməʊbaɪl] l6dzu   第5级
    • The old lady sits on a mobile chair every morning. 那位老妇人每天上午坐在一把可携带使用的椅子上。
    • She's much more mobile now that she's bought a car. 自从她买了汽车后,活动量就大多了。
    0 savvy [ˈsævi] 3CkzV   第12级
    n. 悟性;理解能力;懂行(的人) vt. 理解;懂 vi. 理解;知道;adj.有见识的,懂实际知识的,通情达理的
    • She was a pretty savvy woman. 她是个见过世面的漂亮女人。
    • Where's your savvy? 你的常识到哪里去了?
    0 shortened [ˈʃɔ:tnd] 8560273e5cfe310f2c9d5ab5defa48f3   第6级
    v.弄短,缩短( shorten的过去式和过去分词 )
    • She shortened the skirt by an inch. 她把裙子缩短了一英寸。 来自《简明英汉词典》
    • Vacations have lengthened and the work week has shortened. 假期延长,工作周就缩短了。 来自辞典例句
    0 stereotyping [ˈsteriəˌtaɪpɪŋ] 39d617452c0dc987f973fc489929116c   第7级
    v.把…模式化,使成陈规( stereotype的现在分词 )
    • I realize that I'm stereotyping. 我认识到我搞的是老一套。 来自辞典例句
    • There is none of the gender stereotyping usually evident in school uniforms. 有没有人的性别刻板印象通常是显而易见的。 来自互联网
    0 users ['ju:zəs] 9bc65c2abec141778ffaa729489f3e87   第5级
    用户,使用者( user的名词复数 )
    • The new software will prove a boon to Internet users. 这种新软件将会对互联网用户大有益处。
    • Ramps should be provided for wheelchair users. 应该给轮椅使用者提供坡道。

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