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  • My Freshman1 Football Coach in high school. He was a grade-A asshole.


    We were doing drills practicing catching2 the football. He threw me a pass and I dropped it. He started yelling at me. I went back in line embarrassed. My friend was up next. Coach throws him the football. He drops it, too. Coach says nothing. Annoyed, I mumbled3 under my breath, “Why didn’t he get yelled at?” Coach: “What was that Doherty?!” (I forgot I whispered like a freight train) Me: “Uhh…” Coach: “Take off, Doherty! TAKE OFF!!!” He didn’t say where to take off to, and I wasn’t going to ask. So, like Forest Gump, I just started running until practice was over.


    After practice he came and talked to me. Stephen - the reason I yelled at you and not the other guy is because I expect more out of you. If I am yelling at you, then it’s because I expect more out of you and know you can get better.” It’s when we stop yelling at you when you mess up that you should begin to worry. Because if the day comes we stop yelling when you mess up, it means we’ve given up on you.


    Wow. That single sentence by a football coach taught me more about life in one sentence than any other teacher or class ever had. He was the biggest asshole I ever met. But he was the greatest teacher I ever had.


    The one who first springs to mind was my PhD supervisor4, Ken5 Crowe. He had a reputation for making grown men cry when they crewed on his racing6 sailboat, and other grad students were terrified of him, but I was fascinated by the topic he was working on, so I joined his group.

    第一个出现在我脑海中的是我读博时的导师Ken Crowe。他名声在外,据说能把跟着他做项目的成年人弄哭,其他研究生都很怕他。但我对他正在做的项目很感兴趣,所以加入了他的团队。

    He gave me an assignment: to figure out what was causing muons to get depolarized in liquids. I knew it involved muonium formation, so I went off to learn all about muonium. After a week or two I came to Ken’s office to tell him about it. He listened for a few minutes and then yelled at me, “You have no idea what you’re talking about! Get out and don’t come back until you do!”

    他给我一个任务:弄清楚什么能导致μ(介)子在液体中去极化。我知道这涉及到 μ子素的形成,所以我去了解了所有关于μ子素的知识。一两周后我去Ken的办公室向他汇报,他听了几分钟就朝我吼起来:“你根本不知道自己在说什么!滚,弄明白了再回来!”

    So I went away and learned more, better, about muonium. I really got into it, and a week later I came back to tell Ken about it. Again he listened for a few minutes and then threw me out.


    Now I was starting to get mad. I bored down on the problem until I understood it so well that to this day it is one of my most proud accomplishments7. Then I went back to tell Ken what I had figured out. Again he interrupted me a few minutes into my presentation, at which point I said, “Shut up and listen!” Which he did. And when I finished he complimented me on doing some very original research. From that day forward he supported and promoted me until we became great friends and respected colleagues.


    So don’t ever begrudge8 your “mean” teachers their high standards. They may spur you to accomplishments you will be proud of decades later.


     9级    双语 


    1 freshman [ˈfreʃmən] 1siz9r   第7级
    • Jack decided to live in during his freshman year at college. 杰克决定大一时住校。
    • He is a freshman in the show business. 他在演艺界是一名新手。
    2 catching [ˈkætʃɪŋ] cwVztY   第8级
    • There are those who think eczema is catching. 有人就是认为湿疹会传染。
    • Enthusiasm is very catching. 热情非常富有感染力。
    3 mumbled ['mʌmbld] 3855fd60b1f055fa928ebec8bcf3f539   第8级
    含糊地说某事,叽咕,咕哝( mumble的过去式和过去分词 )
    • He mumbled something to me which I did not quite catch. 他对我叽咕了几句话,可我没太听清楚。
    • George mumbled incoherently to himself. 乔治语无伦次地喃喃自语。
    4 supervisor [ˈsu:pəvaɪzə(r)] RrZwv   第8级
    • Between you and me I think that new supervisor is a twit. 我们私下说,我认为新来的主管人是一个傻瓜。
    • He said I was too flighty to be a good supervisor. 他说我太轻浮不能成为一名好的管理员。
    5 ken [ken] k3WxV   第8级
    • Such things are beyond my ken. 我可不懂这些事。
    • Abstract words are beyond the ken of children. 抽象的言辞超出小孩所理解的范围。
    6 racing [ˈreɪsɪŋ] 1ksz3w   第8级
    • I was watching the racing on television last night. 昨晚我在电视上看赛马。
    • The two racing drivers fenced for a chance to gain the lead. 两个赛车手伺机竞相领先。
    7 accomplishments [ə'kʌmplɪʃmənts] 1c15077db46e4d6425b6f78720939d54   第8级
    n.造诣;完成( accomplishment的名词复数 );技能;成绩;成就
    • It was one of the President's greatest accomplishments. 那是总统最伟大的成就之一。
    • Among her accomplishments were sewing,cooking,playing the piano and dancing. 她的才能包括缝纫、烹调、弹钢琴和跳舞。 来自《现代英汉综合大词典》
    8 begrudge [bɪˈgrʌdʒ] jubzX   第10级
    • I begrudge spending so much money on train fares. 我舍不得把这么多钱花在火车票上。
    • We should not begrudge our neighbour's richness. 我们不应该嫉妒邻人的富有。

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