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  • o You Have to Be a Jerk to Be Great?


    Soren Kierkegaard asked God to give him the power to will one thing. Amid all the distractions1 of life he asked for the power to live a focused life, wholeheartedly, toward a single point.

    索伦·基尔克果(Soren Kierkegaard)要上帝赋予他得到一样事物的力量。生活中充满分心之物,他要求得到这种力量,让他度过全心全意、只追求一个目标的一生。

    And we've all known geniuses and others who have practiced a secular2 version of this. They have found their talent and specialty3. They focus monomaniacally upon it. They put in the 10,000 hours (and more) that true excellence4 requires.


    I just read "You Must Change Your Life," Rachel Corbett's joint biography of the sculptor5 Auguste Rodin and his protégé, the poet Rainer Maria Rilke, and they were certainly versions of this type.

    我刚读完《你必须要改变生活》(You Must Change Your Life),它是蕾切尔·库贝特(Rachel Corbett)为雕塑家奥古斯特·罗丹和他的门生、诗人莱纳·玛利亚·里尔克所著的联合传记,他们无疑属于这种类型。

    The elder Rodin had one lesson for the young Rilke. "Travailler, toujours travailler." Work, always work.

    老罗丹给年轻的里尔克上了一堂课。“Travailler, toujours travailler.”工作,一直工作。

    This is the heroic vision of the artist. He renounces6 earthly and domestic pleasures and throws himself into his craft. Only through total dedication7 can you really see deeply and produce art.


    In his studio, Rodin could be feverishly8 obsessed9, oblivious10 to all around him. "He abided by his own code, and no one else's standards could measure him," Corbett writes. "He contained within himself his own universe, which Rilke decided11 was more valuable than living in a world of others' making."在他的工作室里,罗丹可能会疯狂沉迷、察觉不到周围的一切。“他遵循自己的准则,其他人的标准没有能用来衡量他的,”库贝特写道。“他把自己关在自己的宇宙里,里尔克认定,这比生活在他人创造的世界里更有价值。”

    Rilke had the same solitary12 focus. With the bohemian revelry of turn-of-the-century Paris all around him, Rilke was alone writing in his room. He didn't drink or dance. He celebrated13 love, but as a general outlook and not as something you gave to any one person or place.


    Both men produced masterworks that millions have treasured. But readers finish Corbett's book feeling that both men had misspent their lives.


    They were both horrid14 to their wives and children. Rodin grew pathetically creepy, needy15 and lonely. Rilke didn't go back home as his father was dying, nor allow his wife and child to be with him as he died. Both men lived most of their lives without intimate care.



    Their lives raise the question: Do you have to be so obsessively16 focused to be great? The traditional masculine answer is yes. But probably the right answer is no.


    In the first place, being monomaniacal may not even be good for your work. Another book on my summer reading list was "Range," by David Epstein. It's a powerful argument that generalists perform better than specialists.

    首先,当个偏执狂或许甚至对你的工作没有好处。我夏季阅读清单上的另一本书是戴维·爱泼斯坦(David Epstein)的《范围》(Range)。该书阐述了通才胜过专才的有力论点。

    The people who achieve excellence tend to have one foot outside their main world. "Compared to other scientists, Nobel laureates are at least 22 times more likely to partake as an amateur actor, dancer, magician or other type of performer," Epstein writes.


    He shows the same pattern in domain17 after domain: People who specialize in one thing succeed early, but then they slide back to mediocrity as their minds rigidify18.


    Children who explore many instruments when they are young end up as more skilled musicians than the ones who are locked into just one. People who transition between multiple careers when they are young end up ahead over time because they can take knowledge in one domain and apply it to another.


    A tech entrepreneur who is 50 is twice as likely to start a superstar company than one who is 30, because he or she has a broader range of experience. A survey of the fastest-growing tech start-ups found that the average age of the founder19 was 45.


    For most people, creativity is precisely20 the ability to pursue multiple interests at once, and then bring them together in new ways. "Without contraries is no progression," William Blake wrote.


    Furthermore, living a great life is more important than producing great work. A life devoted21 to one thing is a stunted22 life, while a pluralistic life is an abundant one. This is a truth feminism has brought into the culture. Women have rarely been able to live as monads. They were generally compelled to switch, hour by hour, between different domains23 and roles: home, work, market, the neighborhood.


    A better definition of success is living within the tension of multiple commitments and trying to make them mutually enhancing. The shape of this success is a pentagram — the five-pointed star. You have your five big passions in life — say, family, vocation24, friends, community, faith — and live flexibly within the gravitational pull of each.


    You join communities that are different from one another. You gain wisdom by entering into different kinds of consciousness. You find freedom at the borderlands between your communities.


    Over the past month, while reading these books, I attended four conferences. Two were very progressive, with almost no conservatives. The other two were very conservative, with almost no progressives. Each of the worlds was so hermetically sealed I found that I couldn't even describe one world to members of the other. It would have been like trying to describe bicycles to a fish.


    I was reading about how rich the pluralistic life is, and how stifling25 a homogeneous life is. And I was realizing that while we're learning to preach a gospel of openness and diversity, we're mostly not living it. In the realm of public life, many live as monads, within the small circles of one specialty, one code, no greatness.


     11级    双语 


    1 distractions [dɪˈstrækʃənz] ff1d4018fe7ed703bc7b2e2e97ba2216   第8级
    n.使人分心的事[人]( distraction的名词复数 );娱乐,消遣;心烦意乱;精神错乱
    • I find it hard to work at home because there are too many distractions. 我发觉在家里工作很难,因为使人分心的事太多。
    • There are too many distractions here to work properly. 这里叫人分心的事太多,使人无法好好工作。 来自《简明英汉词典》
    2 secular [ˈsekjələ(r)] GZmxM   第8级
    • We live in an increasingly secular society. 我们生活在一个日益非宗教的社会。
    • Britain is a plural society in which the secular predominates. 英国是个世俗主导的多元社会。
    3 specialty [ˈspeʃəlti] SrGy7   第7级
    • Shell carvings are a specialty of the town. 贝雕是该城的特产。
    • His specialty is English literature. 他的专业是英国文学。
    4 excellence [ˈeksələns] ZnhxM   第8级
    • His art has reached a high degree of excellence. 他的艺术已达到炉火纯青的地步。
    • My performance is far below excellence. 我的表演离优秀还差得远呢。
    5 sculptor [ˈskʌlptə(r)] 8Dyz4   第8级
    • A sculptor forms her material. 雕塑家把材料塑造成雕塑品。
    • The sculptor rounded the clay into a sphere. 那位雕塑家把黏土做成了一个球状。
    6 renounces [riˈnaunsiz] 4e680794d061a81b2277111800e766fa   第9级
    v.声明放弃( renounce的第三人称单数 );宣布放弃;宣布与…决裂;宣布摒弃
    • Japan renounces all right, title and claim to Formosa and the Pescadores. 日本放弃对福尔摩沙(台湾)及澎湖的一切权利,主张(名称)及所有权。 来自互联网
    • He renounces Christianity, temporarily straining his relationship with his parents. 他放弃了基督教信仰,从而与父母的关系暂时变得紧张。 来自互联网
    7 dedication [ˌdedɪˈkeɪʃn] pxMx9   第9级
    • We admire her courage, compassion and dedication. 我们钦佩她的勇气、爱心和奉献精神。
    • Her dedication to her work was admirable. 她对工作的奉献精神可钦可佩。
    8 feverishly ['fi:vərɪʃlɪ] 5ac95dc6539beaf41c678cd0fa6f89c7   第9级
    adv. 兴奋地
    • Feverishly he collected his data. 他拼命收集资料。
    • The company is having to cast around feverishly for ways to cut its costs. 公司迫切须要想出各种降低成本的办法。
    9 obsessed [əb'ses] 66a4be1417f7cf074208a6d81c8f3384   第8级
    • He's obsessed by computers. 他迷上了电脑。
    • The fear of death obsessed him throughout his old life. 他晚年一直受着死亡恐惧的困扰。
    10 oblivious [əˈblɪviəs] Y0Byc   第8级
    • Mother has become quite oblivious after the illness. 这次病后,妈妈变得特别健忘。
    • He was quite oblivious of the danger. 他完全没有察觉到危险。
    11 decided [dɪˈsaɪdɪd] lvqzZd   第7级
    • This gave them a decided advantage over their opponents. 这使他们比对手具有明显的优势。
    • There is a decided difference between British and Chinese way of greeting. 英国人和中国人打招呼的方式有很明显的区别。
    12 solitary [ˈsɒlətri] 7FUyx   第7级
    • I am rather fond of a solitary stroll in the country. 我颇喜欢在乡间独自徜徉。
    • The castle rises in solitary splendour on the fringe of the desert. 这座城堡巍然耸立在沙漠的边际,显得十分壮美。
    13 celebrated [ˈselɪbreɪtɪd] iwLzpz   第8级
    • He was soon one of the most celebrated young painters in England. 不久他就成了英格兰最负盛名的年轻画家之一。
    • The celebrated violinist was mobbed by the audience. 观众团团围住了这位著名的小提琴演奏家。
    14 horrid [ˈhɒrɪd] arozZj   第10级
    • I'm not going to the horrid dinner party. 我不打算去参加这次讨厌的宴会。
    • The medicine is horrid and she couldn't get it down. 这种药很难吃,她咽不下去。
    15 needy [ˈni:di] wG7xh   第8级
    • Although he was poor, he was quite generous to his needy friends. 他虽穷,但对贫苦的朋友很慷慨。
    • They awarded scholarships to needy students. 他们给贫苦学生颁发奖学金。
    16 obsessively [əb'sesɪvlɪ] 0c180424cba71c2e5a90cdda44a64400   第8级
    • Peter was obsessively jealous and his behaviour was driving his wife away. 彼得过分嫉妒的举止令他的妻子想离他而去。
    • He's rude to his friends and obsessively jealous. 他对他的朋友很无礼而且嫉妒心重。
    17 domain [dəˈmeɪn] ys8xC   第7级
    • This information should be in the public domain. 这一消息应该为公众所知。
    • This question comes into the domain of philosophy. 这一问题属于哲学范畴。
    18 rigidify [rɪ'dʒɪdɪfaɪ] 6b0aa84e44d1666e6730e0d521bae76e   第7级
    19 Founder [ˈfaʊndə(r)] wigxF   第8级
    • He was extolled as the founder of their Florentine school. 他被称颂为佛罗伦萨画派的鼻祖。
    • According to the old tradition, Romulus was the founder of Rome. 按照古老的传说,罗穆卢斯是古罗马的建国者。
    20 precisely [prɪˈsaɪsli] zlWzUb   第8级
    • It's precisely that sort of slick sales-talk that I mistrust. 我不相信的正是那种油腔滑调的推销宣传。
    • The man adjusted very precisely. 那个人调得很准。
    21 devoted [dɪˈvəʊtɪd] xu9zka   第8级
    • He devoted his life to the educational cause of the motherland. 他为祖国的教育事业贡献了一生。
    • We devoted a lengthy and full discussion to this topic. 我们对这个题目进行了长时间的充分讨论。
    22 stunted ['stʌntid] b003954ac4af7c46302b37ae1dfa0391   第8级
    • the stunted lives of children deprived of education 未受教育的孩子所过的局限生活
    • But the landed oligarchy had stunted the country's democratic development for generations. 但是好几代以来土地寡头的统治阻碍了这个国家民主的发展。
    23 domains [dəuˈmeinz] e4e46deb7f9cc58c7abfb32e5570b6f3   第7级
    n.范围( domain的名词复数 );领域;版图;地产
    • The theory of thermodynamics links the macroscopic and submicroscopic domains. 热力学把宏观世界同亚微观世界联系起来。 来自辞典例句
    • All three flow domains are indicated by shading. 所有三个流动区域都是用阴影部分表示的。 来自辞典例句
    24 vocation [vəʊˈkeɪʃn] 8h6wB   第7级
    • She struggled for years to find her true vocation. 她多年来苦苦寻找真正适合自己的职业。
    • She felt it was her vocation to minister to the sick. 她觉得照料病人是她的天职。
    25 stifling ['staifliŋ] dhxz7C   第9级
    • The weather is stifling. It looks like rain. 今天太闷热,光景是要下雨。
    • We were stifling in that hot room with all the windows closed. 我们在那间关着窗户的热屋子里,简直透不过气来。

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