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日本劳动节变“黑色假日” 让你体验给坏老板打工是什么感觉
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  • 很多人大概不知道,日本的劳动节是11月23日,这个节日的名字叫“勤劳感谢日”或“劳动感恩日”。每年到了勤劳感谢日,日本公众都能休假一天。普通人在这一天都会完全抛开工作烦恼,好好放松放松,但是却有人在这一天推出了“黑色假日”活动,请好不容易放了一天假的人来体验给坏老板打工是什么感觉。

    Japan has a culture of long working hours, but even in this generally tough and stressful working environment some companies stand out because of the complete disregard for their employees’ well-being1. They are known as “black companies” and anyone who has ever wanted to experience what working for such organizations is like, without actually getting a job at one, can find out by applying for a special event called “The Black Holiday”.


    It’s hard to imagine anyone ever wanting to experience what a ‘black company’ is like, but especially so on Friday, November 23, when Japan celebrates Labor Thanksgiving Day. It’s a national holiday and a rare opportunity to enjoy a long weekend free of work-related stress. But that’s exactly why the organizers of The Black Holiday chose this date for their special event. What better way to emphasize just how bad working for a black company can be than having you do it on your day off, right?


    Super Miracle Happy, the fictitious2 black company that 30 “lucky” applicants3 will have the chance to work for during The Black Holiday, is actually made up of a group of Japanese actors who will do their best to replicate4 the working environment of real black companies. It’s unclear what exactly these volunteers will experience during their one-day employment, but we do know that the actors’ performances will be based on true stories from people who have worked in Japanese black companies.



    "If my boss didn’t like you, he’d make you stand by his desk while he ignored you and fiddled5 with his PC for four to six hours,” one former black company employee said.


    "For a required ‘development retreat,’ we were confined in a tiny one-room apartment near our office for several hours,” another person said.


    "One of the members of the board of directors (the president’s son) took me to a private room at a bar where he spent two hours trying to convince me to go on a travel date to Okinawa with him, then got angry at me for being indecisive when I tried to dodge6 the question of whether or not I would go with him.”


    According to a promotional job ad, Super Miracle Happy is a company from the medical devices sector7 looking to higher people who “have stamina8, endurance, and never complain”. The poster shows an shadowy and frankly9 creepy manager welcoming applicants to “the company that people most want to quit from in all the world.” Super Miracle Happy is looking for 30 new employees who will have to work in two 90-minute shifts, one starting 1 pm, and the other at 6 pm, but keep in mind that this is a black company, so expect some mandatory10 overtime11.


    IT Media reports that selected applicants are likely to see other employees of Super Miracle Happy resting in sleeping bags when they first enter the company’s office, and can expect to be yelled at and scolded for much of their 90-minute shifts. The organizers acknowledge that the stress of working for a Japanese black company, even for one day, could be a bit too much for some people, so they urge selected candidates that their bosses are really just paid actors playing a role. Instead of resorting to any kind of violence, stressed-out employees are invited to offer a letter of resignation if at any point they want to cut their experience short and go home.

    据IT Media网站报道,被录用的求职者刚进入公司的办公室时将可能看到“超级奇迹快乐”公司的其他职员在睡袋中睡觉,而且在他们90分钟的工作中将有很大一部分时间被吼骂斥责。组织者承认,在日本黑公司的工作压力,即使只有一天,也可能让某些人承受不了,所以他们会提醒被选中的求职者,他们的“老板”其实只是拿钱扮演角色的演员。为了避免人们诉诸于暴力,如果职员在任何时候不堪重负想提前结束经历回家,组织者欢迎职员提交辞呈。

    While The Black Holiday sounds like a special event for masochists, SoraNews24 claims that it is actually aimed at two categories of people: employees dissatisfied with their current jobs, but hesitant to look for something better (employees hope that the experience will inspire them to look for better employment opportunities), and managers and executives (organizers hope that they will have greater empathy for their employees after spending a day in their shoes).


     9级    双语 


    1 well-being [wel 'bi:ɪŋ] Fe3zbn   第8级
    • He always has the well-being of the masses at heart. 他总是把群众的疾苦挂在心上。
    • My concern for their well-being was misunderstood as interference. 我关心他们的幸福,却被误解为多管闲事。
    2 fictitious [fɪkˈtɪʃəs] 4kzxA   第9级
    • She invented a fictitious boyfriend to put him off. 她虚构出一个男朋友来拒绝他。
    • The story my mother told me when I was young is fictitious. 小时候妈妈对我讲的那个故事是虚构的。
    3 applicants [ˈæplikənts] aaea8e805a118b90e86f7044ecfb6d59   第7级
    申请人,求职人( applicant的名词复数 )
    • There were over 500 applicants for the job. 有500多人申请这份工作。
    • He was impressed by the high calibre of applicants for the job. 求职人员出色的能力给他留下了深刻印象。
    4 replicate [ˈreplɪkeɪt] PVAxN   第9级
    • The DNA of chromatin must replicate before cell division. 染色质DNA在细胞分裂之前必须复制。
    • It is also easy to replicate, as the next subsection explains. 就像下一个小节详细说明的那样,它还可以被轻易的复制。
    5 fiddled [ˈfidld] 3b8aadb28aaea237f1028f5d7f64c9ea   第9级
    v.伪造( fiddle的过去式和过去分词 );篡改;骗取;修理或稍作改动
    • He fiddled the company's accounts. 他篡改了公司的账目。 来自《简明英汉词典》
    • He began with Palestrina, and fiddled all the way through Bartok. 他从帕勒斯春纳的作品一直演奏到巴塔克的作品。 来自辞典例句
    6 dodge [dɒdʒ] q83yo   第8级
    n. 躲闪;托词 vt. 躲避,避开 vi. 躲避,避开
    • A dodge behind a tree kept her from being run over. 她向树后一闪,才没被车从身上辗过。
    • The dodge was coopered by the police. 诡计被警察粉碎了。
    7 sector [ˈsektə(r)] yjczYn   第7级
    • The export sector will aid the economic recovery. 出口产业将促进经济复苏。
    • The enemy have attacked the British sector. 敌人已进攻英国防区。
    8 stamina [ˈstæmɪnə] br8yJ   第10级
    • I lacked the stamina to run the whole length of the race. 我没有跑完全程的耐力。
    • Giving up smoking had a magical effect on his stamina. 戒烟神奇地增强了他的体力。
    9 frankly [ˈfræŋkli] fsXzcf   第7级
    • To speak frankly, I don't like the idea at all. 老实说,我一点也不赞成这个主意。
    • Frankly speaking, I'm not opposed to reform. 坦率地说,我不反对改革。
    10 mandatory [ˈmændətəri] BjTyz   第9级
    • It's mandatory to pay taxes. 缴税是义务性的。
    • There is no mandatory paid annual leave in the U. S. 美国没有强制带薪年假。
    11 overtime [ˈəʊvətaɪm] aKqxn   第7级
    • They are working overtime to finish the work. 为了完成任务他们正在加班加点地工作。
    • He was paid for the overtime he worked. 他领到了加班费。

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