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荷塘月色 Moonlight over the Lotus Pond 英文版
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  • 荷塘月色 Moonlight over the Lotus Pond

    朱自清 Zhu Ziqing


    It has been rather disquieting1 these days. Tonight, when I was sitting in the yard enjoying the cool, it occurred to me that the Lotus Pond, which I pass by every day, must assume quite a different look in such moonlit night. A full moon was rising high in the sky; the laughter of children playing outside had died away; in the room, my wife was patting the son, Run-er, sleepily humming a cradle song. Shrugging on an overcoat, quietly, I made my way out, closing the door behind me.


    Alongside the Lotus Pond runs a small cinder2 footpath3. It is peaceful and secluded4 here, a place not frequented by pedestrians5 even in the daytime; now at night, it looks more solitary6, in a lush, shady ambience of trees all around the pond. On the side where the path is, there are willows8, interlaced with some others whose names I do not know. The foliage9, which, in a moonless night, would loom10 somewhat frighteningly dark, looks very nice tonight, although the moonlight is not more than a thin, greyish veil.


    I am on my own, strolling, hands behind my back. This bit of the universe seems in my possession now; and I myself seem to have been uplifted from my ordinary self into another world, I like a serene11 and peaceful life, as much as a busy and active one; I like being in solitude12, as much as in company. As it is tonight, basking13 in a misty14 moonshine all by myself, I feel I am a free man, free to think of anything, or of nothing. All that one is obliged to do, or to say, in the daytime, can be very well cast a side now. That is the beauty of being alone. For the moment, just let me indulge in this profusion15 of moonlight and lotus fragrance16.


    All over this winding17 stretch of water, what meets the eye is a silken field of leaves, reaching rather high above the surface, like the skirts of dancing girls in all their grace. Here and there, layers of leaves are dotted with white lotus blossoms, some in demure18 bloom, others in shy bud, like scattering19 pearls, or twinkling stars, our beauties just out of the bath. A breeze stirs, sending over breaths of fragrance, like faint singing drifting from a distant building. At this moment, a tiny thrill shoots through the leaves and flowers, like a streak20 of lightning, straight across the forest of lotuses. The leaves, which have been standing21 shoulder to shoulder, are caught trembling in an emerald heave of the pond. Underneath22, the exquisite23 water is covered from view, and none can tell its colour; yet the leaves on top project themselves all the more attractively.


    The moon sheds her liquid light silently over the leaves and flowers, which, in the floating transparency of a bluish haze24 from the pond, look as if they had just been bathed in milk, or like a dream wrapped in a gauzy hood25. Although it is a full moon, shining through a film of clouds, the light is not at its brightest; it is, however, just right for me – a profound sleep is indispensable, yet a snatched doze26 also has a savour of its own. The moonlight is streaming down through the foliage, casting bushy shadows on the ground from high above, dark and checkered27, as grotesque28 as a party of spectres; whereas the benign29 figures of the drooping30 willows, here and there, look like paintings on the lotus leaves. The moonlight is not spread evenly over the pond, but rather in a harmonious31 rhythm of light and shade, like a famous melody played on a violin.


    Around the pond, far and near, high and low, are trees. Most of them are willows. Only on the path side can two or three gaps be seen through the heavy fringe, as if specially32 reserved for the moon. The shadowy shapes of the leafage at first sight seem diffused33 into a mass of mist, against which, however, the charm of those willow7 trees is still discernible. Over the trees appear some distant mountains, but merely in sketchy34 silhouette35. Through the branches are also a couple of lamps, as listless as sleepy eyes. The most lively creatures here, for the moment, must be the cicadas in the trees and the frogs in the pond. But the liveliness is theirs, I have nothing.


    Suddenly, something like lotus-gathering36 crosses my mind. It used to be celebrated37 as a folk festival in the South, probably dating very far back in history, most popular in the period of Six Dynasties. We can pick up some outlines of this activity in the poetry. It was young girls who went gathering lotuses, in sampans and singing love songs. Needless to say, there were a great number of them doing the gathering, apart from those who were watching. It was a lively season, brimming with vitality38, and romance. A brilliant description can be found in Lotus Gathering written by the Yuan Emperor of the Liang Dynasty:


    So those charming youngsters row their sampans, heart buoyant with tacit love, pass on to each other cups of wine while their bird-shaped prows39 drift around. From time to time their oars40 are caught in dangling41 algae42, and duckweed float apart the moment their boats are about to move on. Their slender figures, girdled with plain silk, tread watchfully43 on board. This is the time when spring is growing into summer, the leaves a tender green and the flowers blooming – among which the girls are giggling44 when evading45 an outreaching stem, their shirts tucked in for fear that the sampan might tilt46.


    That is a glimpse of those merrymaking scenes. It must have been fascinating; but unfortunately we have long been denied such a delight.


    Then I recall those lines in Ballad47 of Xizhou Island:

    Gathering the lotus, I am in the South Pond, /The lilies in autumn reach over my head; /Lowering my head I toy with the lotus seed. /Look, they are as fresh as the water underneath.


    If there were somebody gathering lotuses tonight, she could tell that the lilies here are high enough to “reach over her head”; but, one would certainly miss the sight of the water. So my memories drift back to the South after all.Deep in my thoughts, I looked up, just to find myself at the door of my own house. Gently I pushed the door open and walked in. Not a sound inside, my wife had been asleep for quite a while.


    Qinghua Campus, Beijing

    July, 1927

    (朱纯深 译)

     12级    双语 


    1 disquieting [dɪsˈkwaɪətɪŋ] disquieting   第12级
    adj.令人不安的,令人不平静的v.使不安,使忧虑,使烦恼( disquiet的现在分词 )
    • The news from the African front was disquieting in the extreme. 非洲前线的消息极其令人不安。 来自英汉文学
    • That locality was always vaguely disquieting, even in the broad glare of afternoon. 那一带地方一向隐隐约约使人感到心神不安甚至在下午耀眼的阳光里也一样。 来自辞典例句
    2 cinder [ˈsɪndə(r)] xqhzt   第10级
    • The new technology for the preparation of superfine ferric oxide from pyrite cinder is studied. 研究了用硫铁矿烧渣为原料,制取超细氧化铁红的新工艺。
    • The cinder contains useful iron, down from producing sulphuric acid by contact process. 接触法制硫酸的矿渣中含有铁矿。
    3 footpath [ˈfʊtpɑ:θ] 9gzzO   第10级
    • Owners who allow their dogs to foul the footpath will be fined. 主人若放任狗弄脏人行道将受处罚。
    • They rambled on the footpath in the woods. 他俩漫步在林间蹊径上。
    4 secluded [sɪ'klu:dɪd] wj8zWX   第10级
    adj.与世隔绝的;隐退的;偏僻的v.使隔开,使隐退( seclude的过去式和过去分词)
    • Some people like to strip themselves naked while they have a swim in a secluded place. 一些人当他们在隐蔽的地方游泳时,喜欢把衣服脱光。 来自《简明英汉词典》
    • This charming cottage dates back to the 15th century and is as pretty as a picture, with its thatched roof and secluded garden. 这所美丽的村舍是15世纪时的建筑,有茅草房顶和宁静的花园,漂亮极了,简直和画上一样。 来自《简明英汉词典》
    5 pedestrians [pɪ'destrɪəns] c0776045ca3ae35c6910db3f53d111db   第11级
    n.步行者( pedestrian的名词复数 )
    • Several pedestrians had come to grief on the icy pavement. 几个行人在结冰的人行道上滑倒了。 来自《简明英汉词典》
    • Pedestrians keep to the sidewalk [footpath]! 行人走便道。 来自《现代汉英综合大词典》
    6 solitary [ˈsɒlətri] 7FUyx   第7级
    • I am rather fond of a solitary stroll in the country. 我颇喜欢在乡间独自徜徉。
    • The castle rises in solitary splendour on the fringe of the desert. 这座城堡巍然耸立在沙漠的边际,显得十分壮美。
    7 willow [ˈwɪləʊ] bMFz6   第8级
    • The river was sparsely lined with willow trees. 河边疏疏落落有几棵柳树。
    • The willow's shadow falls on the lake. 垂柳的影子倒映在湖面上。
    8 willows [ˈwiləuz] 79355ee67d20ddbc021d3e9cb3acd236   第8级
    n.柳树( willow的名词复数 );柳木
    • The willows along the river bank look very beautiful. 河岸边的柳树很美。 来自《简明英汉词典》
    • Willows are planted on both sides of the streets. 街道两侧种着柳树。 来自《现代汉英综合大词典》
    9 foliage [ˈfəʊliɪdʒ] QgnzK   第8级
    • The path was completely covered by the dense foliage. 小路被树叶厚厚地盖了一层。
    • Dark foliage clothes the hills. 浓密的树叶覆盖着群山。
    10 loom [lu:m] T8pzd   第7级
    • The old woman was weaving on her loom. 那位老太太正在织布机上织布。
    • The shuttle flies back and forth on the loom. 织布机上梭子来回飞动。
    11 serene [səˈri:n] PD2zZ   第8级
    adj. 安详的,宁静的,平静的
    • He has entered the serene autumn of his life. 他已进入了美好的中年时期。
    • He didn't speak much, he just smiled with that serene smile of his. 他话不多,只是脸上露出他招牌式的淡定的微笑。
    12 solitude [ˈsɒlɪtju:d] xF9yw   第7级
    n. 孤独; 独居,荒僻之地,幽静的地方
    • People need a chance to reflect on spiritual matters in solitude. 人们需要独处的机会来反思精神上的事情。
    • They searched for a place where they could live in solitude. 他们寻找一个可以过隐居生活的地方。
    13 basking [bæskɪŋ] 7596d7e95e17619cf6e8285dc844d8be   第9级
    v.晒太阳,取暖( bask的现在分词 );对…感到乐趣;因他人的功绩而出名;仰仗…的余泽
    • We sat basking in the warm sunshine. 我们坐着享受温暖的阳光。
    • A colony of seals lay basking in the sun. 一群海豹躺着晒太阳。 来自《简明英汉词典》
    14 misty [ˈmɪsti] l6mzx   第9级
    • He crossed over to the window to see if it was still misty. 他走到窗户那儿,看看是不是还有雾霭。
    • The misty scene had a dreamy quality about it. 雾景给人以梦幻般的感觉。
    15 profusion [prəˈfju:ʒn] e1JzW   第11级
    • He is liberal to profusion. 他挥霍无度。
    • The leaves are falling in profusion. 落叶纷纷。
    16 fragrance [ˈfreɪgrəns] 66ryn   第8级
    • The apple blossoms filled the air with their fragrance. 苹果花使空气充满香味。
    • The fragrance of lavender filled the room. 房间里充满了薰衣草的香味。
    17 winding [ˈwaɪndɪŋ] Ue7z09   第8级
    • A winding lane led down towards the river. 一条弯弯曲曲的小路通向河边。
    • The winding trail caused us to lose our orientation. 迂回曲折的小道使我们迷失了方向。
    18 demure [dɪˈmjʊə(r)] 3mNzb   第12级
    • She's very demure and sweet. 她非常娴静可爱。
    • The luscious Miss Wharton gave me a demure but knowing smile. 性感迷人的沃顿小姐对我羞涩地会心一笑。
    19 scattering ['skætərɪŋ] 91b52389e84f945a976e96cd577a4e0c   第7级
    • The child felle into a rage and began scattering its toys about. 这孩子突发狂怒,把玩具扔得满地都是。 来自《简明英汉词典》
    • The farmers are scattering seed. 农夫们在播种。 来自《简明英汉词典》
    20 streak [stri:k] UGgzL   第7级
    • The Indians used to streak their faces with paint. 印第安人过去常用颜料在脸上涂条纹。
    • Why did you streak the tree? 你为什么在树上刻条纹?
    21 standing [ˈstændɪŋ] 2hCzgo   第8级
    • After the earthquake only a few houses were left standing. 地震过后只有几幢房屋还立着。
    • They're standing out against any change in the law. 他们坚决反对对法律做任何修改。
    22 underneath [ˌʌndəˈni:θ] VKRz2   第7级
    • Working underneath the car is always a messy job. 在汽车底下工作是件脏活。
    • She wore a coat with a dress underneath. 她穿着一件大衣,里面套着一条连衣裙。
    23 exquisite [ɪkˈskwɪzɪt] zhez1   第7级
    • I was admiring the exquisite workmanship in the mosaic. 我当时正在欣赏镶嵌画的精致做工。
    • I still remember the exquisite pleasure I experienced in Bali. 我依然记得在巴厘岛所经历的那种剧烈的快感。
    24 haze [heɪz] O5wyb   第9级
    • I couldn't see her through the haze of smoke. 在烟雾弥漫中,我看不见她。
    • He often lives in a haze of whisky. 他常常是在威士忌的懵懂醉意中度过的。
    25 hood [hʊd] ddwzJ   第8级
    • She is wearing a red cloak with a hood. 她穿着一件红色带兜帽的披风。
    • The car hood was dented in. 汽车的发动机罩已凹了进去。
    26 doze [dəʊz] IsoxV   第8级
    vi. 打瞌睡;假寐 vt. 打瞌睡度过 n. 瞌睡
    • He likes to have a doze after lunch. 他喜欢午饭后打个盹。
    • While the adults doze, the young play. 大人们在打瞌睡,而孩子们在玩耍。
    27 checkered ['tʃekəd] twbzdA   第12级
    • The ground under the trees was checkered with sunlight and shade. 林地光影交错。
    • He has a checkered past in the government. 他过去在政界浮沉。
    28 grotesque [grəʊˈtesk] O6ryZ   第8级
    • His face has a grotesque appearance. 他的面部表情十分怪。
    • Her account of the incident was a grotesque distortion of the truth. 她对这件事的陈述是荒诞地歪曲了事实。
    29 benign [bɪˈnaɪn] 2t2zw   第7级
    • The benign weather brought North America a bumper crop. 温和的气候给北美带来大丰收。
    • Martha is a benign old lady. 玛莎是个仁慈的老妇人。
    30 drooping ['dru:pɪŋ] drooping   第10级
    adj. 下垂的,无力的 动词droop的现在分词
    • The drooping willows are waving gently in the morning breeze. 晨风中垂柳袅袅。
    • The branches of the drooping willows were swaying lightly. 垂柳轻飘飘地摆动。
    31 harmonious [hɑ:ˈməʊniəs] EdWzx   第9级
    • Their harmonious relationship resulted in part from their similar goals. 他们关系融洽的部分原因是他们有着相似的目标。
    • The room was painted in harmonious colors. 房间油漆得色彩调和。
    32 specially [ˈspeʃəli] Hviwq   第7级
    • They are specially packaged so that they stack easily. 它们经过特别包装以便于堆放。
    • The machine was designed specially for demolishing old buildings. 这种机器是专为拆毁旧楼房而设计的。
    33 diffused [dɪ'fju:zd] 5aa05ed088f24537ef05f482af006de0   第7级
    • A drop of milk diffused in the water. 一滴牛奶在水中扩散开来。
    • Gases and liquids diffused. 气体和液体慢慢混合了。
    34 sketchy [ˈsketʃi] ZxJwl   第11级
    • The material he supplied is too sketchy. 他提供的材料过于简略。
    • Details of what actually happened are still sketchy. 对于已发生事实的详细情况知道的仍然有限。
    35 silhouette [ˌsɪluˈet] SEvz8   第10级
    • I could see its black silhouette against the evening sky. 我能看到夜幕下它黑色的轮廓。
    • I could see the silhouette of the woman in the pickup. 我可以见到小卡车的女人黑色半身侧面影。
    36 gathering [ˈgæðərɪŋ] ChmxZ   第8级
    • He called on Mr. White to speak at the gathering. 他请怀特先生在集会上讲话。
    • He is on the wing gathering material for his novels. 他正忙于为他的小说收集资料。
    37 celebrated [ˈselɪbreɪtɪd] iwLzpz   第8级
    • He was soon one of the most celebrated young painters in England. 不久他就成了英格兰最负盛名的年轻画家之一。
    • The celebrated violinist was mobbed by the audience. 观众团团围住了这位著名的小提琴演奏家。
    38 vitality [vaɪˈtæləti] lhAw8   第8级
    • He came back from his holiday bursting with vitality and good health. 他度假归来之后,身强体壮,充满活力。
    • He is an ambitious young man full of enthusiasm and vitality. 他是个充满热情与活力的有远大抱负的青年。
    39 prows [praʊz] aa81e15f784cd48184d11b82561cd6d2   第11级
    n.船首( prow的名词复数 )
    • The prows of the UNSC ships flared as their magnetic accelerator cannons fired. UNSC战舰的舰首展开,磁力大炮开火了。 来自互联网
    40 oars [ɔ:z] c589a112a1b341db7277ea65b5ec7bf7   第7级
    n.桨,橹( oar的名词复数 );划手v.划(行)( oar的第三人称单数 )
    • He pulled as hard as he could on the oars. 他拼命地划桨。
    • The sailors are bending to the oars. 水手们在拼命地划桨。 来自《简明英汉词典》
    41 dangling [ˈdæŋgəlɪŋ] 4930128e58930768b1c1c75026ebc649   第9级
    悬吊着( dangle的现在分词 ); 摆动不定; 用某事物诱惑…; 吊胃口
    • The tooth hung dangling by the bedpost, now. 结果,那颗牙就晃来晃去吊在床柱上了。
    • The children sat on the high wall,their legs dangling. 孩子们坐在一堵高墙上,摇晃着他们的双腿。
    42 algae [ˈældʒi:] tK6yW   第11级
    • Most algae live in water. 多数藻类生长在水中。
    • Algae grow and spread quickly in the lake. 湖中水藻滋蔓。
    43 watchfully ['wɒtʃfəlɪ] dded71fa82d287f8b2b1779aba6d474d   第8级
    • Defending his wicket watchfully, the last man is playing out time. 最后一名球员小心地守着他的三柱门,直到比赛结束。
    44 giggling [ˈɡiɡlɪŋ] 2712674ae81ec7e853724ef7e8c53df1   第7级
    v.咯咯地笑( giggle的现在分词 )
    • We just sat there giggling like naughty schoolchildren. 我们只是坐在那儿像调皮的小学生一样的咯咯地傻笑。 来自《简明英汉词典》
    • I can't stand her giggling, she's so silly. 她吃吃地笑,叫我真受不了,那样子傻透了。 来自《现代英汉综合大词典》
    45 evading [ɪ'veɪdɪŋ] 6af7bd759f5505efaee3e9c7803918e5   第7级
    逃避( evade的现在分词 ); 避开; 回避; 想不出
    • Segmentation of a project is one means of evading NEPA. 把某一工程进行分割,是回避《国家环境政策法》的一种手段。 来自英汉非文学 - 环境法 - 环境法
    • Too many companies, she says, are evading the issue. 她说太多公司都在回避这个问题。
    46 tilt [tɪlt] aG3y0   第7级
    • She wore her hat at a tilt over her left eye. 她歪戴着帽子遮住左眼。
    • The table is at a slight tilt. 这张桌子没放平,有点儿歪.
    47 ballad [ˈbæləd] zWozz   第8级
    • This poem has the distinctive flavour of a ballad. 这首诗有民歌风味。
    • This is a romantic ballad that is pure corn. 这是一首极为伤感的浪漫小曲。

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