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  • The legal pad got its start with Thomas Holley in 1888. Holley was 24 and working at a paper mill in Holyoke, Massachusetts. Every day, he and his co-workers threw out a lot of scrap1 pieces, called sortings, left over from cutting paper into the right sized sheets. He knew there had to be a use for them and eventually hit on the idea of cutting the sortings to the same size and binding2 them into small notepads. Since the paper was essentially3 trash to the mill, they could sell the pads at low prices.

    1888年,Thomas Holley创造了信笺。24岁的他在马萨诸塞州霍利约克的一家造纸厂工作。每天他和同事们都会扔掉很多被称为“边角余料”的废料,这些废料是将纸张切成合适大小的尺寸后剩下的部分。他知道它们一定有用武之地,最终想到了一个好点子,就是把这些“边角余料”切成统一尺寸并装订成记事本。因为这些纸张对造纸厂来说就是垃圾,所以他们可以以很低的价格出售这种小本子。

    The first few batches4 of pads sold so well that Holley quit his job at the mill and started his own company—Ampad, or the American Pad and Paper Company—to collect scraps5 from the local mills and manufacture and sell his pads. His company still exists, and they still manufacture notepads in a variety of sizes and shapes. And colors.


    The pads that Holley made probably weren't yellow, and that isn't the only color they come in today. The only thing that technically6 sets the legal pad apart from every other notepad is the 1.25-inch, left-side "down lines," or margins7. According to a historical deep-dive on legal pads in a 2005 issue of Legal Affairs magazine, Holley added these lines "in the early 1900s at the request of a local judge who was looking for space to comment on his own notes."Holley最初生产的记事本可能不是黄色的,且黄色也不是现在记事本的唯一颜色。从技术上讲,唯一能将信笺与其他记事本区别开来的是纸张左侧1.25英寸的“划线”,即页边空白。根据2005年出版的《法律事务》杂志上的一篇关于信笺历史的深度报道,Holley在“20世纪初应一位当地法官的请求”加上了这些线,“这位法官想让自己的笔记有做批注的地方”。

    Still, when most people think legal pad, they think of the classic yellow paper and blue lines. The true origin of the yellow hue8 is actually a mystery. As far as we know, Holley's pads were white pads, and dyeing them yellow would have upped his cost and ruined his business plan.


    There are a few competing hypotheses about how the pads came to be yellow later on, but none can be verified and no one seems to know when the pads first came out in color. One origin story suggests that yellow contrasted well against black ink without glare, making text easier to read. Or, that from a psychological perspective, "yellow is an excellent color for stimulating9 mental activity," so writing on yellow notepads could boost your creativity or clarity.


    Another possibility is that Holley or his successors eventually decided10 to dye the paper to hide the fact that the pads were made from scraps of varying age and quality, and yellow was the cheapest or most readily available dye at the time.


     10级    双语 


    1 scrap [skræp] JDFzf   第7级
    • A man comes round regularly collecting scrap. 有个男人定时来收废品。
    • Sell that car for scrap. 把那辆汽车当残品卖了吧。
    2 binding ['baindiŋ] 2yEzWb   第7级
    • The contract was not signed and has no binding force. 合同没有签署因而没有约束力。
    • Both sides have agreed that the arbitration will be binding. 双方都赞同仲裁具有约束力。
    3 essentially [ɪˈsenʃəli] nntxw   第8级
    • Really great men are essentially modest. 真正的伟人大都很谦虚。
    • She is an essentially selfish person. 她本质上是个自私自利的人。
    4 batches [bætʃiz] f8c77c3bee0bd5d27b9ca0e20c216d1a   第7级
    一批( batch的名词复数 ); 一炉; (食物、药物等的)一批生产的量; 成批作业
    • The prisoners were led out in batches and shot. 这些囚犯被分批带出去枪毙了。
    • The stainless drum may be used to make larger batches. 不锈钢转数设备可用来加工批量大的料。
    5 scraps [skræps] 737e4017931b7285cdd1fa3eb9dd77a3   第7级
    • Don't litter up the floor with scraps of paper. 不要在地板上乱扔纸屑。
    • A patchwork quilt is a good way of using up scraps of material. 做杂拼花布棉被是利用零碎布料的好办法。
    6 technically [ˈteknɪkli] wqYwV   第8级
    • Technically it is the most advanced equipment ever. 从技术上说,这是最先进的设备。
    • The tomato is technically a fruit, although it is eaten as a vegetable. 严格地说,西红柿是一种水果,尽管它是当作蔬菜吃的。
    7 margins ['mɑ:dʒɪnz] 18cef75be8bf936fbf6be827537c8585   第7级
    边( margin的名词复数 ); 利润; 页边空白; 差数
    • They have always had to make do with relatively small profit margins. 他们不得不经常设法应付较少的利润额。
    • To create more space between the navigation items, add left and right margins to the links. 在每个项目间留更多的空隙,加左或者右的margins来定义链接。
    8 hue [hju:] qdszS   第10级
    • The diamond shone with every hue under the Sun. 金刚石在阳光下放出五颜六色的光芒。
    • The same hue will look different in different light. 同一颜色在不同的光线下看起来会有所不同。
    9 stimulating ['stimjəˌleitiŋ] ShBz7A   第7级
    • shower gel containing plant extracts that have a stimulating effect on the skin 含有对皮肤有益的植物精华的沐浴凝胶
    • This is a drug for stimulating nerves. 这是一种兴奋剂。
    10 decided [dɪˈsaɪdɪd] lvqzZd   第7级
    • This gave them a decided advantage over their opponents. 这使他们比对手具有明显的优势。
    • There is a decided difference between British and Chinese way of greeting. 英国人和中国人打招呼的方式有很明显的区别。

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