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  • A regional minister in the Spanish province of Castilla y León has come under fire for proposing that brick and mortar1 clothing stores charge a fee for customers to try on clothes in order to discourage the 'unethical practice' of trying on clothes only to buy them cheaper online.


    María del Pilar del Olmo, Castilla y León's economy and treasury2 minister, made her controversial idea known at a recent Retail3 Industry Conference, after reportedly discussing it with the province's tourism, trade and industry minister.


    She argued that nowadays too many shoppers tend to first visit brick-and-mortar boutiques just to try on clothes, and, having figured out which items and sizes fit them best, leave empty-handed only to buy the same clothes online, at lower prices.


    The regional minister proposed a fee for trying out clothes in order to discourage this 'unethical practice'.


    According to Ms. del Olmo, this is less of an issue for big brands that only sell their clothes in their own stores and on their websites, with prices varying little, if at all, between the two, but it is crippling boutiques that carry various brands, which visitors can find on popular online stores like ASOS or El Corte Inglés after trying them on.

    德尔·奥尔莫称,对于那些只在专卖店和官网卖衣服的大牌而言,这个问题不大,因为线上和线下价格基本没有差别,就算有,也不会太大,但对于出售多个品牌服装的时装店来说,却是致命的打击。购物者在那里试过衣服后可以在人气网店ASOS或El Corte Inglés找到同款。

    The minister's proposal has been met with criticism. Many are saying that the price difference on clothing items in physical store compared to online ones is irrelevant4, making it unnecessary for shoppers to leave whatever clothes they like in the dressing5 room only to order them online and wait at least one day for them to arrive.


    Others claim that boutiques often sell limited-edition items which are very hard to find, elsewhere, even online.


    In some cases, people simply try on the clothes and leave them in the dressing room because they plan to buy them when they go on sale, and it's unclear whether a fee for trying out clothes will help or hurt shops in the long run.


    And then there is the risk that shoppers who would normally buy the clothes that fit them after trying them on, would avoid going into stores at all because of this tax.


    "It's just an idea," minister Del Olmo insisted. "A major part of Spain's identity is the existence of physical and often bespoke6 shops in town and city centres and, of course, frequently in villages, too; and the only way to ensure they survive is by seeking out innovative7 ideas. This does not necessarily mean shops will definitely start charging for trying on – this was only an example."


    An online poll conducted after the minister's proposal went viral online showed that 91% of respondents were against the idea, believing that shoppers have the right to see if something fits them properly before deciding whether to buy it or not.


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    1 mortar [ˈmɔ:tə(r)] 9EsxR   第9级
    • The mason flushed the joint with mortar. 泥工用灰浆把接缝处嵌平。
    • The sound of mortar fire seemed to be closing in. 迫击炮的吼声似乎正在逼近。
    2 treasury [ˈtreʒəri] 7GeyP   第9级
    • The Treasury was opposed in principle to the proposals. 财政部原则上反对这些提案。
    • This book is a treasury of useful information. 这本书是有价值的信息宝库。
    3 retail [ˈri:teɪl] VWoxC   第7级
    • In this shop they retail tobacco and sweets. 这家铺子零售香烟和糖果。
    • These shoes retail at 10 yuan a pair. 这些鞋子零卖10元一双。
    4 irrelevant [ɪˈreləvənt] ZkGy6   第8级
    • That is completely irrelevant to the subject under discussion. 这跟讨论的主题完全不相关。
    • A question about arithmetic is irrelevant in a music lesson. 在音乐课上,一个数学的问题是风马牛不相及的。
    5 dressing [ˈdresɪŋ] 1uOzJG   第7级
    • Don't spend such a lot of time in dressing yourself. 别花那么多时间来打扮自己。
    • The children enjoy dressing up in mother's old clothes. 孩子们喜欢穿上妈妈旧时的衣服玩。
    6 bespoke [biˈspəuk] 145af5d0ef7fa4d104f65fe8ad911f59   第12级
    adj.(产品)订做的;专做订货的v.预定( bespeak的过去式 );订(货);证明;预先请求
    • His style of dressing bespoke great self-confidence. 他的衣着风格显得十分自信。
    • The haberdasher presented a cap, saying,"Here is the cap your worship bespoke." 帽匠拿出一顶帽子来说:“这就是老爷您定做的那顶。” 来自辞典例句
    7 innovative [ˈɪnəveɪtɪv] D6Vxq   第8级
    • Discover an innovative way of marketing. 发现一个创新的营销方式。
    • He was one of the most creative and innovative engineers of his generation. 他是他那代人当中最富创造性与革新精神的工程师之一。

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